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"I am so impressed with this plugin. I decided to give it a shot over some of the other form plugins, and I am so glad I did. It works well, is so easy to use and customize. The support is amazing on top of it all. I got the pro version because I was so pleased. Highly recommend." - Micky73
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The # 1 Contact form for WordPress "Beautiful Design". WPForms

- nickthrolson

Not bad. Seems like a good option for creating simple forms. Not sure if I like the form building opening in its own screen.

- Luke Cavanagh

Simple interface, and fast. The user interface is very smooth, and quite quick. It does open a separate screen for form creation and editing, but I suspect it does this to improve flow and speed.

- WebEndev

I'm sold on WPForms!. I’ve used Formidable Pro, Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms—none of them can compare to the speed and ease I just had setting up my first form with WPForms. It took just a few minutes to have a beautiful and fully functioning form on my contact page. And it worked on the first try—which is much better than the experiences I’ve had with the other form plugins. I am thrilled with WPForms!

- Jim Krenz

Simple and Easy to use. Very simple contact form if we take into consideration basic features of free version.

- AmazingHulk

Made my workflow so easy!. I have tried numerous plugins over the years but could not found such a good user experience like WPForms, especially when its Free. Looking forward to try out paid version. Great work! Thanks

- nomans_beauty

Great UI. Easy to use and easy to customize.. I took WPForms for a spin today and was very impressed with the experience.

- RobbyMcCullough

Good Alternative for Contact Form 7. [Link removed. Please do not postlinks in reviews.]

- santanu107

Very user friendly!. I have used numerous Form builders, but this one has to be the most user friendly. Everything is quick and easy to navigate around. I think I finally found a Form builder that I can stay with and is affordable.

- muhammadkarim

Simple, easy and fast = best form plugin. I don’t know why the existing form plugins never thought of templates. 99% of people installing this plugin want a simple contact form. Instead of you having to build it, you click the “Simple Contact Form” template and it’s built for you!

- Bill Erickson

Simple, Clean and Easy to Use Plugin.

- imrannazish

Simple and Flexible Plugin. Simple and Flexible Plugin No Technical Skills Needed Powerful WordPress Contact Form Plugin with Great Feature’s.I recommended for every one. great Effect by Syed Balkhi and Jared Atchison.

- Santhosh veer

Really Great!. Thanks for the amazing plugin!

- ValeriaK

Great product with an awesome team behind it. I’ve been a customer of Syed and team for awhile. Starting with Soliloquy Slider, OptinMonster and Envira, they’re known for producing quality products and having excellent service 🙂

- Leokoo

TY. Great job

- papacoderrs

Very easy to use!. It has been one of the easiest plugins that I have installed on my website. Very intuitive interface, and proper documentation in a video. When I had a problem, the author was fast to solve and publish an update.

- uxbruno

No Puzzle in setting up the contact form.

- Harsh Agrawal

fast, customisable. Just tried with several forms, but my feeling is very good. Lite version still has enough functions for normal sites, I believe. Going to replace Contact 7, and purchasing Pro version soon.

- hungpham

Well thought out UI. This is good plugin in with multiple options. A little limited in the Light version so I upgraded to the Basic. Well worth the price of entry. Well documented and great, well thought out interface. Definitely recommend it.

- Sterling109

Loving the plugin great suppoet. Just signed up for WPForms so I can use these forms for all my client sites. I was a little disappointed that when I added code from Google Maps the map would appear really small. Support sent me new code to add so I could have it full width on the screen. They were quick to respond and very helpful. No problems with recommending this plugin.

- peaksmedia

Turns out te be a gem. Installed it just to enter the raffle, since I happened to be looking for a good form plugin. Turns out I’m really liking it!

- Verdi

Superb. Finially a modern, stylish easy to use form plugin. Love it!

- orangecrush

Perfect for my needs. I needed a quick and easy contact form for my wordpress sites. Pre-sales questions were answered quickly as were my technical support questions after purchase. This form is easy to use and perfect for my needs.

- christiaank

One of the best!.

- hurri500

Perfect. In my opinion WPForms is one of the easiest form builders to setup. I have tried others but WPForms looks and performs better.

- kestrel10

Easy to use, great UI, smooth. one of my website

- karanbhagat

Awesome Forms Plugin with Granular Control. WP Forms is a really well build forms plugin.

- BravoEchoN

Simple to build, Beautiful everywhere.. Seriously the best form editor I’ve ever used. I especially like the option to customize the sizing of entry fields. Makes customizing a breeze.

- jgold90

Great forms builder plugin. First of all WPForms is a great forms builder plugin. I already using WPForms lite version for contact form and this is the best free plugin for forms building and of course easy to use.

- mdsarwar

the simplest and workable plugin. what works

- nilabhranjan

Best free contact form plugin. Must admit that this is the best free contact form plugin. Used another ‘famous’ contact form plugin but looks terrible.

- Andrew

Best Forms Plugin. Best Forms plugin, Drag and drop functionality is awesome, customer support is very responsive.

- zakamd

The easy to use forms plugin. WP Forms is the newest WordPress forms plugin to enter the market. What makes WP Forms different to other forms plugins is the focus on making things simple for the end user. After testing various form solutions I setted on WP Forms because my customers found it easy to use.

- Jay Okey

Amazing! Best form plugin!. I’ve tried several form plugins (won’t mention names but you will guess which ones) and been frustrated/disappointed with them. But I absolutely LOVE WPForms! It is SO well thought out and designed, the interface is genius! And it’s all so damn easy to use – I’m so happy that I found this plugin, thanks guys, you ROCK!!!

- farnott

One of the best. This plugin is worth the money. If you’re looking for a great form plugin with superb support, this is the one. You can choose to stay free and enjoy many finely made features or choose from a few different levels of features for an amazing value. The thing that sets this sort from the competition is a responsive and helpful support team and your involvement as customers. If the plugin is missing features, just send a request. It’s still growing, but that’s one of the charming things about it.

- samggeer

Does Exactly What it Claims. Just plain simple. Very intuitive. Drag and drop fields. Clean, simple and just a nice contact form for any site. Brilliant! Thank you.

- mda1125

Best contact form I have ever used!. This is the best contact form plugin I have ever used. It is super intuitive and easy to use. THANK YOU!

- magentawave

Easy to use, free version is a bit limited (as expected). Being new to WP, I’m not able to modify the STYLING of the forms (they’re plain with odd proportions) but the plugin affords all the FUNCTIONALITY I need. Setting up each form (as many as you like) is pretty simple and involves an intuitive interface.

- BothHands

The best WP form builder. Thank you guys for creating this plugin. It’s simple and easy to use.

- Frank128

Great plugin!. Great plugin! Easy to use. Also good FREE version

- aliako

Semplice da configurare, perfetto da utilizzare. I write in italian language because there are also a lot of positive feedbacks motivated in english, that’s awesome but in this way I think they will be better understood by “compatriots” 🙂

- Gioxx

Only form ive needed. @wpforms

- Jaypipin

Best support. They really go beyond to help you if need be and just an awesome plugin

- cayesd

Best plugin. Best Free contact form creater plugin and easy to use.

- pawanks

Very good plugin. I have used this plugin for some time. It’s very useful.

- prajitdas

Great plugin, thanks!. Love this plugin!

- vlues23

Easy to use!. Great Plugin !

- krijmfresj

Very good plugin!. Very good plugin!

- Rodolfo

Оценка плагина. Спасибо! Отличный плагин

- cl170319

Great Form Builer. The form builder was easy to use even for a newbie like me!

- astisis

Great product. Super easy!

- creationdepot

Best form-maker plugin I’ve tried…. …and I’ve tried a lot… extensively lol using the Pro version is worth every penny for power-(form)-users (and developers) 😀 it just works! That’s it. Simply put… it just works. Thank you for a wonderful plugin 🙂

- Danice

Simply Amazing!. The drag and drop builder makes it super easy to quickly create a form within minutes. And to make things even faster on top of this, the plugin has readymade templates of the most common form types to plug-and-play and reduce the creation time to just a few seconds!

- Paras Shah

Very good PlugIn. What I realy love about the tool is the easy to use.

- schuhri

Very effective plugin!. Too good to add this so effective plugin to deal with my forms’ needs! 🙂

- adeelsami

what i needed. Very good plugin.

- cantropo

Easy to use!. Looks good and is easy to use.

- WendyMayes

Works great. Very happy! Thanks

- nesika

Why look elsewhere?. I had spent countless hours looking for a form to do a simple lead generation, all the while ignoring WPForms because they weren’t in the “big leagues” according to some of the review sites I use.

- jasonmjkruger

Muto bom!. Muito bom!

- ronaldomonfredo

Great plugin!. This is a great plugin to have, using it on all of my sites. Thanks for the plugin 🙂

- sanji41

Love this plugin!. Excellent service, Jared very helpful with my pre-sales enquires.

- clarkelz

The best form-maker for me. I tried several, but this is the best form-maker for me!

- kayauswien

Excellent plugin matched our needs perfectly. Excellent plugin with a splendid feature set and very good intuitive interface.

- Anthony Butler

Easy to use. I love it! The free version has enough options to create a form that matches your theme and wishes.

- dionnekathleen

WP Edit Plugin. Allows me to have complete control over every piece of text I enter on my web site.

- mmcclosk

Very Simple To Use. This is a very good plugin. Avoid Contact Form 7

- Scott Fichter

easy to use!. ’nuff said. so far it causes no conflicts (and i’ve got quite a bit going on plugin-wise as i started with the Storefront theme, which is bare bones). easy to figure out too. thanks!

- dorimondon

Perfect. Easy … just as it is named.

- mike973

Works. The plugin works well and does what it’s supposed to.

- thawbaker

Great Plugin!!!. I love this plugin. It’s compatible with my theme and VERY easy to use. It is also a nice clean looking form.

- robincameronbiz

Great form plugin. Works great! Easy to use and edit. Wouldn’t change a thing!

- shewenttospain

Excellent. Great plugin, very usefull

- terbea

Great Results & Easy to Use.

- iry

A good plugin. Works very simply and efficiently. A good plugin.

- missymusson

Great Plugin. I recently switched to this contact plugin and it works!

- pregwebwp

Love the ease of use!. This plugin has helped me a great deal when building websites in WordPress. It’s ease of use as a new site designer is very much appreciated. Thank you. Jill

- BloggerJill

WPForms. Easy to Use & 5 – Star support.

- hmabpera

Facile. Très facile d’utilisation.

- corraini

Brilliant for basic form requirements..

- gene-stevo

Does what it says on the tin. Set up was a breeze – within a few minutes I had a working contact form.

- marksean2014

Works Great for What We Needed. We only needed a basic online form for visitors to request additional information. This has worked for us very nicely!

- snapp

Does just what it says.. It is so easy and it works.

- johnbrid

Very useful. Great plugin. Quick to set up. Nice that it has no-captcha built in.

- mkpe

Best contact form plugin. Excellent plugin for building professional contact forms.

- mridulmahajan

easy to use. easy to use

- vertigopower

effortless. effortless. I don’t even know it’s there.

- nosnowinho

Great plugin. I like this plugin for its ease of use.

- deckstro

Great plugin. five stars

- forgivenessprocessing

We love this plugin. It’s easy to use, works perfectly, and looks great on our website. Thank you!

- cobberas63

Excellent plug-in. Excellent plug-in, no problem so far

- gadgetscall

It’s working. It’s working as they say it will 🙂

- rosito

Nice. Nice

- edalcin

Good plugins better than contact form 7.

- malcolm75

Quick and Easy Forms. I have used Gravity Forms, Ninja and Contact Form 7. This is by far the best plug-in to build a great form quickly. The pro version extends its capabilities. Highly recommended!

- creativeBill

So Easy!. The easiest form plugin ever. Works perfectly. Very satisfied!

