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"WPForms makes creating intricate, short & long forms a cinch! And I love that I can connect and integrate them in so many ways! Easy to use and well-made."

- Kyra D

"Great plugin, worked with it through out the years and its grown up to be very solid. Gotta have it!"

- omnionsite

"WPForms excels in providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for creating forms. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface, coupled with a variety of pre-built templates and customization options, makes form building a breeze. Integration with email marketing services and payment gateways further streamlines data collection and payment processes. WPForms is a powerful and user-friendly solution for all your form creation needs."

- Andrea N.

"Easy to use easy to make changes upgrade and love the different forms can easily transfer to multiple different webpages. Bonus that you can upload pdfs or pictures."

- Jesica C.

"Easy to use, Easy to configure, Generating form very quickly, straightforward and beautiful user interface, Sending an email is the best option, Survey Feature is also very good. I use it with our exhibition, generating impressive statistics."

- Faisal s.

"I like the drag and drop fields that work the way you want. They provide a way to capture the things we need in a form. I also like submissions all in one place"

- Steve Y.

"WPForms makes the implementation of attractive and functional web contact forms easy. WPForms solved the problem of developing online contact forms as the first point of customer contact. This allows me to answer customer queries which would otherwise be missed."

- Ross N.

"WPForms makes it super simple to add support for forms on WordPress. Having pre-made fields to collect first and last name, e-mail address and physical addresses all make this tool invaluable."

- Chris F.

"It does its job, and does it well. I bought the license more to support the company than anything else. The free plugin usually does all I need, but the advanced features are fun to play with."

- Johantux

"The support is very good. They respond quickly and are very knowledgeable, friendly and immediately took care of my problem. I am excited. Thank you very much!"

- Eliane Peter

"I was tearing my hair out to find a basic site setup and this is it (without the basic bit)!"

- Gigs2go

"I had an issue with form entires import form old database to new database Shawn one of the wpforms tech person help me to solve that problem with video guide. Thank you so much."

- Dhaval Patel

"Ease of use, swift to set up and get going, this is the way forms on WordPress should work. I am glad I finally found the answer to the issues I was having with emails not going through."

- Ryan a.

"Does what it says on the tin in an easy to use format."

- Michellemck253

"Hello, Ive only been using it for 2-3 days, I cant say much, I created a contact form and its very convenient. Thank you very much. May Allah Almighty bless your deed and protect you."

- SanMus

"WPForms is the perfect solution for creating custom forms in WordPress. It's easy to use, offers integrations with popular services, and has excellent customer support. Highly recommended!"


"Joao helped me day after day solving my issues and was really helpful!"

- Yanis Ouerghemi

"Very close to the perfect forms plugin. Could be improved by adding a function that feeds me cotton candy whenever someone uses a contact form on my site."

- alzakex

"This plugin is both convenient and intuitive. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great addition to their WP website."

- gililoff

"I installed the plugin I created a contact page and this plugin popped up and said that it could create a form within minutes so I gave it a try they were right quick and easy will use it again"

- jcettina

"One of the best form plugins I have tried. It lets you design your forms with great precision."

- gianlucasavini

"It is like writing a code. If you know what you want, sky is the limit. You can make forms to serve any purpose on your website. I almost had 5-6 issues for which i needed a solution. All of those were solved by WPforms."


"I like WPForms because of its ease of use, excellent customer support and a huge choice of forms !"

- Auriane J.

"Its really refreshing when a plug-in works like it says it will. Five stars!"

- Davidrayskinner

"Got the Pro on sale, just in time for the project I was building. Sadly, my client (the website owner) cancelled the project and I had to refund the purchase of WPForms Pro. The refund was smooth and without any issue. Thank you for your understanding and taking your customers seriously. I hope to have the chance to purchase and explore WPForms Pro in the future."

- Hubert Tan Haboc

"I build a lot of Web site for my customers. All sites use WPForm lite. This plugin is very stable, convenient and simple for my customers. Thank you."

