WPForms conditional logic allows you to create smart dynamic forms that help you collect the most relevant information.

With conditional logic, your WordPress forms will dynamically change based on the selections the user makes while filling out your WPForms.

You can choose to show or hide fields based on a selected item.

You can also choose to display custom text or set custom field values based upon what the user selected.

Basically, you can add or remove any item on the fly.

The goal of our conditional logic is to allow you to create smart powerful and useful forms that give you the best results.

There are many possible use-cases of conditional logic in WordPress forms, but below are some of the most common ones.

  • Only send a user to an email list if they checked the box to subscribe to email list from the contact form (Great for publishers).
  • Only show a customer the next question if their budget is higher than X amount (Great for agencies / consultants).
  • Hide entire questions if the customer doesn’t select a specific option (Great for long form surveys).
  • Show an HTML Block with an exclusive offer if the user purchases the highest price option (Great for upsells).

What are you waiting for? Use WPForms as your smart conditional logic WordPress plugin to create interactive forms that react to your user’s actions.