- bethdegeer

Masterful Tool!. So far, this is by and far one of the most masterful website tools that I’ve ever used! I recommend it to everyone running a wordpress website of any sort!

- wdallan

Trustworthy. I have been using it for quite a while now. I like it. Thank you WPForms creators!

- Ushi50

Very Useful. I enjoy using this plug-in alot

- islahla

Simple to use and works!. I tried a few high rated forms but ran into some issues and found them overly complicated. I can’t comment on whether that would be useful if I required more from the forms but it certainly put a block in the way of setting up the forms quickly and easily.

- bruciebonus

Very NIce Plugin. I’m using it and it works without problems!

- dreamframer

Solid plugin. Solid plugin.

- audiospandrel

Simple and easy to use. Simple, easy set up. Practically idiot proof. Does the job.

- grumpyoldgit

Powerful Tool. Extremely easy to use, yet very powerful!

- efran1526

wpform. awesome!

- filani

Easy Form Builder. Simple no fuss form builder. It works fine. Cute logo too.

- paullwebster

Good one. Good one

- nachiappa

Useful and easy to use. Useful and easy to use

- Monica

I really like it. Works great and very easy to use. Excellently designed. Haven’t had any problems.

- D

Very nicely laid out!. I really like the plugin. The way the received email looks is super sharp and professional. The way the plugin works is very user friendly! Well done!

- Colour Infusion

Does what it says on the tin!. Easy to set up. And actually works virtually straight out of the box.

- zanchit

easy to edit and looks good. easy to edit and looks good

- fatif

Great plugin!. Really useful and easy to use.

- bozidar tanic

Excellent!. The form is excellent, easy to use and beautiful.

- erickgarciiaa

Most intuitive forms package yet. Easy!

- brucemiracle

Thanks. Good Plugin

- imsirius

Best Plugin. I liked the free version of the plugin very much. As a suggestion you should add option for:

- junaidofficial

Easy to use!. Does what it promises. I needed something that provides an easy-to-build form for nontechnical users working on the site, and this fits the bill. Thank you for a great plug-in!

- thegoddessatwork

One of my favourites. Easy to use and looks great. This is a form I use regularly along with Contact Form 7

- Seb Alexander

Perfect. Nothing to say

- ymoumen

Quick and Easy.

- Sancoale Technologies

Best form plugin!. I love this Form plugin. I recommend the Pro version a lot.

- carasmo

Easy, reliable plugin. Best kind of plugin: does what you need it to do, and you don’t have to worry about it.

- elzadra

Easy and light. Easy to use, forms are neat.

- tuulaa

great plugin!. simple and easy to use.

- must love crows

Great plugin. Easy to use plugin

- shiseida

This plugin is wonderful. Easy setup, Everything works after getting my mail server talking thanks

- newiehl

Great plugin. Easy to use, simple.

- virginielh

Works perfect.. Works like a charm.

- 4DToday

Good Plugin. I use this plugin for my forms. We process a good number of entries on a weekly basis. It is easy to use and reliable. Thanks! I haven’t run into any serious yet.

- robhammann

Works Great. Great plugin, no issues.

- yngvai

WP Forms.

- ahmadmdwasim

Really a good plugin, easy to use. I installed WPForms after my other plugin killed the whole website after an update. I searched a bit, found WPForms and am really happy with it. It’s simple, easy to use and matches all my requirements. Great work!

- PeterServatius

Intuitive. I find this plugin to be very intuitive and easy to teach to anyone on our staff.

- holyfool

Good plugin. nice

- Hansel

Excellent simple form.. Easy to set up. Easy to read .

- Brianne163

Excellent!. The best. Simple and awesome for the basic plan.

- nicofran

Works great. Works like a charm, better than all the forms plugins out there, highly recommended.

- WP AMP Ninja

Easy to use. really easy to learn and use.

- brucekdan

Excellent, works just great..

- basembr

Just works!. Great mail form plugin, easy to set up and just works! Excellent !

- paulprd

Easy to use and it works. Struggled with forms for years – not any more

- dickovski

wp forms lite WordPress plugin. Its working fine with me and easy to use

- sanaadnan

Perfect for my needs. I’ve used this plugin on several sites I’ve built and it’s perfect – easty to use, and just works. Very grateful that this plugin exists.

- LouisePKelly

Excellent Plugin – Effective and Easy to Use. We are very pleased with the WPForms plugin. It is easy to use and we have put it to work at our website ( for many reasons (registrations, subscriptions, payments and donations,etc.)

- soniaprcny109

Very Easy to Use. Was running on my site within minutes.

- patty2007

Awesome plugin easy to customize. I liked the plugin, its easy to customize. recomended

- sansrawat

It works. The free version just forwards messages received from the simple contact form on our website to our normal email address. That’s exactly what we needed!

- trinityvtadmin

Great plugin.. Easy to set up and use. Does the job!

- setho1

Easy for beginner or novice to use. I was very impressed with the ease of use and functionality for the robust form I needed to create. I hadn’t done one in awhile and it was easy to figure out and follow instructions. Thanks!! I really appreciate your product.

- legacylandco

What a SNAP!. Found this plugin to be user friendly and completely suited to my needs. My only reservation is that annoying little notice requesting a pat on the back. Quite willing to pat but I installed it on several sites so, with every site twined with a development site, I got a lot of requests for pats;)

- johnhake

Easy to create contact form. great for creating the contact form i needed.

- astephens

Does the job. A solid plug in

- sphotosyd

A Snap and Efficient. Don’t have time for a lot of programming and customizing, wanted drag and drop functionality with ability to customize whether small appearances or large-scale routing of forms and messages – WP Forms does it all. Took minutes to set up about a year ago and never had a problem since. Cloning one form into multiple sections of sites, changing the title and back-end routing to various emails took minutes. Enabling CAPTCHA and I have never been spammed. Love this app…

- waltersaunders972

Easy to use and beautiful out of the box. After using a variety of forms, I like WPForms the best because it’s easy to use and looks great without custom coding. Great product.

- jalmond

WP Forms Lite. I love WP Forms Lite because it’s so simple to use! It’s a very well thought-out plug-in.

- ccsurf

Best free form plugin!. event in free version this form plugin does great job! awesome!

- suranegara

Simple and works. Simple and works

- IvanVa

Easy to use and perfect for my needs. Great plugin, the best I have found, so far.

- Bliss07

Great plugin. Easy to set up and use right away. Great plugin. Easy to set up and use right away

- DEP Tech

Really nice Plugin.

- debf

No fuss, no hassle, no problems. Completely painless, which cannot necessarily be said for the competition…

- caseyfern

Satisfied. It was very easy to use and I had 0 problems 😀

- victimized

Very nice. Easy to use, intuitive.

- hannesofie

Very good plugin. Very good plugin! Plug and Play in no time!

- Edwinspie

WPForms. Excellent plugin. Capable, but simple to use.

- Berkshireman

Excellent. A great plug in. Even the free version is pretty customizable, but he Pro version provides pretty much every contact form feature you can imagine or would need. One of my fave plugins, great work!

- redrumhead

Easy to use. Simple and easy to use. You don’t have to break you head on how to use it.

- GayaneGanapolsky

Плъгина е супер, дори и в безплатния си вариант.. Плъгина е супер, дори и в безплатния си вариант.

- Selevk

Pretty nice and straight forward!. Pretty nice and straight forward!

- Subrata Sarkar

Best form plugin. Finally I found my favorite form plugin.

- fredrikk

Simple Plugin. Good plugin, very easy to use.

- antonfirdaus

No coding, so good for beginners. Best forms plugin i’ve found in many years using WordPress

- asnowden

Great for very simple forms. Would have liked to be able to format email of entries.

- judysemo

Excellent. Best plugin for Contact forms.

- carltorn60

Review. Works both on desktop and mobile. No problems

- hilmyh

So easy. It’s a no-hassle installation. Comes out of the box working just right! Thanks for your development 🙂

- bacigirl

Excellent plugin. Excellent plugin

- emprendimientohoy

Contact Form 7 and Pirate Forms didn’t work. I respect Contact Form 7 and Pirate Forms but they simply didn’t comply (or work) on Constructzine Lite theme. I installed WPForms and hit instant success. This will be my contact form plug-in from now on.

- moonenbeams

Great plugin. Just what I wanted! Great plugin!

- skrat1234

Excellent. Excellent

- denivid

Perfect for non-coder and freebie :). Very easy to use. Also its free version of popup has good design. My subscription to the site has been increased due to popup.

- savitamunde

great forms tool!. easy to use, very clean.

- wr

Great plugin. Great form creating tool. Easy to use & excellent advanced customizations.

- sondone

Simple and Fast. Easy to install and activate. simple and fast to configure. Works perfectly.

- naturalweb005

Excellent. The only plugin like this that I found, that I could both understand and worked. Highly Recomend

- kentkeller

Easy to use. Simple, fast and easy to use. Perfect!

- Júlio César

Good plugin. Simple and fast. Considering upgrade to premium.

- droni481

Excellent Plug In. This is an excellent plug in, easy to use, comfortable and very comprehensive!


perfect. Works great!

- jmgswiss

Great Feature. Hope I can do more forms free

- catherinedizon

Absolutely love it!.

- vftmandy

easy to learn and to use. Great plugin. Easy to use. Very user friendly.

- nikolaidesign

Awesome!. Very good! Awesome! Simple and basic, just what I need!

- llima14

Just what I needed!. Very happy to find this plugin: it’s perfect for the simple forms I need to provide. Easy to set up, simple to use.

- sewkmm

Simple, but very functionally. Fantastic contact forms can be done with this plugin.

- kaiquealves

Very fast and easy to use. I ditched contact form 7 on all my sites and replaced with wpforms. Takes about 30 seconds to make a contact form with this plugin.

- hippyhappyblogger

Very very good. Not only is this very good, it actually works too.

- Zensadog1

Smooth Support. As always, WpBeginner’s Syed Moiz Balkhi hit the nail on the head and with support from WPForms Jared Atchison, this is one of the very best plugins that I have ever used. All the sites my agency creates get this plugin first tier. Thanks to the WPForms Team for their hard work, quick responses, and powerful technology. This is a no brainer.

- douglaswebdesigns

Great. Works very good and gets the job done

- idiz31

Amazing plugin. The plugin is great, much much better than contact form 7

- parraster

Excellent plugin. Very useful and remarkably easy to use. No need to be a coder to utilise, making it easy for non-tech people on your team.

- timystic

Great plugin. Easy to use. Thank you!

- em-jay

So Simple To Use. I’d been using Contact Form 7 forever, but for my last two blogs, the styling out of the box was awful. I saw this plugin on a clients site and decided to give it a whirl. In just a few minutes, I had a nice looking form on my site and I’ve not really even cracked open the box yet!

- TrishJones

Works Beautifully!!. Have been using WPForms on a number of sites and it just works beautifully!! The support is out of this world!! The easiest FIVE STARS I’ve given.

- ivanloc

EASY AND AWESOME. One of the best and user friendly forms WP plugins. Totally recommended.

- zafapimentel

Great product. This is a great product which offers you more than you would expect from a free version.

- moniqueappels

Clear Sailing So Far. Very pleased!!!!

- stephaniemdavis

great!!!. great!!!

- jamforapensioner

Great form builder.. Great form builder. Simple and easy to use!

- Beth

Easy to set up and use.. Quick setup and it is very easy to layout the forms.

- lcmweb

Works great!. This is a great plugin. I started using this because a client already had it and I’m really pleased with it! Easy to use.

- wordpresshat

Excellent forms tool. It was a piece of cake to create the form.

- snangle

Brilliant and easy to use!. I had no problem getting this plugin to work, and it has been perfectly stable. Perfect!

- gayliejo

This plugin is awesome!. Very easy to use, for me is the best Contact Form plugin for WordPress.

- jdponce

Very easy to use!. My forst form created with this plugin, was amazed how easy it was to use!