- sanageyama88

"The interface is straightforward, the creation process simple, and the range of options and templates is all one could wish for. Impossible to criticise."

- Harveyyates

"I am relatively new to WordPress and I have found the WPForms plugin to be easy to work with and a huge help with building my site."

- Dorenec

"I've tried many form plugins, this is definitely the best. Very customizable and integrated well with site builders"

- Silverfoot

"WPForms is an exceptional WordPress plugin, seamlessly integrating intuitive form creation with an extensive range of features. Its user-friendly interface and reliable performance make it a must-have for any website looking to enhance its form functionality effortlessly."

- Ilyaschwebdeveloper

"Thankfully WPforms was not hard to figure out for a WP newbie. I am used to creating html forms manually. Configuring the send-to email address for the submit button took less time than I anticipated and the form worked normally the first time out of the gate."

- macheadwp

"Ive been working on super large and complex forms recently (think 100-150+ fields!!) Got myself the PRO version and wow, I have to say Im EXTREMELY pleased. Its like they thought of everything that could go wrong before it does and fixed it. This plugin is so mature, and I LOVE IT. Worth every dollar, not using any other form plugin ever after."

- Theblackedoutpanda

"Great team behind this plug-in . Fast customer support , easy to install . Fully recommended"

- Adnan

"I contacted support as one of my clients cancel their subscription. Support gave me the correct steps and that made it all super easy to downgrade to the Light Plugin."

- WebPro Namibia

"Shawon provided EXCELLENT assistance in solving my issue. I'm SO thankful for Shawon's fast responses, understanding the issue without making me feel like the novice I am, AND hanging in there with me until it was resolved. I give Shawon 10 stars out of a possible 5, that's how impressed and thankful I am!"

- Becky North

"WPForms has completely transformed the way I create and manage forms on my WordPress website. The user-friendly drag-and-drop builder and extensive template library made form creation a breeze. Seamless integrations, excellent customer support, and top-notch security features make WPForms the ultimate form plugin. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a hassle-free and efficient form solution."

- kspritam23

"Its a great plugin that makes creating of any form literally a piece of cake"

- Ajkakamos

"WPForms makes creating a form easy. I am fairly new to the software however, the experience is just getting better. Even when you think a certain feature does not exist, there is always a plugin that will achieve what you are attempting."

- Phil D.

"Ive used WP Forms on several sites and purchased an upgraded subscription for the additional features. I recently had to contact support and was impressed with the response and updates while they searched for a solution. Which by the way was a conflict with another plugin, there was nothing wrong with WP Forms."

- South Island Design

"I have been using the free version for several months now (we are a small not for profit, very grateful to have a free version that does everything we need). We have had great results, and are very pleased with the product."

- Pgscmk

"I have just begun using the plugin, so I have not investigated all its capabilities. However, it was really easy to set up and integrate into my WordPress site. I look forward to discovering how it works for me."

- geeforce

"The best thing about this plugin is that it is very easy to use, especially for a novice like me! The huge assortment of professional templates look great and really speeds up the process!"

- C. Thomas Virginia

"Such an easy going process, I thought I was going to have a hard time because it was overwhelming at first but I got the hang of it right away."

- apinyourimage

"The plugin functions as expected and allows a decent amount of configuration for standard forms. It worked seamlessly with my WordPress/Elementor pages."

- jhoris

"I just needed a simple contact form, I really didnt expect people to use it vs. email, but its not a complete website without a contact form. WPforms gave me what I needed out of the box. Aside from spam countermeasures, I dont believe I did any customization whatsoever."

- Shane Hill

"The reason I write this today is due to the quality of the support team. They respond relatively quickly, usually within a few hours, and their assistance is detailed and practical, especially for advanced customisations. This level of support is beneficial for those who need additional help in tailoring forms to specific requirements. Overall, WPForms provides the necessary features and support to effectively enhance a WordPress site and I would (and do) recommend it to others."

