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Use our business form templates to support your operations as your business grows. Collect important client information, hire and manage employees, receive files, sell products and services, and more.
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932 Business Operations Form Templates

CRM Implementation Feedback Form Template

CRM Implementation Feedback Form

Collect detailed feedback on your CRM implementation to understand your team's experience.

Lab Safety Agreement Form Template

Lab Safety Agreement Form

Streamlines the process of gathering safety agreements to ensure a safe working environment.

Farm Share Subscription Form Template

Farm Share Subscription Form

Attract and retain farm share subscribers with a user-friendly subscription experience.

Home Renovation Quote Request Form Template

Home Renovation Quote Request Form

Fo home improvement professionals or a homeowners gearing up for a renovation project.

Artisan Vendor Application Form Template

Artisan Vendor Application Form

Streamline application processes for artisan vendors on your website.

Adopt-a-Trail Volunteer Form Template

Adopt-a-Trail Volunteer Form

Designed to streamline the process of recruiting dedicated volunteers. 

Educational Toys Order Form Template

Educational Toys Order Form

Enhance service delivery by simplifying the educational toy ordering process.

Leather Goods Order Form Template

Leather Goods Order Form

Streamline the sales process by simplifying how customers order leather products.

Luxury Watch Order Form Template

Luxury Watch Order Form

For businesses, boutiques, and eCommerce platforms dealing in luxury watches.

Cheerleading Uniform Order Form Template

Cheerleading Uniform Order Form

Simplifies the process of acquiring custom uniforms tailored to your customers' needs.

Dance Team Uniform Order Form Template

Dance Team Uniform Order Form

This order form is a game-changer for the dance teams that order your gear.

Inventory Control Form Template

Inventory Control Form

A must-have for any business looking to optimize their inventory management processes.

Real Estate License Form Template

Real Estate License Form

The key to easily navigating the licensing process.

Graphic Design Release Form Template

Graphic Design Release Form

Foster trust, clarity, and protection in your graphic design projects.

Tamale Order Form Template

Tamale Order Form

For food vendors looking to spice up their website with easy online ordering.

Custom Sign Order Form Template

Custom Sign Order Form

Allow you customers to enter a customized message to include on a customized sign.

Sales Appraisal Form Template

Sales Appraisal Form

A solution for streamlining appraisal processes and driving improvement in sales.

Root Cause Corrective Action Form Template

Root Cause Corrective Action Form

Ensure your organization runs smoothly and addresses issues promptly.

Sign Up Registration Form Template

Sign Up Registration Form

Optimize user experience while capturing vital information.

School Portrait Order Form Template

School Portrait Order Form

Streamline the photography ordering process, save time, and reduce administrative burden.

Easter Basket Order Form Template

Easter Basket Order Form

This order form is the perfect solution for your Easter sales products. 

Easter Egg Hunt Sign-Up From Template

Easter Egg Hunt Sign-Up From

A hassle-free way to manage participant sign-ups for your event.

Purchase Order Requisition Form Template

Purchase Order Requisition Form

Simplifies procurement processes and minimizes errors.

Payment Omitted Order Form Template

Payment Omitted Order Form

A user-friendly order form that doesn't require payment from your customers.

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How can business form templates help me to streamline my workflow?

Our business form templates make it easy for you to create forms to collect the data you need.

Whether you’re looking for lead generation forms to get more sales, or evaluation forms to manage your employees, we’ve created templates that will act as a great starting point.

WPForms also has a library of addons that make it easy to work with your data, export it, and integrate with other services. For example, it’s easy to create a newsletter signup form and connect it to your email marketing platform in minutes.

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Yes! Many of our WordPress form templates will work with WPForms Lite, the free version of WPForms. This is a perfect way to publish simple forms when your small business is just starting out and creating its first business plan.

When you’re ready to upgrade to WPForms Pro, you’ll unlock extra fields and addons that allow you to take payments, export your data, make surveys, and more. All of these essential tools will help you to grow your business faster.

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