- tainamarjanen


- jcglass

Easy to use. Beautiful results.. Love it!

- DanielCPalmer

Easy to use. I’m new in this world, but this plugin is just easy to use 🙂

- Stine H

Forms. Forms

- horseconsult

Great product. The form works as promised. Great plugin.

- kishorebudha

Great!. Works flawless!

- chilisky

Works as advertised.

- dadkind

I like it. Thanks for a great, free plugin!

- bfbca

Works flawless!. Works flawless since I installed it on every WP-site I have built the last year. WPForms has done a great work in building and maintaining this plugin.

- KristenMathiasen

Great tools for newbie. Great tools! love to work on the simplicity

- latifhamzah

Amazing easy to use form builder!. Highly recommend this form builder to any wordpress user :-0 Constantly being updated! Well done guys!

- alegriadancecentre

cool and easy to use. i needed a contact form so i got this and it worked

- bryancotton

Really nice.. It works pretty well, although I got a bit angry at first… Because I though I had to DRAG fields into form. 😀 However, there would be a nice feature if there could be an Ajax sending form option, because I have trouble with implementing it in Ajax pop-up (Fancy Box). It reloads page on sending form, which results in refreshing page and closing pop-up. To read the message it is necessary to open window again.

- merlinseducer

Excellent customer service, and good functionality.

- anandamayi108

Best I’ve tried. I tried a few form plugins (Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms) before WPForms, and WPForms is easily the best. Very easy to use. Contact Form 7 is such a pain! And while Ninja Forms is easy to use, people were contacting me outside of my form to complain that the form was not submitting (getting stuck on “processing”, evidently), and the emails were ending up in my spam folder! With WPForms, the form works and it arrives in my inbox where it should be. Nice job, WPForms team! Thanks for the great plugin.

- Jeremy Hammond

Easy !. Easy to use and very efficient.

- projetRSSMO

Very useful and customizable plugin. Very useful and customizable plugin

- germansalamancav

awsome. after searching and trying out different forms. I came across this one and never looked back.

- faboo

It does the work. Does the work as needed

- frenchelectrons

works fine. thank you

- Shawn.69

Great. Nice plugin

- Ricardo Valdés

I bought the lifetime version. And I am glad I did. Quick, easy, well supported, good updates. Thanks Syed and team!

- CapeDave2

Great Plugin!. So many features and so easy to use.

- tayoungs

One of the best. One of the best

- promomusic

Thanks!. great

- pelagos1

Easy to use – Go for Pro version. Read some blog posts and reviews of form plugins and WPForms won acclaim – do not regret that I chose WPForms Pro 🙂

- opaldigital

Awesome. Awesome

- kristmundur

Excellent plugin, great functionality and super easy to use.. Great plugin.

- builder4life

So intuitive. I needed to add few forms in like a day. Quick search, few reviews and I chose WPForms. I was up and runing in few minutes. The UI is very intuitive. The free version does basic stuff very well. I will probbly upgrade.

- greg1970

loved it!. Simple and efficient!

- sonalpoghat

Solid and Easy to Use!. I’ve tried a few different contact form plugins for WordPress, but I really love WP Forms for its ease of use and reliability. If you’re looking for a powerful contact form that is easy to setup, this may be the form for you!

- Ryan J Haught

Best Forms Builder!!.

- lbwran

user friendly. Very easy to use and very user friendly. The plugin is awesome.

- jwan01bit

works!. Does what it says it does. I’m happy

- brizzy

Awesome. Simple to use

- xdeuiii

Great plugin.. Easy to use. Recommended.

- crandalln

Great plugin. Easy to install & set-up. Very helpful

- telecomguru

Awesome User-Friendly Plugin. I looked at other form builders, but this one was highly rated and is very user friendly.

- lorijeansmith13

Thanks a lot. One of the best and easy to use.

- edzevid

works well amazing. looooooooooove the form!!!! efficient quick~

- rani48

great plugin, easy to use. awesome

- johnmeyer

Attractive reply form created easily. Easy to set up my simple response form.

- wpo4asf

lovely clean clear. lovely clean clear

- sarahmcm


- Laurie

Simple, clean, quick. I needed a form plugin without the hassle of learning to code. This plugin provided exactly what I was looking for without any extra headaches. Quick and simple, form was published in minutes!

- frankiess

smooth and easy. WPForms demonstrates a truly great UX, from the installation, configuration to the result on the screen. Great work, you, guys.

- allagringaus

Works Great. Used on all of my sites.. Lovely. I am using this on all the the sites that I manage.

- thisladywebdev

Pure and simple. Straight forward, simple to set up. Has all the basics you need for a contact form. Create your form, make a page and add the shortcode and you’re done. Works fine for me.

- Robbie Link

Simple, reliable, does the job. I had reliability problems with my old contact form (Contact Form 7) – potential customers were trying to reach me but the messages were sometimes not being sent. Replacing it with this Form Builder version has been awesome. Easy, intuitive and including all the features I could want. I’m very happy with the change.

- tomlemes

Effortless Forms!. When you’ve got the right form, the function follows, and that’s exactly the case with this plugin. It’s a good thing life isn’t always so simple, or I’d get too lazy. THANKS!

- mongrel

And Lionel Ritchie Thanks You.

- aceospadespdx

WPForms – Simple and Effective. We have tried many forms and many of them didn’t workout. WPforms was simple to use and effective, while still having all the bells and whistles we needed.

- kvanbeek

Easy and Powerful.

- Himaanshu

Great option. Found this as a replacement to a contact form that my developers were using, this one was much simpler to use, has better functionality and was quick to set up. Would definitely use again

- kerrysupport

Perfect!. If you need forms on your wordpress site this is the plugin for you. Very easy to install and setup. I upgraded to the pro version and love it. Have not had any issues with any of the forms on my site so far but do not believe I will ever have any. Give it a try and you will be a fan also

- absolute1120

Good looking and for free. Excellent tool. I am using the free version.

- Delviken

Awesome. This plugin has helped me a lot!

- ricky1400

simple form. This is the simplest tool to use to make a form. So easy and simple that anyone can create a form.

- lklittle

Simple and clean.

- jonkristian

My New go to form plugin.

- Kggg

Works very well for what I need. Simple and easy..

- CyberCobre

great!. This is a really useful plugin. Nice to add customizable forms.

- hccs2011

Great!. Great plugin

- doobie_shemer

So Easy and Vwersatile. Great little Plugin. Makes form creation so easy

- mikesnow

LOVE THIS PLUGIN!!!. The Registration Add-On Should be included in the Free Version!!!Not be made to pay for a STANDARD DEFAULT WordPress Feature/Function. Update This ASAP!!! Many People complaining about it. It SHould Be Included with the Free Version. Thanks

- doncgarner

Clean, clear and straight …. a great solution for people who like it easy!

- taxham

Best one. So far this is the best contact form I have found

- michaelaterndrup

Great plug-in, straight forward to use and does what it says!. It allows you to create your own form or work from common templates like a “contact us” form which made it super easy to design our custom contact form.

- nerdyness

Excellent plugin. Top dogg 🙂

- davecheez

Works Great. Easy to use, looks good, I am Very happy with this plugin

- myboler

good job!. 1

- michal1236

Simple to complex!. This plugin is great for any type of form you want to create!

- bobmeans

Very pleased with this plugin – easy to use. Very pleased with this plugin – easy to use

- HGodwin

Good. i ues good

- vudinhmanh2001

Simple and easy!. Works very well for what I need. Simple and easy.

- bborisov90

Easy to use!. This is so easy to use and configure. And the form that is created looks smart. Loads better than Contact Form 7 and easier to configure than Caldera Forms.

- davidhartshorne

Wonderful!. The really cool thing is design. Plus I can add custom fields and so on.. Just try yourself!

- gencurrent

Works Really Well. We were having an issue with e-mails not working with our last form tool. The nice thing about WPForms is that it stores all of your responses so that if you ever experience e-mail issues, you can still accept forms and collect them unlike other forms where your customers will just get an error message.

- soomill

Form builder. Great little form builder! I like it.

- Byteguy6744

The best plugin for contact form. Thanks

- webphothong

Very good contact form.. Easy to use. Great job!

- hgschaffler

Excellent, easy and great support!. I have used it for several issues, on several site. Great plugin. Great support

- kazakonis

Super easy to use and just works!. This plugin is amazing. I use it on all my WP sites now. It’s super reliable. I’ve never had it not work before. Thanks for the awesome plugin!

- MeganTheDesigner

Fits Perfect!. Easy to use, works right ‘out of the box’.

- jwhoutepen

Just right!. Works nice. Simple to set up and the actual email form looks great.

- WindowsTalk

Works great. For an easy contact form it got everything. Wanted a minor change, and the documentation served the information.

- TonyHnor

Very happy with It!. Works well, recommended!

- stevejones13

Very Easy To Use.

- dejio

Lightweight and Great. This is a great lightweight plugin which doesn’t ajax.

- Ashwani Kumar Singh

Easy. Really simple to use. Perfect for the non-tech people.

- lettersandwords

Super easy to set up!!. I really don’t think setting up the contact form on my site could’ve been any easier.

- shawnnaturalprofessional

Better than the other. We all know the other contact form and if you do, you know the ridiculous errors everyone is getting. Your form was perfect! Worked like a charm, no hassles. Thank you!

- JamesGrubb

Great!. Works great! Easy to set-up and started getting emails almost instantly. Thank you!!

- shopual

A complete contact form plugin. Excellent plugin, with everything you need for creating your forms. I started to use this plugin because many others failed in delivery email and easy deployment of double column forms.

- mardiza

Very easy to implement!. Great for those of us who are just beginning!

- booksuncooked

great plugin. Fastastic plugin

- mikaylikorpi

user friendly and functional plug-in!. Easily set-up and very good functionality that comes in a compact package!

- lartdeviee

Lifetime membership and happy user for all my WP sites.

- anendel

great plugin wordpress. great plugin

- wasitput

Great!. Very useful: easy to use, versatile and does just what I needed.

- MikeC1311

It works like a charm!. EASY TO USE!

- TheMossMan

i really like it. just few clicks and you will finish it, that’s amazing, thank you man

- hydrauliquesimple

Very handy. Works pretty smoothly.

- yogeshkr

Excellent. Seamless Setup..

- Islo

The Best Form Plugin I’ve Tried. Contact Form 7 and Fast Secure stopped working for my sites with an upgrade of WordPress so I tried this plugin out and it’s great. Drag and drop is super-easy. Thank you!

- sunfishdesign

Very easy to use. Very easy to use, one of my ‘go-to’ plugins.

- martyyn

Very good. I use the free version. It’s very good program gave me the right solution to create good forms on my website. What I suggest is that you should produce, while creating a new form all code the form and not just a small with excerpt [shortcode]. Thank you very much!

- athensrealestate

Great. Easy, professional and elegant, just what I needed.

- Steiko

Very Good. Very easy to use.

- Twinky9

Easy and works great. This is exactly what I needed user friendly and simple to use.

- diamondmomma11

Perfect Form Maker. Easy, user friendly and works well!

- miyke62

Great!. Just happy with it!

- mustainsani

Very Helpful!!. This plugin is very helpful since we can modify many options for our own needs

- sharvael

Good stuff!.

- alancattley

Great. Great

- ccccomedy

I like it!. A little bit too childish design, but sometimes we need it 🙂

- cvorko

Thank You. It is a good plugin, use it.


Great. Works perfect on my website.

- adivi

Really cool!. Easy to use, works great!

- perseg

Superb. Excellent, does exactly what it says.. 😀

- Lenny Warren

Couldn’t be easier. Well done

- syntesys

Fantastic form system!. If you need a quick, well designed, easy to use form builder WPForms is a great choice!

- Brent Rusk

great work. great app, definitely recommend

- aspenpaintingpa

Will give later. Hi there

- jahidtwentysix

Great stuff!!. love it thank you!!