- Andy Broomhead

"The plugin works great and have very usefull functionalities. We can achieve almost everything we need with WPForms. And an important point to notice is that the technical support is great (fast reply and usefull) as the commercial support. I recommend thes plugins after testing others."

- cedrickqe

"It is easy to use, easy to setup and above all reliable. Previous Wordpress forms solution was supposed to be happy but was far from that. Forms were submitted but nothing was received. With WPForms we can be sure that submitted forms are received. Excellent customer support."

- Bill F.

"Easy handling, easy to customize over CSS, reliable and professional, fast support"

- Daniel H.

"The forms themselves are easy to set up with or without using the numerous templates. Any support that is required happens promptly and efficiently."

- Anon

"The quick and useful replies by customer service are a fresh of breath air. They are always polite and understanding. Ive been using WPForms for a number of years, and although the price does come across as expensive, its invaluable to myself and my clients. Thank you!"

- Jarrod Miles

"The quick feedback, the goal-oriented problem solving and clear instructions on how I can solve the problem."

- Harald

"When I spend a good amount of money every year, I don't expect to get good customer service because that's how it goes most of the time. However, WPForms customer really came through when I gave feedback on an article. I didn't even expect a response and they solved a problem I was having that saved me time with a problem and saves me about an hour or two with every client project moving forward. This is a huge savings for my small business. Changes like that will allow me to grow my business. Thank you!"

- Janet Tolbert

"I had a problem with some errors apearing on random fields. Submitted a ticket and got a good and friendly answer. Problem solved."

- manuel gallo

"Its convenient to use and the design is very neat, so Im using it very thankfully. Thank you."

- huku12345

"Great platform, easy to navigate and learn, even for beginners like myself."

- newsouthwindows

"I like this because it is so easy and simple! how can I do that all thing in only 1 minute without it. AND IT IS ALL FREE!  Thanks very much for your effort for everyone."

- chocolate101

"The forms themselves are easy to set up with or without using the numerous templates. Any support that is required happens promptly and efficiently."

- Anon

"Great platform, easy to navigate and learn, even for beginners like myself."

- Newsouthwindows

"WPForms is incredibly user-friendly, offering a drag-and-drop interface perfect for creating complex forms without coding. Its seamless integrations with email marketing platforms, payment gateways, and CRM systems streamline workflows effortlessly. The customer service is top-notch, with comprehensive documentation and a responsive support team. Visually, WPForms shines with customizable templates that ensure forms match your site's branding. Advanced features like conditional logic and multi-page forms cater to diverse needs, making WPForms a versatile tool for any website."

- David W.

"I love the WYSIWYG format, using the drag and drop features. It's about the most intuitive app I use in WordPress today. I also love the flexibility in the field types and ability to upload images via the form's image tool. Overall, it just works..."

- Rob S.

"Very fast customer service, helpful and made my forms look even better. I really like being able to see my lists easily within my website dashboard."

- Sheri Lefty

"Great Plugin and easy to set up, does the basic job without adding PRO costs."

- iso77

"WP contact forms is a good choice for streamlining communication between you and your customer. I highly recommend it. Got my forms up within minutes!"

- WFJwp

"I cant imagine how it could be better. So great! Thanks for making forms we can all use and understand!"

- PatDarcy

"Great app. Switched from another forms app because it wasnt user friendly and wp forms has been great. A little higher price but worth it."

- Scubasteve2023

"Awesome support from WPForms team , we had run with a css issue which was instantly rectified by the team , Thank you"

- Shine TVPM

"I am just learning about the world of WordPress and followed some links to WP Forms and was surprised at how easy it was and how great everything looked after just a little bit of work."

- Cek03

"WPForms add-on is an excellent and also a reliable WordPress forms creator. I have used a few of them this one is the best!"

- lennyvaicek

"WPForms is absolutely the best and most flexible form builder for WordPress. It has all the possible functionalities from conditional forms such as a payment form, quote form, calculations form, to name a few. I especially love the conditional feature wherein certain fields can show or hide depending on your specifications. Highly recommended!"

- Hazel Christine H.

