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"I am so impressed with this plugin. I decided to give it a shot over some of the other form plugins, and I am so glad I did. It works well, is so easy to use and customize. The support is amazing on top of it all. I got the pro version because I was so pleased. Highly recommend." - Micky73
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Form Builder.

- borchaml

Very good!. The WP Forms product is really very easy and can be embedded und used in many websites and for so many purposes. A special thank you I give a support team, who are always very fast und helpful!

- Vshamraeva

WP Form is really easy to be used. Well design and easy to use. Save me a lot of time to make forms on WP.

- lxhhh

I like it !. Simple straightforward and does the job ! Thanks

- personalchemist

Kim karamaneas. Super!

- kimakos

Good plugin, efficient and easy to use. Very good plugin, nice and easy to use

- shank6777

Great plugin! Easy to use!. The form builder was so easy to use and customize! I highly recommend regardless of experience level.

- nomadwebdesignz

Plugin Facil de Utlizar. Plugin Facil de Utilizar

- sergioduclos

Easy peasy. Thanks!

- dcowder1953

Andry. Ok

- gladkyandry

Excellent. Best of Luck. Excellent. Best of Luck

- readerstown

Amazing value. It does exactly what its supposed to and is very easy to learn.

- barker521

Great easy and free. WPForms is such a lifesaver when it comes to contact with customers through your Site, appreciate them!

- enawrot724

wp forms. excellent

- martingerard

Best for budget Ecomm. download it without hesitation.

- harshad4rok

Muito Bom Este plugin. Excelente Plug-in..! Muito Obrigado aos seus Idealizadores

- acf0169

Everything works by so far.

- susanhsun

Flexible yet uncomplicated. Flexible enough without being too complicated to install and setup.

- jondavidreeves

Die Formulare sind einfach zu generieren und leicht einzusetzen. Damit wird Kommunikation mit den Seitenbesuchern eine Freude.

- hjkemmann

Extra. Extra

- yonass

Excellent plugin. Very easy and best plugin to use even beginners and experts.. Excellent plugin. Very easy and best plugin to use even beginners and experts.

- purviitech

Awesome Plugin. Awesome Free Plugin !

- fdardanoglu

Works like a charm!. Simple and effective, even the free version!

- kokesh

great tool. I love this pluging & using it for several years.

- rabinbs

Lots of things. I had no idea I was tapping into so many tools!

- tdee

awesome plugin. awesome plugin easy to use thank you

- johansiloe

The Best One. The Best One

- thesmartzone09

greate!. thank you!

- colomba17

Great Plugin. Great Plugin

- nguyenhung0711

Nice forms. Able to do my task well, Thank you.

- Lee Zhi Wei

Best form builder. Great product, plenty of useful integrations and addons, responsive suppport.

- alphaquaddevteam

Great. Very nice and easy to follow instructions

- Marcelo Carvalho

Very good plugin, thank you. I have been using it a few times and it has never been difficult to create a form for the contact page. Thank you for your work!

- meylodie

Good. Great and simple contact form

- teachersherese

WPForms. Great plugin thats easy to understand and use. A Must have.

- ashipmate

Good form. Helpful plugin

- namsaooto

The best Contact Form. Simple

- topu1

really nice. really nice

- zonbi

works as expected. wpforms has worked well for our site so far

- intuitiveread

simple, easy to use and extensive.

- mw2022

Great forms plugin!. For years we have been using Contact 7 and other web forms. This form plugin is the most flexible, saves the entries in the backend, and is very user-friendly!

- smjeska

Great plugin. Its really great. Pitty the pro version is too expensive for personal sites.

- svegchel

Well done. Good job

- darkyoshi

Useless plugin! Stay away from it.. Completely useless plugin unless you pay for premium.

- protected22

Very good contactform. A very good contactform

- bettibookish

works fine and looks great. Thank you for this plugin, I love it and use it more and more. As a former contact-form 7 user, it took me some time to get used to it, but Im getting there. And I love the hcaptcha integration.

