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Background Check Consent Form Template

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Have you ever gone by any other names (maiden names, former married names, etc.)?
Current Address
Have you lived at this address for more than 3 years?
Do you hold a current US driver's license?
The information contained on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I agree to all terms.
In checking the box, you consent to a background check.

Do you need a background check consent form template for your website? If you’re hiring new candidates, you might want to conduct background checks. Candidates need to fill out a form consenting to those checks first.

The WPForms background check consent form template makes it easy to get quick, web-based consent.

What Is a Background Check Consent Form Template?

A background check consent form template is a form that you can embed on your site, on a landing page, or in an email to get permission from job applicants to run background checks on them.

Running a background check before hiring someone helps to make sure the candidate has been honest about who they say they are. It can also alert you, the hirer, to any problems that may exist.

Before you can run that background check, however, you must get consent from the candidate. When you use this form template, it’s quick and easy for candidates to submit the necessary information, such as current contact information and previous names and addresses.

After you’ve gathered that information from the candidate, you can run the background check.