- philcass

IDEAL. For basic forms, this will cover most of your needs.

- bradschooner

Nice Form. Thanks! It’s nice plugin.

- rayindra

Quick. Easy to use.You can make form quickly.

- mridulmishra

Perfect. Quite perfect, allow a simple way to translate ‘This field is required’… 🙂 🙂

- paolol

Great Contact Form. Works well and does not suck!

- tphanich

Works perfectly, very pleased.. Really easy to use, no problems with set up and configuration.

- MargoBowles

Just works. After Ninja Forms stopped sending messages (but saying it was) I switched to this. worked perfect right from the get go. thanks!

- x30mileswest

Really solid and user-friendly. I am so impressed with this plugin. I decided to give it a shot over some of the other form plugins, and I am so glad I did. It works well, is so easy to use and customize. The support is amazing on top of it all. I got the pro version because I was so pleased. Highly recommend.

- Micky73

Excellent. Ideal form plugin.. Does everything I need it to

- maevemcclelland

Tippity tip top. Great plug in, and the paid for version is worth every penny cent and rouble.

- mitnella

Very very good!. This is so easy to work with! Love it.

- frederique95

The Best Forms Plugin. Very clear interface, very easy to work and for simpler forms its also free. Very happy with my forms.

- savo86

Very useful. Very nice Plugin!

- imagetag

easiest of them all. installed a couple others and emails did not get through so tried this and they work fine. also very user friendly

- digitwebdesign

Great, Easy to use. This is the greatest and easy to use contact form plugin I have ever used.

- ayushjesu

Excelente !. Very good Product !

- sanmadorra

Very easy to use. Easy to install – good video showing how to do it in very little time.

- mountains2highlands

Useful plugin. Useful plugin

- tilahun

Fantastic plugin and easy to customise. By far the best!. I found this really easy to use. I tried a few contact forms and this one is by far the best.

- shaz14

Very first time building a website, very user friendly. Thanks!. First time building a website, user friendly, only took a few days of research of what I wanted and putting it together.not bad for someone with limited knowledge and no experience in website design and building

- kenmarion

Enjoying the forms.. I just installed this contact form from WPForms but I’m enjoying them so far!

- 96berwak

I like it!. It is very user friendly and does what it promises! I recommend it!

- klairyl1

Very Useful. I loved that it allowed me to easily set rules to send contact forms to different email accounts depending on the selected option of a select input field. Very easy to configure and customize.

- d1ame

Easy and effective plugin. I am very happy with this plugin. Very easy to create fields and looks good! Thank You so much.

- vsoraya

Works Perfectly!. Plugin Works Perfectly. Highly Recommended.

- chrislazari

Great. Works great. Thanks.

- Michael G Ethridge

Great Plugin. Thanks for a great product!

- Phonesavanh

easy and simple!. Really easy to use and costumize! No colour choice for free version which is kind of sad but still amazing plugin! If you want something clear, professional, and simple just use wpforms!

- hellospring24

Simply & Easy. When creating a form for a clients site, I looked and a couple of popular form builders and WP-Forms was simple and easy. I was able to get a very useful form up quickly.

- JLBeacham

Great plugin for creating Forms.

- Andrikkos

Excellent plugin. I needed a contact form and this plugin really satisfies. Easy to use and configure.

- gabe88

Easy to Use. Easy to implement and work with. I recommend it!

- knto

Just perfect !. Works well ,exactly what i was looking for.

- Xaroos

Good free plugin. awesome form

- tigonfairy

Awesome!!!. Awesome!!! very useful

- sagakom

awesome product. Simply the best

- meer418

Easy and Great. It is super easy to create a contact form with this plugin. Great works

- osmangoni

Great plugin!. Works just fine and simple to set up!!!

- smpproject

free version. It’s very Good. I displayed it for the first time, and it works well. Thanks.


Great!!!. Very useful!

- Daniely Cristiny

Awesome. Awesome

- gustlou

WP forms review. Works great – simple to use

- slobine1

Fantastic Plug-in. Easiest to add on and sort out!

- zougin

nice form. nice form, easy to use but dont have the phone number for free

- criacaosites

Strongly Recommend WPForm For All Web Designer. What can I said? Easy to use and strongly recommend WPForm for all web designer

- jensongoh

Review. I have used this plugin for a while now and it is really a very good product, I love it thank you.

- boyalasco

Totally rocks. Just plain works. Couldn’t ask for more. Stands out among other plugins. Rock solid.

- afc007

Simple to use and works great!. I installed this plugin and didn’t have any issues making it work correctly!

- Danny Ledonne

Great Form Builder. Easy to use with a very short learning curve since it is so intuitive.

- larryt

Excellent!. Effective, but simple and easy to use.

- geoffm

The best contact form plugin around. Really easy to use, default styling looks beautiful as do the email notifications. If you need to quickly and easily add a contact form to your site then this is the plugin for you.

- jbakuk

Great and very user-friendly!. Great and very user-friendly!

- christinaxzy

Great Plugin – Simple with clean layout. Very intuitive and simple. Highly recommended.

- uxwebguy

Great !!!!. Awesome Plugin.. Thank you for sharing Free Version.

- sikander.rafique

Easy and Simple Like It Should Be. Very nice form builder, has all you need and you don’t have to go through a lot of hassle for contact or other forms. Quick setup, quick building, on to other tasks! Highly recommend.

- volfan

Off to the races!. Things went so smooth! once I got everything installed it was off to the races!

- 9502michael

Суперский плагин. Легко настраивается, не требует доп. корректировок. Все отлично

- dorda

Much needed feature. Forms is easy, simple, practical. All what is needed.

- mixay99


- ajaz4sky

Excelente plugin. sencillo y efectvo

- josemi2487

Contact Form. Plug in is excellent. Ease with installation and setup and the platform to expand is nice as well.

- l5673920

Simple and Effective :-). First time I have used WP and this plugin is great, easy to use and effective. Thank you

- southcombe

Good. Good

- deenhawa


- stevantan53

Great user-friendly form plug-in for WP. The free version comes with more than enough features with clear, easy to use direction to get you going and the email responders look great!

- phenomphunk

Very Nice Plugin and So Easy. very nice plugin and so easy, it’s very helpful

- firmansyahdst

Great Work. Great Work And Thank You So Much

- Bhakat News

Great form builder. So easy to create and use–thank you so much for a great form builder!

- adirondackgirlatheart

Advanced and simple to use. Love it!

- dalboslampen

Awesome support, great plugin. One of my favorite contact form builder. The support is great and if there is a problem wpforms works hard on a fix. thx.

- flyingfox

very good, thanks!. very good, thanks!

- ausweixi

So Far So Good — I Like It. I’ve been using this plugin for about 2 weeks now. I’m using it to make registration forms for courses that I offer and a contact form for potential customers to use. I have to say that I like how easy it is to work with the forms and how they look on my web pages. I have not used any of the Pro version add-ons at this point so I cannot comment on them. But from what I can tell of the lite version, it is versatile and it does everything I need so far. Good job.

- new2thiswp

Best contact form ever :-). Great Work, Thank You very much

- dagger28

Very Intuitive!. Easy to build, and easy form flow for the user. Very nice!

- FlyingC

great plugin. Very happy with it

- monstress

Contact form. Very easy to work with! Thank you very much!!!

- kiltic

Great Work! Thanks a lot…. Great Work! Thanks a lot…

- ckl84

The BEST Form Builder, Period!. I’ve been a Contact Forms 7 User for years, and have hated every minute of it thanks to their horrible form creation and management system. WPForms has made form creation simple and intuitive. Everything works just like you’d hope it would, making it the simplest, most flexible form creator on the planet. Thank you WPForms, for making forms easy, and I dare say, “fun” to create.

- drewbourke

Fantastic Plug in. Very easy to use for someone that is not a top computer user

- rick2071

Muito bom. Desenvolvedores desse plugin tá de parabéns

- jmviana2003

Excellent. good

- henrykuo

Really Easy. Really simple to use

- bcrawford608

Clean layout. Really easy to use, clean format. awesome

- adventurousbliss

Awesome. Love it!!

- shadabshamsi

Good. Simple to use, nice design

- bodhi1970

So Easy To Use – The Best!. There haven’t been any updates lately because none are needed! So simple and easy to use. Big thumbs up!

- humbyrds777

Works great. Works great. Thank you.

- TillamookSWXD

WordPress is GREAT!!!. Great tool!! Easy to use!!

- shawnofthe80s

Very Simple and Easy to Use. I really liked the simplicity of the WP Forms. It was so easy. I had no problems putting the form together and including it on my site. Thanks!

- aprincessinspired

Great Plug In. Works Great

- mariebastas

Contact Form by WPForms. Very impressive – awesome

- kwanafo

ok. it works

- curlybless

Best forms plugin. Shopped around for tons of plugins, both free and paid. This one was by far the easiest and among the most flexible yet powerful. They are always adding more features – which is a huge plus and something to look for.

- johnnyp14

worked fine. it worked well

- Lena2009

Great plugin. Great plugin, I love it. Highly recommended.

- ALIttaM

Does what it is promising. Great plugin. Works really well and is easy to set up. Cheers and keep up the good work

- AlexBirkDK

Really easy and nice. Really easy and nice

- martaiwanicka

Wonderful Plugin. Easy to create and very decent interface

- ebikerpakistan

Easy and beautiful. I am very satisfied with wpform

- vastuguru

good site. this site is exactly what i needed its working great no complaints

- marcodesjardins

Simple, clean, works well. Thanks for this free plugin! Not all of us have big budgets, and this helps us look good and meet new people with no fuss.

- nrgini

Excelente !!. El mejor plug in desarrollado para crear formularios de contacto.

- donrick

Straightforward and easy to use!. Straightforward and easy to use!

- notesfromsimcoecounty

Easy to use. Easy to use

- ferdibulbul

Awesome. Works perfectly and quickly for what I need!

- JRClay63

Brilliant. Just what I was looking for! And, of course, great support from the devs.

- nunoplim

Excellent plugin. Great easy to use plugin

- jomo252

Plugin I cannot do without. I have many affiliate sites and depend on this plugin to make setup fast and dependable.There are no problems putting up a site a week giving me freedom to add to my online revenue.

- joearo

great. great

- feyi_ari

Love this plugin. Awesome plugin for allowing my clients to contact me easily.

- gmanasco

Easy to use. Very easy to setup and use. TQVM!

- klendathu

Easy to use. also looks good

- ukmgranger

works well. good stuff

- ipfwatch

awsome. thank you for this amazing plugin

- Moses

Excellent!. Excellent plugin!

- HaWebb

Easy and good. Works just right, attractive, and easy to use. Thanks!

- jessierasche

Easy to use, works great.

- jasonspixnyc

Just Great. Thank you!

- handera

Good Stuff. Good stuff.

- Kaci Diane

Genial. Genial

- Jose Ramon Bernabeu

Good overall!. Great plugin for business websites especially!

- gainsbysharane

Great forms package!. Very easy to use. We’ve converted all of our previous forms over to WPForms. Not just for contact forms either. We use it to send out notifications to all subscribers, schedule events in Events Calendar, and keep our users aware of the latest happenings on our site. Using this package, we have the ability for subscribers to take an active role in our website. Enhancements are continually provided and support is outstanding! Combine this package with the Events Calendar plugin and the Members plugin and you can do just about everything you need to do with your site.

- robertjanger

Edit: 1 star is too good. Seriously, it stops sending submissions, I spend and hour or so figuring out how to fix it, it sends me some submissions, then stops, I spend and hour or so figuring out how to fix it I AM DONE. This is killing me.

- SteveWolfe

Perfect!. Perfect! Congratulations!

