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Online Event Registration Form Template

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Looking for an online event registration form template? With this template, you can organize and plan your event conveniently without needing invitations or RSVPs.

What’s in the Online Event Registration Form

The WPForms online event registration form is designed to make registration stupid simple for your attendees and aid you in event planning.

The form includes fields where interested people can enter their contact details, such as their name, email, short bio, and address. There’s also a field for username and password, which allows your users to register on your website. This can be helpful if you have an online portal that users can log in to and get more information about your event.

After the contact details are done, the template has a radio field that lets users specify how they heard about your event. With this information, you can learn which platforms are more effective at promoting your events. You can market your events better once you know the platforms that are working well for you.

The dropdown field allows you to select the number of tickets you want for the event. This makes it easy for the organizer to see the number of attendees that want to visit the event and make proper arrangements for everyone.

How to Create an Online Event Registration Form

Registering attendees for your event couldn’t be easier with WPForms. Using the Online Event Registration Form Template gives you a head start so you can start using it in just a few steps:

  1. Select the Online Event Registration Form Template
  2. Customize your event registration form
  3. Configure your form’s settings
  4. Add your form to your WordPress site

After you load the Online Event Registration Form Template in the form builder, you can make any changes that you want by dragging and dropping fields or clicking on them to access their options. This makes it easy for you to customize the form to fit your event.

When you’re happy with your event registration form, check out the settings to create your custom email notifications and confirmation message. You can share any additional information attendees need to know about the event and include all the details from their forms so they can save the information for future reference.

Finally, add your form to your WordPress site in just a few clicks with the WPForms block. Choose your form from the dropdown to embed it in any post, page, or widget area.

Register Attendees for Paid Events With WPForms Pro

The Online Event Registration Form Template is designed to reserve tickets to a free event, but if you need a payment gateway to accept payment for tickets, you can connect it to a service like Stripe or PayPal Commerce.

Once you’ve set up your preferred payment gateway, you can add a credit card field to your form and easily take payments for your events on your WordPress site.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the Online Event Registration Form Template today. WPForms Pro users also get over 1800 extra templates for helping you manage your events, conferences, trips, and a lot more!