"WPForms is the easiest and most intuitive global solution for Wordpress I have ever used. I have been able to use it for different purposes and have always enjoyed excellent integration with all forms. Without a doubt, I couldn't live without WPForms. I'm not exaggerating, thank you for existing!"

- Antonio M.

"Ive only ever used the free version because Im only a hobbyist but would love to have an excuse to pay for it. Its one of the easiest most straight forward plugins Ive ever used for anything."

- A. Jay

"I have been using WP Forms and can't say enough nice things about both the software and the company behind it. The software lives up to my expectations, is easy to use and a breeze to install and configure. In the event you do have an issue, their support is available and willing to jump in and help resolve any issue."

- Robert K.

"A support e-mail with a question not in documentation was answered with the exact information requested."

- Richard

"Excellent Technical Support. Nothing to small to rectify and was kept informed every step of the way. Can not find fault in the help that I received"

- Mark Jobes

"Had some problems filtering out the number slider values in the notification email that were 0. I struggles making my own filter for a while, but eventually broke down and asked support. They replied in less than 2 hours and pointed me in the right direction with some example code. Very helpful and fast"

- Jack

"I needed an important feature to complete a client project but discovered it was inly included in the most expensive Pro plan. I pointed out that this feature (the layout module for creating columns) is really a basic feature that should be included in every plan. Within 40 min the WP Forms tech support emailed me back and they had made this module available in every plan, and even updated the support article for this module. I have never seen a software company listen to their users this fast. WP Forms has won my loyalty!"

- Clark

"We were experiencing some formatting issues with notification emails. Problem couldn't solved by their support team and was escalated to a senior support member who fixed it promptly. Great service! Thanks."

- George

"I always wrote my own custom plugins for all my prior businesses, because no good solutions existed for many tasks, especially billing integration. I spent years of my life just integrating with billing processors, first with Electronic Payment Systems (EPS is run by scammers!), then Zuora, then CheddarGetter, then Gravity Payments, then a nightmare with WooCommerce, and always the nightmare keeping Paypal integration working. Then I saw that WPForms Pro added support for billing. I already loved the basic "Forms" part of your product, but I was skeptical about any billing capability. Now I just have to give you guys KUDOS for such an incredible integration. JOB WELL DONE. Really. The code you all wrote is clear and concise. The flexibility is off-the-charts. I am simply stunned by this product you guys are putting out. And best of all, YOU maintain it for a reasonable fee! I couldn't ask for anything more."

- Brandon Elliott

"The team went above and beyond. Very knowledgeable and professional. Would highly recommend this plugin!"

- Shannon

"There was an issue with a payment interface, fixed within an hour or two of support opening for the day. Its not the software bugs that we mind - what matters is how its fixed. This was fixed first time and quickly, just what you want from a software company. Really A+ service."

- Mr Weaver

"We are using WPForms for a few years now and still find it top-notch. Not only the software but more so their service. They are super responsive, savvy, and know what it takes to make customers happy."

- Axel Schultze

"WP Forms is an incredibly powerful and flexible form builder. I have used it for many different purposes from customer feedback forms to contact forms that integrate with our company's CMS. I recently requested support for a technical issue and the issue was promptly addressed. I thoroughly recommend WP Forms to anyone seeking a versatile form builder that has enough power to cover many, many bases."

- Ingrid

"I have been using WPFoms for last one year and found tremendous results. Easy to use and results oriented. Keep it up WPFoms team. I would like to congratulate you all for this professional plugin which is necessary for my WordPress website."

- Karram Hussain

"What I like most is the support. I had a very complicated form to build and it went off without a hitch. Thank you WPForms!"

- Skip T.

"Been using this plugin on one site for some time now, and just added to another. It works great and would highly recommend. It is just so easy to use! Some useful features are locked behind pro version, but the free version has enough features to work for me for now. If business picks up and we really needed the pro features, I would happily pay for the quality and support of WP Forms"

- Bhannawa

"I bought the paid for Basic upgrade and at first I thought it was terrible, but the WPForma support I received was excellent, they helped me through the issues which were with my host not the plugin and now i have a brilliant contact form, intelligent, driven by conditional logic and i wouldnt go anywhere else for forms now."