- cw2016

Took me 5 minutes to create my contact page. It works perfectly from PC or mobil. Took me 5 minutes to create my contact page. It works perfectly from PC or mobil

- ghrasko

Awesome Plugin!. Easy to use and customise. Great Work!

- wizzyp

Easy and simple to add contact form. In 2 minutes I had a new contact form running. I’m really happy with the plugin, and the responsive is a plus.

- vozymod

Great tool for create forms. Excellent tool

- elsamplio

Shazam !. Why would I use anything else now ?!?

- davidrebar

Very easy!. Thank you!

- oxik

Very nice. Easy to set up, works great!

- Algot Olserud

WPforms. Great plugin for my contact form. Works like a charm and easy to set up. Makes life easier.

- erogenous

Fantastic. Easy to install as it automatically integrates with my theme.

- mtville

Excellent. Excellent

- vijaygkuruvilla

Great tool!. Easy and does everything you expect it to do. Nothing not to like 🙂

- dsbelousov

Simple and elegant.. Works exactly as expected and some really nice configuration options.

- mchilson

Great Plugin!. Simple but elegant…

- hein58

Better than advertised!. I really like working with WPForms because they offer so many help resources and tips to get all sorts of things done.

- bendelaney

It’s that easy.. It’s a great plugin that will get you almost everything related to forms.

- paulogabriel

Great plugin. Works great!

- valdesk

good Plugin. This Plugin I have installed to over 40 sites !

- chrnagel


- ajenje

Well Done. Works well. User friendly. Clear instructions. Thank you!!!

- synergy777

Great plugin. Great plugin

- Sukhdeep Singh Maan

Thank you. Thank you

- ramzichami

Love it. Love it

- franciscapibox

Useful and productive!. Great, simple and quick. Brand-adaptive and elegant enough to fit in any kind of layout.

- FF0077


- theMezz

simple!. love the ease of use.

- dungboy

Excellent. Nice Plugging

- almakennel

Great form and function. Easy to use and integrate with any template– I use it for all of my websites.

- montalut

Great. Thank you!

- northernbodysole

Easy to use and very adaptable.. The Versatility, Ease-Of-Use and Practicality makes it the best form plugin I have ever used. Thanks!

- orimagic

Easy to use. Just an awesome, easy to use way to connect with your followers.

- SusanDay

Great plugin. Very happy with this plugin

- crajackhk

Free version is great paid even better. I started with the free version of the plugin which was great. We needed more design flexibility and upgraded to the paid version which is even better. Great forms builder plugin

- pplnj

Excelente tool. wpforms is so easy to use it was very helpfull for all of fy projects

- ferparc

Great work. thanks

- matthewamstutz

awsome. Must say that the personal support I’ve got from WPFORMS is of a type that;s very rare. After explaining my problems they did EVERYTHING to get an excellent result there.

- drop24

Great Form creator. The form was easy to create and fit my need exactly. Thank you

- psychip7

Nice. If you’re looking for a form that is easy to understand, you’re in the right place.

- isaacanjun

Super easy. Super easy to install and use.

- knikity

Excellent for non programmers. Excellent for us who knows nothing about program

- soymamaprimeriza

best option not for beginners. The tool offers a very easy configuration for anyone who is in hurry.

- wprp

Nicely done. Easy to use and gets the job done

- ben givengrace

Loved It!. Simple and Beautiful!

- zauq

Excellent plugin. Awesome plugin!

- mojer

WPForms. Nice and easy!

- steven0378

WP Form. Awesome tool. The free version does the job perfectly.

- oliverholzwarth

User-Friendly Forms for WordPress. WPForms was very easy to install and set up. I love that the email is sent from my email and not the WordPress email.

- internettie

Strong product. Its working well for us

- youneeq

WP contact form. Easy to use. Strong product

- rodinc

Like A Charm. So far this plugin is performing like a charm. NO need for any support as this plugin is easy to use and to configure. GREAT JOB

- eddievet

Excellent plugin. Super easy to install and use.

- tommyq67

Great Plugin. Ease to use, just a wonderful plugin

- esteban_g_j

Great customization. I can’t find enough words to praise this plugin. For me the critical issue is customization and applying the local language (Lithuanian in my case). WPForms allows me to customize my forms in a most friendly, logic and intuitive way. Besides, it allows customization which covers literally all aspects of interaction with customer, it never leaves you looking in despair at one of those ugly semi-translated interface. Great job, thanks!!!

- vtombak

Great and simple. Recomended. Simple and nice forms.

- domagojpavic

Great form!. Great form. Highly recommended

- mikhael05

Great plugin. Easy to use, simple and clean.

- timilewu

One Word – Great!. I thought it’s only CF7 that I can rely on. But CF7 gave me some issues recently after using it for couple of years. WPForms works perfectly for me. Thank you WPForms team for your hard work. The free version is good enough for me. Love it.

- chaipope

Excellent Plugin. I HAVE STILL ON TEST, BUT SO FAR ALL Good!!

- alfaroswm

Love this – Great and effortable. WordPress is great and easy to use. Once i bought my domain it was super easy to get started. All the plugins make it super flexible and the themes are great.

- bensaylavie

Great plugin!. Easy to use, functions as it should.

- rebeccaolson

OK. Super

- mjiovich

Perfect for our Needs. Love the conditional logic feature

- eberliron

Easiest forms app yet!. I am near a newbie when it comes to plug-ins. This App is so easy to configure and setup, I highly recommend it! Very nice to work with!

- tkmorin

WP Forms Builder. If you just want a simple contact form that works, this is it. However, it does much more if you need something that is efficient and current.

- karenw10

Fabulous!. Easy to use and seamless integration

- lmcblg

Very good!.

- filibertoweb

Keeps getting better. I was an early adopter of the premium version of WPForms, when it had a limited set of features, but there was no way I was giving up on a product that is THAT easy for me and my clients to use. So it’s been a real pleasure to watch the steady rollout of new and great features. Their add-ons have been free so far, and the Stripe add-on has saved me a considerable amount of money, since there’s often a yearly fee for a payment gateway integration. Support is fantastic. The knowledge base could really use some work (the blogs are a better source of information), but compared to many plugins, it’s not bad.

- nancy.hildebrandt

Love This so Much. So much better than Contact Form 7!!!!

- jnull

WPForms Lite works for me!. I needed a simple Contact Form for my readers to respond to me. Simple. It works!

- kd7dny

Straightforward. This plugin worked straight out of the box. No problems so far. Thank you.

- crispinbalfour

WP FORMS LITE WORKS FOR ME. WPForms Lite – excellent!

- marielaz

One Word – Great!. One Word – Great!

- Ohayo1337

great comfort. clean, easy to understand, userfriendly, quick, full of ideas

- janoo

Great. Does everything I need

- phh646

recommended!!!. Very easy to use and great results!!!

- pabloibanezr

Perfect. Perfect!!

- archycro

Good. No problem until now. Work fine.

- benyprof

Good!. It’s working as waited!

- erueda

You Deserve IT. [link removed]

- madjid17

So easy to use!. After hours searching for the right contact form plugin I finally found one that was user-friendly and beautiful. Love it!

- munsatchell

WordPress is Such a Blessing!. I am very grateful to be using WordPress for all my projects, and the contact form is a great addition to the open source capability.

- ChiefRealityOfficer

Great simple plugin!. This is a great simple plugin that just works!

- wolfenstone

Perfect !. It is friendly user and it does the job. Perfect !

- nicolaschopf

Loving this plugin. Thank you.. Great, I am really loving this plugin.

- nitabaker1

Good and easy to use. The best contact form without stress or hassle. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

- temmyhlee

Works as advertised. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Used in custom developed them coupled with custom functionality and have had no issues so far.

- Strusbobbin

Perfect!. Perfect!

- dakicha

Exclent plugin, easy to use. The free version was enough for me, I recommend it

- gepd

great form builder. easy

- brendondawson

Very Good!. Simple, easy, bold, complete.

- lulatedesco

Simple and great. Easy to use but has everything I need.

- chochi7

Simple but working wonders.

- hogar56

easy to use and works. Working great and the interface is easy to use and create a custom form

- nnewton

WPForms. Great plugin

- dr_dad

Advanced, yet easy to use. Works great! Lots of options and quite easy to use.

- Datadama

WPforms. Simple to use and very effective

- regenr888

Simple and flawless. Very simple to set up and use.

- reflexdave

Pretty simple, but works. It was easy to create a contact form using this. It doesn’t offer much flexibility, but it does the job. I’m satisfied.

- lynnmorgan

Easy 5-stars!. Fantastic plugin.

- Richfella

Easy to use!!. Plugin was very easy to setup and use.

- tpeek64

best choice. I am 100% satisfied

- sohid2003

So easy. Easy to setup and use

- minirob

So easy!. This is as simple as Square Space, at a fraction of the price. I guess you could say I’m in love.

- lannem

great plug in. Easy to use

- narndt

So easy. This relieved a huge headache when building out my site. Bravo!

- jbishop228

WP-Forms. It is easy to use and very simple.

- dyen8664

5 Stars. 5 Stars

- lgarrett02

great plug in… Thanks!. Easy to use

- rucka

Nice modern feel. While there is no forms plugin that does everything, I have few things I truly miss in this one.

- Marcus Fridholm

Easy to use. Easy to download, install and use. Handy little plugin.

- writeandchange

WPForms Lite: The BEST WordPress Form Builder Tool!. New to WordPress AND web administration, I was charged with the responsibility of creating a form which would be: 1) accessible from our community website, 2) able to be completed online, and 3) able to be sent directly to our POA President.

- teleguy53

Really easy to use and professional form. I liked this plugin a lot. It is a lot easy to use than many plug ins as it is fairly much drag and drop and ideal for someone who doesn’t know (and doesn’t want to know) all the technical lingo.

- mish99

Good job. Good job

- soupkaphoto

Excellent. Thanks for the forms which I found were simple to use and met my needs.

- cjbay

Great Plugin.

- mrsjones

Simple to set up. Have used other plugins for creating forms but this is extremely user friendly

- tricky59

Good. Best

- imjino

This plugin works well. It’s worth a try for your site.. This plugin works well. It’s worth a try for your site.

- clamke

Great and easy plugin :D. Amazingggggggggg

- lookbyjorjao

I’d give it stars but I’m limited to just 5. Good!!

- dawnbreaker00

Congratulations. Ok, you deserve it. Five stars.

- cesade

Great app.. Give it a try

- petersafe

Intuitive and well thought out.

- n2brad

Great Product. Easy to use. Simple but pleasing looking form.

- Terrysh1

I like it.. Awesome plugin. So easy to use and its really useful.

- veerubhinder

Best!. Very intuitive and simple to fix…in the same time clean, nicely looking and easy to use. If you looking for a light, easy contact form then I really recommend this one!

- AdrianaM

Great!. Keep up the great work! 🙂

- anthonyalexander

Amazing support!. Absolutely fantastic support team! I know next to nothing about making a website and they stuck by me to the bitter end, answering every inane question I had until my website was up and running exactly the way I want!

- zarpd

Raving Fan.

- ztest1

Really useful plugin. Easy to use and just what I was after for the contact form on my site.

- brigadoon

Good, very good. This widget help me very much!

- matheusprotazio

Easy, Clean and Simple.

- lwoodland

Quick and easy. Quick and easy set up

- bertina

Easy to use. Quick and easy to use

- amazingdave

Great Plugin. When I updated my WordPress to 4.8, suddenly CF7 broke and wouldn’t submit forms filled out by our prospects. I know this is a theme issue, but I was able to switch to WPForms and had a new, beautiful form in less than 5 minutes fully functioning on my website. Can’t thank you guys enough, great plugin!

- jeffdean17

Great plugin. Works really well!

- alexmechelle

Great plugin. I’ve tried dozens of different contact plugins. This is by far the best one. I’ve since updated the rest of my sites, and now use this plugin on dozens of websites. Never had a single complaint. It’s the best there is.

