how to create multiple form notifications in WordPress

How to Create Multiple Form Notifications in WordPress Forms

Have you ever needed to send more than one email notice when someone fills out your form? WPForms makes it easy to create multiple form notifications that can go to several recipients.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create multiple form notifications in WordPress.

Why Use Multiple Form Notifications?

Sending several email notifications from a single form saves you a lot of time and keeps you organized. Instead of making your visitors fill out multiple forms, or having to forward the information yourself, you can automate the process.

You can use multiple email notifications to:

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…and you can probably think of quite a few more!

So, let’s get started creating multiple form notifications.

Step 1: Get WPForms and Install

The first thing you’ll need to do is install and activate the WPForms plugin. For more details, see this step by step guide on how to install a plugin in WordPress.

Next, you’ll need to create a form. See our tutorial on how to create a simple contact form as an example to get started.

Simple Contact Form

Keep in mind, however, you can create many types of forms with the WPForms plugin templates:

All of these forms, and the hundred more you can create with the WPForms Forms Template addon, can send out notifications once a user submits a form on your website.

Step 2: Configure Form Notifications

After you’ve created your form, you’ll want to customize the default notification. There are several options for customizing multiple form notifications.

For example, you can send the same notification to yourself and a person who’s email address you know, such as a team member or local vendor.

You can send the same email notification to yourself and the site visitor submitting the form, whose email you don’t know yet.

And lastly, you can send different form notifications to multiple people, whether they be yourself, a fellow team member, the site visitor submitting the form, or someone else altogether.

Let’s take a look at all three options.

Option 1: Send the Same Notification to Two Emails You Know
To start, go to Settings » Notifications.

Form Notification Settings

You’ll see there are many form fields in this section. The one we’ll focus on is labeled Send To Email Address.

Send to Email Section Form Field

By default this section will send the admin email for your WordPress website an email any time a site visitor submits a form.

That’s what the code {admin_email} means.

Admin Code in Send to Email Section

If you want to send the same email notification to your admin email and someone else, such as a team member, all you have to do is enter the second email address into the form field, after the admin code. Make sure you separate the two with a comma.

You can enter as many emails as you need to in this section.

Add Another Email to Send to Email Section

Now, when your site visitor submits their form, both the admin email and additional email will receive the same form notification.

Note: Each of the addresses in the Send To Email Address field will receive a completely separate email, so recipients won’t be able to see each other’s email addresses.

Option 2: Send the Same Notification to Two Emails, Yours and Your Site Visitor’s
If you want to receive an email whenever a site visitor submits a form on your website, and send a notification to your site visitor to let them know their form was processed, again focus on the Send to Email Address section.

Keep the {admin_email} that is in this section by default. Then, click on Show Smart Tags.

Form Notification Smart Tags

When you do, you’ll see a dropdown menu labeled Email. Click on it so WPForms knows to send an email to the person that filled out and submitted the form. It will automatically add the right code into the form field.

Form Notifications with 2 Emails

Now, when someone submits a form on your website, a notification will go out to you and your site visitor.

Option 3: Send Different Form Notifications
The last option you have it is to create multiple for notifications that are different from each other and will be going to different recipients.

This is helpful for sending notifications to:

  • Yourself. This way you know when a site visitor submits a form on your site.
  • Your Site Visitor. This way your site visitor knows you received their form. In the notification they can review their form data and a thank you message if you’ve added one to the notification.
  • Someone Else. This is so you can send form data to anyone else that needs it, such as a team member, local vendor, or some other third-party person.

To create multiple form notifications in WordPress that differ from each other, start by going to Settings » Notifications.

The default notification will be set up to send you an email notification, complete with the information your site visitor filled out on your form. So, you can leave this notification alone.

Next, click on Add New Notification.

Add New Notification

A modal will popup asking you to name the notification. You can name it whatever you want since it’s for you reference only.

New Notification Name

Click OK.

You’ll now have a new notification to configure for you site visitor.

To start, click on Show Smart Tags and select Email so WPForms knows to send this notification to the email that is entered on the form.

Next, configure the following form fields:

  • Email Subject
  • From Name
  • From Email
  • Reply-to
  • Message

Remember, this email notification will go to your site visitor once they submit their form on your website. If you want them to see all the data they filled out on your form, in the Message form field, use the smart tag {all_fields}, which is there by default.

If you only want to show them certain data they entered on your form, you can use the Show Smart Tags link and select which data to include on the notification.

Message Smart Tags

You can also add a personalized message to your site visitor by typing text into the form field.

Customized Message

If you need help using other smart tags, check out this documentation on how to use smart tags in WPForms.

If you want to send a third notification, or even more than that, simply follow the same steps again.

Click Add New Notification. Then, give the notification a name and customize it to your liking by adding the email address of the recipient, configuring the email, and customizing the message.

You’ll see all the form notifications you’ve created in the right hand panel of the Form Editor.

Click Save.

You can now set up your form’s confirmations and add your form to your website.

You can add you form to the following places:

And there you have it! You now know how to create multiple form notifications in WordPress.

If you want to keep branding across your email notifications consistent, check out this guide on adding a custom header to your email template.

And if you find you’re not receiving email notifications, you should check out our guide on how to send emails in WordPress using SMTP.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the most powerful WordPress forms plugin today.

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  2. can I place a simple post notification form on my blog and have my new blog posts be sent to the visitor? Thanks so much I need to replace Feed burner

  3. If you want to send the same email notification to your admin email and someone else, such as a team member, all you have to do is enter the second email address into the form field, after the admin code. Make sure you separate the two with a comma.

    I have issues with more than one email–even though separated with comma–it doesn’t work, so I only use the admin email code for send and receive. Any updates on this?

  4. i want to create 10 different forms and that 10 different forms need to report 10 different mails. Is this option is available in plugin.


    registration form — should receive only admin department (

    report form– should receive technical (

    testing form — Should receive testing department (

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