- Justsaying

"There are those plugins that save you great time and efforts. This is absolutely one of those plugins."

- Kmcowan

"I have only used the free version of this plugin to create a contact form for my website. It was easy to use and gets the job done."

- Travelingdog

"I am very grateful for this work. It is a wonderful job that cannot be overlooked and I really enjoy the service"


"Unlike most plugins, this one is actually useful. You can be assured that itll get you the results you need."

- Anasarkawi

"Wanted a free form to capture leads that I could enhance with a little bit of css. this did the trick easy to use and great plugin."

- Alex Medick

"I found it easy to build my forms, test them and THEY WORK! The first time. I am technically challenged, so I find this to be Amazing!"

- Anitaayresauthor

"Research for my small business website led me to wpforms. Ive only needed support a couple of times (and they were fast, friendly, and above and beyond helpful!) because normally if I cant figure something out, I can easily find a solution on their support pages. Without a doubt, wpforms was the right choice for me very happy!"

- KellyTaxHelp

"I used free version, and it did a good job for me with for contact form. There was enough editing and adjusting options with a color and border properties. Recomend"

- Dmitrasinovic

"It is an excellent plugin, and very intuitive and easy to use. Quality support and so many useful features that I am still learning all the benefits from using this plugin. I would highly recommend it."

- 1driver5x5

"We try another plugins and this is the best , functionaly, useful, easy to configure and have a lot of functions"

- Adriannoforma

"I am not a Power WP user so I like the easy to learn and use system. WPForms is one of those plugins. It is pretty much ready to go out of the box."

- Nirliq

"I am a WP beginner and I really appreciate being able to have and customize contact form and newsletter subscription forms so easy. Thanks!"

- Jazzigula

"We use wpforms in our new site. It´s very easy to use and in setup. Great tool."

- Siebau

"It is flexible: I use it for contact forms, donation forms, grant application forms, events, and more. Simple yet powerful interface for collecting payments. I install WPForms on every website I have - I know it will be used."

- Nir A.

"WPForms has a very intuitive builder. We've been very pleased after having tried others."

- Pierre B.

"This excellent tool for WordPress has saved me many hours developing various websites. I started with the lowest-level subscription, which worked so well that I upgraded to Pro. The item that stands out the most is the Customer Service. They were patient and worked with me when I had an unclear understanding of the documentation. Great company with a great tool."

- Scott Yacko

"Just installed the plugin yesterday. After having some design issues I contacted the support. Within hours I got feedback and a working solution for all my questions! Great support!!!"

- Carlos

"I like people being able to contact me via my website and this plug in makes it happen."

- Daynahart

"Ive used WPForms for years on several different websites and its worked really well. Its not clunky and does exactly what I need. Thank you!"

- M3l1

"WPForms has been developing at light speed. There is not much you can't do with WPForms. If you can think it you can do it. The support is great, I actually feel like I matter to these guys, thank you"

- Glen Hutchinson

"This addon is one of the best of its kind. From simple contact forms to complex registrations with logic and credit card payments. This is easy to use and very robust. Its saved us a lot of money using over priced registration platforms and saves a lot of time. I highly recommend this addon!"

- Sparkerit

"We have been using WP Forms for several years, and it is a solid plugin that gets the job done. No complaints."

- Wcadigital

"Perfect solution for creating forms, even for beginners. Highly recommended for anyone seeking free form creation."

- Mihai21

"Drag and drop feature without having to write tedious code. Really simple to implement. It just works well. Integration in wordpress is very easy."

- Raelynn J.

"I have nothing but praise for WP Forms. They've made everything easier and effective. The customer service is outstanding. I'm incredibly grateful."

- Hinara

"Great plugin using it for 4+ years on a very simple website. Never had a problem with updating it or as a result of WP updates."