- bushwhackersam

WP Forms. Very Easy to add Fields and Edit

- jayemdas

Excellent!. Works like a charm.

- sultral


- sohailold

Quick & easy. Quick & easy.

- leendorado

Just starting out. It gave us a good start. Just starting out. It gave us a good start

- pathompson1111

Best. Great Work, thanks for saving me a long line code

- harbimbollar1991

Really simple. Simple to set up, good default design, error messages simple to read for a basic user

- mardok

Useful and easy. This is indeed a well designed plugin, good UX, with a bunch of options to create a form adapted to everyone’s needs. Good job!

- wpwilliam

Clean. I like the ease and cleanliness of the theme.

- oisaaco

awesome. awesome

- shahsparx

a. a

- ivan3123708

Does the job. Simple to do – even for me. Got it in one. Love the info that is given here;makes life simple for us amateurs.

- Marion

Easy to use. I found this app easy to set up and then easy to use to build a form. It’s intuitive.

- JohnAKeith

Great functionality. Great addition to my blog!

- tmm1984

Simply Great. It’s simply great, easy to use, and I was kinda lazy to code everything, congrats guys

- johnnydos

One of the best.

- cohilj

Useful and easy. It’s easy to use, even for newbies

- JohnWorthy

Thank you….very handy to start.. very useful – thank you.

- Cayla Marten

Great!. Loving wordpress, so simple to use and looks amazing 😀

- findfocusnow

Contact Form really easy to use.. I’m learning to create a great site so this is really helpful.

- leahlaker

Great contact form. Great contact form and easy to use!

- El Pablo

Great. Great

- weleybb

Very good plugin to create simple forms!!. Very good plugin to create simple forms!!

- dr_mortiz

Great plugin to add simple forms to your wordpress site.

- legille

Excellent plugin. Great little plugin, functions well, clean, fast and easy to use.

- Kiwi Ally

great, love it.

- mmatty

Does exactly what it says. I am using 2 of the basic forms it provides and they are clean and professional looking.

- tugeye

Easy and awesome. I’ve used a TON of form builders and this one far and away is the easiest, most intuitive, and does precisely what you expect.

- dougrek

Perfect Plugin. Great plugin. Does exactly what it promises, plus, easy, intuitive interface.

- kgbgrafix

Simple and Clean. WPForms is easy to use and includes all the functionality required to capture information and provide a clean user experience.

- DPMK11

i love it. i love it really easy to use

- stage24

clean and simple. very easy to work with

- anomitra

Cool, becouse it’s responsive. Easy to use, great becouse it’s responsive. Very Nice the style.

- kevincrank

Worked great. Easy to implement and responsive too

- billspd

Very Good Performance. Great interface, easy use

- karaadigital

Excellent. Excellent functionality. Simple to use, easy to figure out, and thoroughly functional.

- SingingSabre

Easy – Excellent!. Simple as can be – thanks so much for making this available!

- stahmi

Does the job.. Easy to setup, and not too limited.

- tonysharp

Great Plugin!. This is a great plugin and easy to customize.

- kiwes01

Great Plug In. Great plugin, I use it in most of my sites. Easy to setup and use!

- Howard Carney

Great. Great

- sawsrinath

Great, clean and simple. This is a great plugin which is clean and simple to use as the free version without having to upgrade.

- aramil001

This does exactly what you need it to do. When I’m looking for a Form Plugin, and I’m not looking for all sorts of features and integrations like Ninja or Gravity, this is what I’m looking for. It works, I can just tweak the elements in CSS if I need to, and it’s 100% easy to set up. I don’t want anything more, or anything less.

- useyourblinker

easy to use. Easy to use, allows for a form that has all fields side by side in a single line which is what I was looking for, found the answers to most of my questions in the support forum/documentation.

- arapaxed

Excelent!. Muy buen formulario

- tehuelch

Just great!. It is clean and simple, perfect for newbies.

- Yovko Lambrev

Easy to use and configure. The forms are simple to use and give us a goods number of options

- joywaquil

Forms. Easy to use!

- shaylahcoogan

Works Great!. Works great! I haven’t had any problems with it.

- peacefullivingblog

Great Plugin and easy to use. Thanks. Excellent Plugin

- mfreestone5209

Simple and reliable. Simple to implement and works well!

- rommib

Great. Simple and easy to use.

- inkandfoil

Great little plugin!.

- hfitton

Excelent. Changed from contact Form 7 to this and I should have did it before

- enzimas

Fantastique. Yay.

- Jayell12

Useful Plugin. Easy to use

- safaa zakaria

Great app! love it. I find the app very usefull. Thanks!

- wheelibikes

Just what I was looking for. Works very well and looks nice.

- hildejj

Recommended. Good plugin

- gipsharm

Great Plugin. Just what I wanted…I love it!

- napster2001

Does its job. Does its job

- histoire

Best free form builder on WP – Free support. UPDATED Array

- eddiegrant

This widget works a treat!. Perfect! Thanks!

- thetravelguy

Great Plugin. Works well

- NaturaDesign

Easy, Beautiful, Powerful. I like the simplicity of Contact Form by WPForms. Its drag and drop features make it fast and easy for anyone. Its multifaceted features make it easy to build any kind of form. I also like its appearance.

- mapioid

Love it!. I love this form. Very easy to use!

- samsnyderjr

good plugin i like it. good plugin i like it

- devysal

COOOL Plugin. COOOL Plugin

- idirall22

Great Plugin. This plugin is very easy to use and support is great. You can add css for styling which as a beginner I found quite easy to do. Thanks for providing a great plugin.

- SaraLuisa

Great Plug-in. Easy to use plug-in especially if you are new to WordPress.

- ftr1950

Helpful!. Very helpful plugin. 🙂

- alpinas

Good Plugin. Got the free version and very pleased with its thumbnail gallery and its slideshow. If the paid version lets the user pause the slideshow, then I’d probably get it.

- plinia

Easy to use. It works smooth and easy. There are several options to create the form you need for your business. Highly recommended.

- jularade

Thanks to your team ))). WPforms works stably, the user interface is very good. Thanks to your team )))

- greenweb73

Great plugin. Great plugin. Thanks.

- smallwebsolutions

WP Forms. Great Plug in

- timo70

I am absolutely satisfied. At the moment I am using the plugin for a contact form only. And it does the job perfect. Very easy to understand interface with still enough posibilities. Within 10 minutes or so, the contact form was up and running. So for now the Lite version is all I need, but that can change in the future. This kind of well written and user friendly plugins are inviting one to become creative :).

- Edwin.

Super Easy to set up and use!. Super Easy to set up and use! I love it.

- 2xthegeek

Technical Issue. Very helpful and knowledgable staff. Thank you.

- mylovebyci

Works good.. Works good

- sjmackley

Work as advertised. I found it easy to use and Worked as advertised

- bobferg

My new go to for forms. Stupidly easy to use and good looking too.

- lessmosis

Awesome plugin for create forms. Recently added this to my site and working perfectly without any trouble. Easy to configure and lot of options even in lite version.

- wphublk

A very good and excellent plugin!. A plugin was created with care and it is an excellent WP Form. I appreciate being able to use it.

- Jasydee

Plugin excellent !. Ce plugin est parfait ! Merci beaucoup !

- philbuzz99

Nice Plugin! Must Download. This plugin is awesome. Very easy to use and has very useful features. If you are looking for a way your website users can contact you, wpForms is the answer. Highly Recommended and Must Download!!! 🙂

- phritvik

Highly Recommended. [link removed]

- davwaiguy

easy to use.

- gregpendo

Great plugin for creating contact forms!. Really nice plugin for creating forms, totally intuitive, no hassle at all, it was up and running in a matter of minutes. Good support videos as well! 5 stars from me!

- msouthon

Awesome. Man, i already tryed a lot of forms and i dont have anyother like this one, really, simple, basic and functional..

- goinstasell

Perfect plugin. Perfect plugin. I like it 😉

- Create my Apps

Extremely EASY TO USE!!!. Very easy to use! Love it!

- sssmiley

Easly to use! Great features!. WPForms is easy to use and has many useful features.

- jnloomis

must have. must have form plugin.better than all the rest.very easy to use. very versatile

- rajivness

Works as intended. using this for my contact form and it seems to work just fine

- diggedy

Good to used. Great pulg-in เยี่ยมมาก

- Nattanai Vinyangkoon

Easy setup!. Easy setup

- jbroman

Great simple plugin. Did the job, just what I needed

- inspirata

East to use, even in free mode. Really simple to figure out and set up a form. Mind you I created a form for a simple contact list, but it took me no more than five minutes. I like that I can use it free, but if I ever need it for more than one simple form, then I can sign up for the paid version. Appreciate the plug-in!

- sdbeertalk

Works well. No complaints. Does what it’s supposed to do, so far.

- tyler1111

Great Product. Easy to Use!. Love this plug in, it’s great!

- lizdaley

Awesome plugin. Totally deserve 5 stars

- eccaribbean

Great forms plugin. Super easy to use and customize. Almost anybody can use it to make a form.

- marcsclips

Really Easy to Use. Great plugin, really easy to use, very professional product.

- stapletonprice

Simple to use, versatile. Usually use Ninja Forms but when I tried WP Forms, liked it more.

- rgbcom

Working Good. Awesome…! Easy Integration,Easy Usability.Great job

- vgmahes88

Easy to setup, use and works. Replaced all of Contact 7 forms with WPforms.. Was previously using Contact Forms 7 for years but it stopped working. After 3 weeks of headaches, stress, and fumbling through support, I made the switch. Very relieved as is my client.

- marshwp

Its Awesome and Easy to use. Its aweso. Simple. Easy. I use it and recomend it.

- alexnb98

Set Up Easy & Works Great. This was easy to understand. The instructions were very helpful.

- TawnyaK

PlugIn Works Great!.

- carlmacki

Great tool. Simple and efective

- ricardobnc

Great Plugin. Great Plugin

- tomjaq

Amazing, simply amazing. So easy to use!. This plugin is better than any other plugin in the market!

- copywritingking

very good. very good

- giora60

Beautiful simplicity. Love, love, love this plugin and recommend it to all my clients. Although the free version doesn’t have much of the way in advanced features, this is perfect for bloggers that don’t want to deal with the hassle of complicated plugins.

- ltbennight

Super Easy To Use. Thanks for a great plugin… I used it in all my websites..

- coder.wasim

Plugin Review. Great plugin

- lucygou

WP Form Review. Easy to install, very enjoyable 🙂

- mndo123

Works perfect and super easy..

- Olexi

great job!!!. great job!!!

- zpupster

Brilliant WP form creator.. This WP plug-in for forms creation and management is simply brilliant. Please support the developers by getting the Pro version of this plug-in.

- sigurgeir2001

Good plugin. I found this plug-in Very intuitive to use

- sofiamanso

Highly recommended. Great plugin for building good-looking forms quickly.

- iaingraydon

Easier to setup as compared to contact form 7. Contact form 7 required more work so I went for this one. And it works easily and looks slightly better.

- kushaljasoria

Superb!. Simple and easy to use. So much convenient!

- Ralph

Great Plugin. Beautiful and simple to use. It would be even better if there was an integration with ConvertKit.

- analynn

Review. Very good

- mrdgalloway

Awesome. Thanks so much for making this a great help! Easy to use and a valuable part of my site.

- beachobx

Works great. Very convenient and easy to install, configure and setup in minutes. It slices it dices…

- cognitiveinfo

Simple and easy. I love it, it is very easy to use and not complicate to make changes.

- tonyfarah65

I had a question.. I asked a question. The answer was clear, easy to follow.

- paulsmithnt1

WP Form. It was great!

- timespaceandthings

Great plugin. Simple and effective.

- voloder

Super Sweet. Too easy for words. Thanks!

- rhansford2

Easy to Use, Attractive Results. My first creation was a Volunteer Form, which required a variety of field formats. After a brief period of exploring the plugin, I was able to create a well-formatted and useful form without needing to consult any documentation. The mailing of the results was flawless and fast. Very nice, intuitively designed plugin!

- catman1


- crkjl

WP Form. Easy tool to use for building forms and I love it … thanks ;D

- khalidaamer

Just what I needed. Thank you!

- Loylene

Simple to create! Looks great!. So easy to create forms for my website! Looks great on the finished page!

- ldld

Easy to Use. Quite Efficient, highly customizable, and Easy to use. A very big KUDOS to these geeks

- kojouchearthur

Excellent. Simple to work with!

- drabhijeetdeshmukh

Thanks to the creator. Simple but useful plugin to create forms in your wordpress

- duvardakiler

Awesome. I like this version, even I am a starter of wordpress

- simri

Great Functionality. Great support!

- Claude Settele

Love this plug-in. I have used this plugin for many WordPress website builds. I always return to it because it is simple to implement, reliable and stays up to date. Thanks for making such a great plugin!

- ddegrandpre

Great Plug-in. I’m using this plug-in as an example of how life and the internet should work. It does what you ask, and you are done. Easy to understand, if you want to get fancy you can, but the fact that it does both is great.

- moviememe

Awesome!. Just love this plug-in.

- lucila2016

Awesome. Works great. Very easy.

- mikeparks

Does what it does. Does exactly what I wanted it to do and has room for expansion, should I need it – what more could you ask for.

- kenabbott

Great plugin. Played with this plugin for a few days and am very happy with the options available and now hosting a few great forms for my visitors.

- peter-hamilton

Awesome. I recommend it over Contact Form 7 anyday…

- ogunade98

Most excellent. This platform is just enough of a base to lead you through it AND allow you to make your sites more complex as you gain knowledge.

- theschwom

Awesome. Awesome

- hengqibrail

Works and is easy to use. Easy to use and I love it

- skyboro

WPress Forms. Very easy to use and integrate. I’ve tested various ways to use the form, and works for me as stated.

- corrianwyatt

Great form plugin. So easy to use. Love it!

- ldgrice

Thanks. thanks

- arsira

The best. We tried them all and wpforms is the best by far.

- denro3000

Easy to setup. Although the plugin hasn’t resulted in a huge influx of subscribers, I appreciate that it was easy to setup. As a non-technical person running my own blog, I invariably dump the plugins that require a computer degree to operate. This was simple to customize and get running. Thanks!

- murryg81

Quick & Easy, Love it!. If you need a quick & easy, no brainer contact form immediately – before a client dumps you lol this is it! Installed, activated, setup and praised by client all within a matter of a minute. Great job, thank you!

- Wicked D Wails

Easy to Use, Quick to Create. This plugin came with my theme, but I’m really glad it did! It’s very intuitive and works well with my responsive theme. Also quick to set up to go to your email address, or I would think you could use a form handler. Really great plugin!

- belindablakley

Great plugin. This plugin makes form making super simple. You can make all types of forms and it’s really easy to use!

- thedogofthemonth

Form. It was actually my first time to create a website and this form and I really found is and self explanatory.

- danbizy

Easy to Use. Setup was easy and so was my initial contact-us form. Quick and easy.

- mikehenrysr

Works. Makes a form. Easy for clients to use and understand. Thanks!

- jsbmac

Maximum effort. I recommend it over Contact Form 7 anyday it so easy to use.

- postonoh

congratulation. It’s good theme

- didi29

Very easy to implement. Ease of use is very good.

- campusreel2017

Plugin Review. Great plugin – thank you. Does exactly what I hoped it would do.

- CeeMeBe

Works GREAT!. Works GREAT!

- radicalstate

Works nicely!. Works nicely!

- bramwo

Better than any Adobe product. Tried using the Adobe Muse, YUCK. Glad WordPress is here.

- raschelle1

Easy Forms. I use WPForms as an easy contact form for my client’s websites. It is very simple to set up and has a lot of options for a free plugin.

- SheilaA

Nice & Easy. It is an easy to use form and works well.

- Smolle

Great!. It took a little bit of learning and fiddling, but once I got it, I love it!

- yogaacton

Awesome. Great Form Builder, especially for free. Thanks.

- bobmack

Easy to use. Simple, clean form has all the basic fields necessary to get started. Tested well the first time. Real time-saver.

- ravenmaven7

Easy and fast. Easy and fast what more could you ask for.

- blaxcot

Works Great!. I’m very happy with Contact Form by WPForms. It’s easy.

- stevensjerry

Thanks. Very effective.

- kalischlieder

WP FORMS. This plug in is simple and easy, just drag and drop. I love it.

- barojenty

brilliant. easy to set up and use very flexible great plugin

- Mr_Ian

Until now I am satisfied with WPForms. Hello Developers,

- Alex L

Contact Form – WPForms.

- xiratho

Simple & Easy To Set Up. Simple & Easy To Set Up.

- kelvinchong1976

WP-Beginner, great stuff. Everything that WP-Beginner does is of high quality. I’ve learned a lot

- viersaxen

Easy install and usage. Easy install and usage

- guillermobasoco

Great Contact Form. Thanks for offering such a easy form.

- ltodd

I love this. This is really working for me… I have to tell’ya… its tremendous… big league…

- EulerCosta

Great plugin. Love the simplicity of this plugin. It is so versatile and easy to customize. Great job developers!

- mopkins

Great contact form. This contact form is very easy to install and use. And it works great! Thank you!

- gianilsson

Very good plugin. Awesome plugin. Nice, easy layout. Perfect!

- aisha70

Easy to use. Very easy to use even for the novice

- vdeshong

Genial y muy facil de usar. Después de años usando contact forms 7, esta es la mejor solución para que mis clientes hagan sus propios formularios.

- Santos R. Guerra Faro

More Than Enough. Thank you, this does more than I will ever need, at the moment, but it is good to have it all there.

- PaulCrompton

easy to use and nice one. thanks for creating this.

- sevensolutions

Great plugin :D. works as it should

- pineappledeficiency

prima plugin. Deze plugin doet het prima. Met de standaard form maker die ik gebruikte kwamen we in de problemen op mobiel vlak. Deze doet het overal super en is daarenboven nog lekker simpel ook 🙂

- jazerlaser

Great contact form plugin and easy to use.

- vapecigs

It works well. I think this plugin works well.

- nickveloce

Excellent. Easy to use!

- fecanimedia

Great plugin. I like it greatly.

- t4tayo


- mariagjedsted

PRetty MucH In the LoVeS!.

- choneyc

Very good. Very satisfied! Everything suits me. Works good.

- er1k

easy to use. Appreciate having an easy to use contact form.

- Ronda Kay

Love it. It works like a charm

- career360za

Does the job, every time. Does the job, every time

- gracieoury

Great and easy to use. this is a nice and easy plugin

- stevengoh great

- trixie66

Very good.

- diana135

¡¡¡Excelente!!!. Si necesitaban un comentario en español, éste es el indicado, ¡El mejor plugin!

- cluiggi

Works great. Excellent plugin

- StageMonkey

Flexible and easy to use!. Great product and fast support. Loving it!

- ferpa3000

Good plugin. Versatile and easy to use without any over complication.

- TrashTrampoline

Great Plugin, Easy to Use. It is easy to use, suits my needs well.

- marybh

WordPress Contact Form Builder Plugin.

- chaika18

Excellent. Intuitive and easy to use, exactly what I needed.

- OtterBend

Best & Most Convenient Forms Plugin. I have used many plugins before. But this one turns out to be the best one so I am staying with it. Amazing plugin for Forms. Simply Brilliant.

- pankaj310

A+ For WPForms Lite. Thank you to the creators of this plug-in and to those who maintain and update it. I have been through at least 5 other contact forms for WordPress that were recommended by various people and web sites. It was not until I used WPForms Lite that I finally found one that I liked and that was also simple and user-friendly. I really appreciate plug-ins that have those two qualities – many try but only few reach that goal. Thank you again and keep up the great work!

- sweetbribes

Pretty awesome. A lot of features and easy to use

- Damian

great form. Easy and great layout

- sandvad

Works, which is what matters the most!. A+

- lindyborer

Great plugin. simple, easy to use- even with my noob status

- jlair2

Easy to use. Thanks for a straightforward plugin that works!

- BleuPelikan

Very user friendly, love it. Easy to use

- Em

Thanks for making my life easy. This is an incredible help

- chuck59

Easy to use. Easy to use, created a contact from

- rubelia

Great plugin!. Very happy with wpforms!

- Tapintu

Slick plugin. Nice plug-in so far. A lot of thought went into the user interface, obviously.

- lazykins

Super easy and efficient. So thankful to find this plugin. Easy to set up, install and start using right away.

- HuskerLiz

Awesome and easy to use. Awesome and easy to use

- SubhadeepRocks

Pretty awesome. Easy and very stable plugin!

- george Harrison

Greateasily to use like it said. Awesome WordPress form

- techsavit

Very Useful!. Love the WPForm, used it when I made my first site. Simple and easy to implement along with the Elementor Plugin I used

- Julius Vergara

Very easy to use. Easy and straight forward with loads of functionality

- mayaivo

Great Plugin!!. This plugin is very simple to use. Great job!!

- Jack Brown

A Breath of Fresh Air. Upon trying quite a few contact forms, I found WPFORMS I was very impressed with the ease you can build a contact form, not only simple but robust. The only thing they should include with their forms is a cup of coffee or tea, because once you get started you don’t want to stop, the first form I see that is actually fun to use – kind of weird uhh.

- pmdelgado1

good. keep it up!

- loqmint

Excellent. Wonderfully simple!

- MasterQuickBooks

Great, easy to use forms. Absolutely amazing forms! I used to use ContactForm7. Not anymore. Thank you!!

- seasickclothingco

Very nice plugin. Easy to use. Beautiful layout. Works perfectly as expected. Hightly recommended.

- leonliang

Super easy and fast !!!. best !

- nir

Very good. Very good plugin !

- amua2

Quick and easy to set up. Very impressed at how easy it was to set up and style. Made our lives much easier and more automated 🙂

- heathervh

It’s Working Fp but have a problem. All emails coming from this plug-in are signature-less. There is no setting to solve it. There should be a option like this “Send all WordPress emails via SMTP.”

- Iqbal Hussain

Love This Plugin. Great plugin – easy to use – have it on all my sites

- feeosh

Works just great. Very pleasd with this plugin

- bernieraffe

Wow it works like is says on the packet. Very simple to use and understand. Brilliant

- 3psuite

Very easy to use. I’d been looking for a contact form that’s easy to set up. This is the one.

- martinmcarroll

Works. Simple to use. Great instructions.

- zebu

Works Perfectly!.

- Hydro1313

Easiest to use and very complete. This is the easiest form builder I have used and it is very complete, you dont need need to look around anymore, get it and enjoy it

- jamijares

Nice Plugin. Very simple and intuitive

- emmanuelgargiulo

Good App. Quite easy to use

- docroger

Great Plugin. Easy to use plugin with great results. Simple to set up so ideal for non coders.

- baldrunner

Great plugin. Working just as I hoped.


good plugin. perfect form. I really appreciate everything.

- dillmann

Review. Nice

- donkho

Nice Plugin. Nice Plugin

- alexspublic

Works perfectly. Works perfectly

- jessemmlj

works great. Works great

- revmark

Great plugin. Thanks for your hard work!

- brianem

Good Contact Form. Thanks for the free facility.

- Mohsin Alam

Great Form Plugin. It’s easy to edit and modify for individual needs and works like a charm!!!

- Crailsheim7180

I use the Contact Form on 2 different websites – Love it!. Great plugin. Easy to use for me as the web admin and for the people using it.

- mayglitch

Awesome Plugin.

- nyemzyhimself

Very Statisfied – Very Clean and Easy to Use. Awesome user friendly form maker. Nice and clean basic options. Thank you.