- Ktl23

"The WP Forms plugin is a must-have for anyone looking to create contact forms. Its user-friendly interface makes form creation a straightforward process, even for beginners. The plugin strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and powerful features, making it a top choice for effective contact form solutions. Highly impressed!"

- Heathz

"Im new at blogging and started 2 websites, and I use wpforms on both. It is really easy to use and the email notifications are a amazing, the templates save me alot of time and theres no difficult coding involved. I just love it!"

- Ensigna

"Operation is uncomplicated, you are well supported and dont waste any time. Thank you!"

- Warrior2003

"I used WP forms for creating a small website selling recurent digital product. I had an issue setting up the payement and was helped in less than a day, very efficient. I would totally recommend"

- Eloi Baville

"WPForms is quick set up and lets you create demanding and nice forms easily - even in the free version. If you need support, you get very helpful answers within a very short time."


"I am a full-time web graphic designer and web developer, I have to admit WPforms is the best Wordpress contact form plugin. User friendly, easy to add/edit and style your form. Customer support is outstanding!!. Overall I am very satisfied with the plugin. I recommend it."

- Jacqlyn Ng

"Hello, I a web designer in Namibia and WP Forms is one of my Must Have plugins for most of my website forms. Super support and they are there for their clients. Well done!!"

- Theisingert

"I am not an expert in WordPress but is was easy to create a contact form based on the step-by-step video on YouTube"

- Kleinentelle

"With the use of wpform sign feature we were able to avoid many third party integrations, its amazing."

- Rbd840

"This beautiful plugin save me from shame after being disappointed by other forms. Keep up the good work guys."

- Dcodestuff

"I love this plugin. It is easy to install and easy to use. Full licence version have a lot of tools to create powerfull forms."

- Ivan009

"Absolutely love this software it's so simple to use but the best thing is the support.... These guys are so helpful anytime you have a problem. I've had a few problems and they are always helping to fix them and not just linking me to try things! Truely brilliant!"

- Fabio Tozzi

"I am a newbie at creating a site. Although C7 is firmly anchored in my theme, I decided to use WP-Form. Intuitively, I got everything done without a tutorial. Great software."

- Lichtweg

"Just made a contact form post-haste when press started flooding my social media accounts, ack! It was super easy to do, thanks WPforms!"

- Vcgames

"Just started using WP Forms and I already love it! Purchasing the Pro version now. Grateful for this company!"

- Musicnerd

"Why did I use Contact Form 7 and DonorBox (with paid connection to Google Analytics), when I can do everything using just WPForms. 5 stars!"

- Porton

"WPForms is a powerful form tool. Gives a ton of customization options for any needs. I love that their forms give a unique look compared to other form builders and tools. It's also easy to use and was easy to set up with our email accounts. We are currently using it integrated with our word press custom site."

- Bobby M.

"I love that WPForms let me make forms for whatever I need. Surveys, donation forms, email lists, directories, RSVPs, everything. There is an add-on for whatever you need."

- Jessica M.

"Ease of use and how rich the features are. I can get a sophisticated form up in no time and it works flawlessly."

- B B.

"Best customer service I've received out of the 30+ woocommerce plugins I've used."

- Break Club

"Creating forms is a breeze with WPForms. The drag-and-drop builder simplifies the process, allowing me to customize my forms effortlessly. I appreciate the variety of form fields available even with the free version."

- Jfpayette

"Got a contact form set up in five minutes. Cant give much higher praise than that!"

- Bigbearbrian

"WPForms is really easy to use with many built in features.It's a great solution for those who want the job quickly done! Fast response from the support team via email, kind and helpfull."

- Sop ADV

"I had some integration issues with a form & a page builder, the page builder did not help me out but wp-forms went above & beyond to get a solution. Even when the problem was resolved the agent still provided quality support on styling the form. Overall he helped me from start to finish & now my form, functions & looks amazing."