- voicetoons

SImple and Powerful!. When it comes to adding forms, you want simple and powerful. Luckily, this is both!

- greenguy68

Funciona. hace lo que promete y funciona con la ultima version de wordpress

- rookielector

Best form plugin I have found so far. So far this is the best form plugin that I have used. I have only tried a few so far but, this is the easiest to use and everything looks great!

- justinator24

User friendly and getting better. It also keeps getting better. Recommend it!

- DigiSpaceNo

Love it. This plugin suits all of my online business needs. I use several multi-page intake forms and WP Forms is perfect. And I love that they are continuing to improve and add new features.

- MelissaJohnson

Great forms plugin, awesome customer service. I replaced an older contact form plugin with WPforms, and quickly paid for the Basic commercial version. Forms are easy to set up, the interface is clean and well implemented, and I really like the way it stores the entries for later perusal.


Easy to use. Very easy plug in to use. Created a contact form in just a matter of a few minutes. Very easy to edit and personalise, and one step process to embed. Wish all plug ins were this simple. Thanks!

- socialcritic

Best free Contact Form. Best free Contact Form! No doubt!

- yuriviroj

WP Forms done well. You guys deserve all the praise for the hard work your team has put in to make using online web forms very easy. All the best

- rikardo1955

Bom mesmo. Very good

- guerreirocf

Best Form Plugin. I normally do not write reviews on anything, however I had to write this review.

- obeahman007

easy to use for newbie. easy to use for newbie

- karinamia

Excelent!. Great Plugin!

- petrizzo

Perfect. Used a few different forms over the years, this one is by far the best

- meartgood

Great plugin. Easy to use. Just what I needed. Thank you for making it available for everyone. This really saves time. Looks very sleek.

- gamayun

Contact Form by WPForms. Awesome add-in!

- compunatix

Easy to create Forms. Easy to create forms. Love using it.

- kconner

awesome plug in. amazing and very friendly to use.. more power

- lazyadonis

User friendly. Easy to understand and easy to use.

- danthes

contact us form. excellent for my needs- all I want is a simple plugin that allows surfers to get back to me; this plugin does just that

- andybrookestar

IT just works. You guys rok! tahnx so much

- ccbass

Perfect and Easy – Just what I wanted.. Perfect and easy. Just what I wanted.

- cathy1413

Great App, LOVE IT!. Great App, LOVE IT!

- annalisepillay

It’s rocking. It’s an amazing plugin

- tehreemshahbaz

Absolutely Awesome & Simple Forms. What an awesome plugin! This was so easy to set up and I am currently only using the free version. The premium looks really good and I have plans to upgrade to that in the future as needed.

- Gnomag

Excellent and easy to use for a novice.. Excellent tool.

- theiccorp

Great Plugin. As the website manager for the National Tow List, it is imperative that the owner receives as much feedback as possible. WP Forms allows him to get the messages in a timely manner. Greatest thing is that he is able to receive the notifications on his mobile device, which he lives off of since he is away from his laptop for the better part of the day. Thanks again for making a great and fantastic plugin!

- decalsiam

Easy to use. Great plugin.. This plugin works flawlessly. Great work. Just what I needed.

- drancier

Word Page is a classic platform creating beautiful websites even for beginnerss. Extremely classic version of Word Press

- atddblog

WP Forms are awesomely easy to use!. They are easy to use and look great!

- Tania

I like it, Thanks you very much. easy to use , i love it

- jacklienjacklien


- mbysf

Great Plug in. great plug in to make forms

- jodeko

Great plugin. Does precisely what it’s supposed to do. Easy to install and set up.

- hestan

Great Plugin. It is very flexible and powerfull with a lot of custom fields,also css styling the form is very easy to do

- gabrielpaiva

Love it!. Great plugin. Easy to use and works on multiple sites (PRO).

- jniu

easy to use. easy to use

- elenaann

At first sight: Pretty cool!.

- TiramiSue

Good basic contact form. Easy contact form to set up, easy to use, works great!

- mgold

Easiest WP forms plugin. This is the easiest to use WP forms plugin I have tried.

- javafiend


- haarbollen

Very Easy to Use. Love it. Easy to use

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Nice, clean and simple. awesome plugin

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Very nice. Very nice and usefull plugin.

- photoguste

Great. Simple

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Nicely done.. Great plugin, works well, plays nice with themes.

- jdavidingram

Awesome!!!. One of the best plugins

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great plug in. great times

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nice plugin.

- rashidmanhas

easy to use. simple, good looking, easy to use! thank you!

- ragmuffdesign

My favorite Form Plugin. This is my ‘go-to’ plugin to build all my forms. I can design different versions for many different websites. Thanks!

- connie_c

When you need more than CF7!. Great contact form with great features.

- nswafford

Creating a form was really Easy. I can break anything from software to plugins because I have little clue as to what they or I am doing, but this was navigable. Thanks

- mbannist

Very good plugin for creating forms. I created my first form in minutes. WP-Forms and easy to use but advanced features require payment. If you are looking for basic forms, the free plugin is hard to beat.

- stevendavis2018

Amazingly simple.. Used to design my website. I was amazed how simple it was.

- khavlmck

Works!. Does what it says.

- Loc Huu Ho

Easy to use. Great tool!

- juxing

Works perfectly. thanks!

- brendapadilla

Very Good. Very easy to setup and delivers a professional looking contact page..

- alfarom

Really simple and easy to use. Really simple and easy to use

- hassansyed

So far so good. So far so good

- miacah07

very good. very good – will replace plugin in my other sites with this one.

- gaydoe

Intuitive and easy to use. Easily created the forms I needed for my site.

- Lori Cain

Simple, good looking, well done!. The best and easiest way to add a contact sheet. I’m satisfied 🙂

- GreeDo

Simple and easy to use. I use Contact Form 7 on some of my client sites with specific needs, by this plugin is much more lite and simple for many of my other sites. Will be using it now in the majority of cases, nice work!

- nulumia

Awesome Sauce. Works great. Definitely a go to plugin.

- hofforddigital

Did what I needed. I’m happy with it and did exactly what I needed

- mikehike123

Sehr gut !. Funktioniert wunderbar einfach und wirkt dabei doch professionel

- gutelaune2016

My new “go to” contact form!. This plugin is easy to use. It is now my new ‘go to’ plugin for contact forms.

- buckr

Great form. Great form…love it

- Rose Richmond

Worth the switch. Solved my [send] and [recaptcha] allignment issue, thank you

- linkador

Best I’ve Tried. I switched from Ninja Forms due to multiple exasperating issues. It turned out that Ninja Forms was only sending some of the forms submitted to our email.

- Box9Design

Thumb Up!. A responsive contact form and is easy to use! Keep up the good work!

- ishere2016

Great Quick Fix. I have tried a number of options to add a simple application to my website to no avail. WPforms saved the day. 😀

- ttcolvin

very nice and simple. great plug in. very nice and simple. great plug in

- alisebt

Simple + easy to use. Found it really easy to use

- Aardun

Great!. Great forms!

- sunjpat

Awesome. Very good plugin. Easy and user friendly. Thanks Wpforms.

- Manjunathpmf

Great!. Perfect!

- mihai2

Great. Great job

- sitars

Easy to use, works like a charm!. I love WPForms for ease of use!

- Erin Flynn

Easy to use. Great and easy to use plugin

- eyitope

Nice form. Nice form

- chantzu

Add Privacy Policy. Hello! Add it add the line “Privacy Policy”! Above the “send” button. And tick by default, and if it is removed the shape is not the message will not be sent! Thank You Very Much!

- puzzle360

Easy to use. Easy to use form plugin.

- peanut203

A tool with a good instant generation of WP Forms. I used WP Forms to generate a contact form. I do not find any bugs and errors when I used this. This plugin is useful not only for someone who wants to try contact form builder but also for someone who do not yet have knowledge to build contact form.

- IamMarvin

Simple and Easy. Great plugin for simple contact forms. I have used all the free forms and this one rocks.

- brian111

Wonderful Plugin!!!. Very Helpful tool!!!

- chuchustudio

Easy to use plugin, professionnal look forms. Very good plugin, very easy to create any form in few minutes with a really professional rendering.

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Easy to use. Straightforward interface. Easy to set up a number of contact forms.

- fiberlyone

Just what I needed. Worked like a charm.

- luckyafspace

great!. great!

- amirhosseindm

Works as it should. easy and great!

- chrillem

Works Great!. Had no problem with installation or operation. Works as described.

- kat123

Great WP Forms Plugin!!! (just drag & drop). Great…simple WP Forms plugin, just drag & drop, suitable for beginner & advanced user, lightweight & very helpful, thanks a lot 🙂

- 77well88done99

Nickel !. Franchement, une superbe extension ! Ultra simple à utiliser et on peut vraiment faire tout type de formulaires !

- fzsilver

Easy to use. Easy to use

- crab07

Great plugin and exceptional support. This is a very capable and well written forms plugin.

- ironfish2


- laurenexton

webform plugin great help. Hi,

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Great plugin for forms. Nice plugin for instant customized forms. Thanks for the good work!

- BunnMedia

Easy Peasy. Easy to install and easy to use. What more could you ask for in a plugin? I highly recommend it!

- plartis

Super form plugin – easy to use – Tech Support A+++. Makes very professional web forms & their technical support gets A+++ from me! Great job!

- Cristalfire

No Fuss — Works Great!. Super Simple and works great without any difficulties or complexities! I was able to get a nice-looking form up and running in just minutes and I’ve trained a ‘non-techy’ to make her own as well.

- glen.payne

Easy to use. I only needed to make a simple contact form for now it was very easy to set up and it works every time.

- cnyiradi

Looks great. I was very pleased with this plugin until i stopped working after about an hour. I haven’t received an email test since. I’ve gone through all the troubleshooting but nothing.

- Jamesdf5

Great plugin. Perfect plugin for all forms I need on my website.

- psycatron

Works like a charm. Easy to install and works out of a box

- not4web

The best form builder!. Excellent plugin, every website should use it.

- capsulapost

Does the job perfectly. The best forms plugin I have found – highly recommended.

- 4t3

Great Plugin. Thanks

- achinthaextec

Simple and Works. A+++

- tiagokalile

Simple and effective. The simplest form I have experienced so far. Works like a charm.

- mvrs

Awesome!. The best contact form!

- fillipofabiano

Great plugin. I new to creating forms, but when I tried this plugin, it was very easy to do. I love the diversity of the plugin. I can enter whatever fields I want in order to create exactly what I’m looking for. Plus, it’s free!

- janissi

Easy to Use. Simple and works great without any difficulties for simple forms

- Trupti Sanghvi

Simple setup. Works great

- berniebee

Easy Set Up. It was easy to set up and it works. After my other form host (not on WordPress) no longer offered a free service I wanted something simple to set up and more importantly have it work. This provided exactly what I needed for my website.

- wbhrtist

Excelente, super fácil crear un formulario. Excelente, super fácil crear un formulario, además simple de darle un diseño agradable. También muy útil para rellenar los dropdowns con la base de datos.

- gxibilia

One of the best in its class.

- Bouyaala Badr

Best Contact Form. Superb, finally i have got a great contact form plugin.

- benchintada

Straitforward.. I just needed a straightforward contact plugin and this one is perfect!

- gskarp

Great Plug in. Works great was easy to setup and use.

- jogbaby1123

Works great!. Easy to install, works very well. Thank you.

- wrw51

Great!!. Love this plugin!

- wimmie1960

Works Great!. Love it, works perfectly.

- jonahclarsen

Works great!. Works perfectly. Easy customization.

- milt1011

Excellent!. Keep up the good work. Thank you!


great!. very good for all!

- dailydoku2

Powerful and Easy to use!. Right from the start it works. I tested every link and it passed every test

- nywebrank