- Andre

"I use WPForms on multiple sites for all kinds of purposes, contact forms, feedback forms, competition entries, expressions of interest, donations and more. WPForms (Pro version) does it all, easy to use and the conditional logic is very useful."

- Hvorrath

"Was tired of the recent updates on Contact Form 7 that made the extension simply not work. I think they abandoned the project? Anyway WPforms is way easier to set up and looks like it works perfectly."

- Romain86

"Super easy to use I just needed a very simple contact us form first name email and message. I was able to create and upload the professional looking form in just a couple of minutes."

- Epicangel

"Its early days for me and man, my coding skills are rusty, but WP Forms Lite so far seems like the go-to option if you need to quickly and easily add a simple contact form to your WP site."

- Enkei99

"No, really, this is such a great, simple, yet powerful free forms plug-in I have to recommend it to everyone!"

- Shieldxx

"Very user friendly and customizable! Best of all, its reliable."

- Jodicarlton

"The plugin is really easy to implement and use. I like how easy it is to create really interesting forms. I use it for uploading Images, Contact Form, Lead Generation! There is a reason why WPForms is the leading form plugin."

- Moneyfoxx

"Excellent. The best form builder that I have found."

- Kvarnelis

"I appreciate the generous support from the WP forum. The newsletter is full of useful information. Thank you."

- Coachcubas

"With the help of the WPForms I have not only solved lot of process related challenges, but also saved a lot of time and money. The support team is very fast and helpful. I always enjoy the conversation with the ream."

- Filipekdavidek

"I needed something quick, simple, easy. This fits the bill and worked as soon as set up with no muss or fuss!"

- Serendip80

"Great plugin and better customer support. They are always at the side of the client :)"

- Pep Pujol

"I am using WPForms since two years now and I can say that it's the best form service that I have used online! The customer support is reactive and very helpful, thank you! Using the templates is so simple and we get so many to choose from! For any industry that one can imagine, there is a template to ease our work. Amazing!"

- Diana MEYER

"The WPForms team is always extremely fast and very helpful with all kinds of issues. Highly recommend, and highly appreciated"


"I've been working with WP Forms on dozens of WordPress websites since very early on. They keep releasing new functionality and add-ons so I'm getting more and more value. When I have problems, or even some direction on customizations, their tech support is always responsive and helpful. Today they provided (above and beyond terms of service) a custom code snip to help me extend the functionality a bit for a specific client request. Super helpful!"

- Erik Haagensen

"Beginner-friendly, great free features and paid ones too; though its a simple choice, WP forms all the way."

- Alivehuman

"I enjoyed using WPForm, it was easy and professional."

- Afrikanaffairs

"Forms have always frustrated me and I was so happy to see how. So easy with helpful prompts, kept me moving right along."

- Radi8media

"Best WordPress Form Plugin for the world, Are you using another form plugin? I recommend this plugin WPForms as number 1."

- Beulahland83

"I liked this plug-in. It helped me to create amazing forms. I think you are going to enjoy using it."

- Nerdsbuilder

"Super for my use. fast and easy to set up, and very flexible."

- Rogerharangen

"Integration and management could not be easier, including using CAPTCHA tools."

- Lightningsymphony

"WP Forms is easy to use most of the time. But its superpower is in the custom options. All software has its learning curve! Its on those items that reaching out to support has been awesome. You are only as good as your customer service. And WP Forms is very responsive."

- Writer-joan

"I find the plugin very easy to use and the support I've received from the technical support team has been excellent and they always go the extra mile to resolve any issues."

- Philip Farmer

"Cannot speak highly enough of these forms. Very user-friendly and interactive. Highly recommend."

- Steveanniss

"I created a form and added the short code on my page in minutes! Wonderful! I use it in all my websites!"

- Jdiazkropman

"Thank you for this awesome app to help people receive and send emails."

- Merchandisingparadise

"I can only recommend it. So far I have not had any negative experiences with it."

- Kateeba

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"I think what I like the best is having all the configuration settings in a menu structure. It makes it much easier to avoid missing a step like confirmation pages etc."

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