- milawei

So easy!. This was so easy to create my contact form. The form created after picked everything I wanted it to include is amazing.

- tracyk62

Super Easy. Was very easy to create the forms I needed. Kudos

- ddonadio

Super Easy. Was very easy to create the forms I needed. Kudos

- ddonadio

very Useful and easy to use form plugin. very Useful and easy to use form plugin

- syedadil68

Great Customisable Plugin for my Enquiry Form. I found this plugin easy to use with lots of flexibility as I am not a website designer and have limited knowledge of setting up forms. This was easy to understand, use and amend. On a limited budget I was able to have exactly what I wanted in the free version but the paid Pro version is something I will consider in future.

- 20jo1022

- mavfonseca

Happy and all good. All works perfectly and easy to set up. Keep up the good work

- echlosion08

Great Plugin. Pretty simple setup, works great.

- patil1pd

The best. The best

- aliwebmaster

Easy to Use. Very easy to use in a wordpress site.

- dalvsingh


- abimibiola

best. Very good plugin

- italyana

Easy and Straightforward to Use. I like the way the app makes it easy to use. You get a lot of help which saves a lot of time.Thanks!

- valfbutler

Great. Its great as an app!

- zinsam

Friendy. Friendly and fast forms

- ceidgroup

Great form. Its very easy to use and its super complete.

- wslave

Rating. Excelent

- agathedweb

Great product. WPForms is a great product and easy to use.

- rickperry99

WP Contact Forms Super Helpful. This plugin made creating a contact form possible. I could never do it on my own, but with this plugin the process was simple and intuitive. Thanks!

- monicareusser

Easy to install and use.. Thanks

- makhtarshaheen


- midwestbandmarinus

Easy to install and use. I simply installed the plugin, set it up once and never had to look at it again.

- dixicoza

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- shakil01909

enjoying. just satisfaction

- fnffranck

5 Big Stars. Works great! Great support! All you need!

- Merriwa

Great plugin. Intuitive and easy to use.. Quickly becoming my favorite form plugin. The visual form builder is intuitive and easy to use.

- darelparker

Suggest = amazing.

- ghiblo

Works well. Does what you need and is easy to set up

- corxed

convenient and easy. the form is convenient and easy to use and enough for a free version to see how it works. It is absolutely recommended. Also, there are many forms for advance in dept if I may need them in the future, will be in my consideration! Thanks

- alshimiimport

GrrRrreeaaatt. Very efficient and good form to use.

- Bojan

Works very easy. This works very easy

- fvzwebsite

Easy to use. Thank you!

- lost2paradise

WP Forms Works Great. Contact Form works wonderful as it should, Thank you!

- holly3barrel

Work perfect!. My first time using this plugins and I fell its work perfectly

- hndis1

Clean & Classy. Showcases my work well, is easy and intuitive.

- thecobrasnose

Great module!. A great module to manage your forms! Tks!

- blackcat71

Awesome. Works as expected, and that is great

- frank303

Great App!. Easy to create forms. Love it.

- mmoeck

- capdaj1995

Makes it super easy to create forms. The plugin works seamlessly in my wordpress site

- matsalo

Great App!. Great functionality and very easy to use!

- mdlaing

Great product. Great product

- marilynutz

Good form. Easily and all what I needed for my website from a form.

- assiaasri99

- peggyklaude

Very easy to use. Very easy to use, too for beginners.

- logwp65

Easy to use and effective!. I have used this cool plugin for contact forms and other forms and its really wonderful! Its super simple to customize and implement on the website. Thanks WPforms!

- jinxauthor

WordPress forms. Helpful to get the info from the visitor,for prospective leads.

- mhdigita

Surprisingly flexible and feature rich. Having used WPForms for a while it always felt perfectly fine for what it does easy drag and drop form creation. However, using the paid version takes things to a new level, making it essential. The breadth and scope of this plugin is staggering, allowing my client to achieve a paperless office status through the use of payments, save and continue and other features. Support is also excellent.

- gibbletboy

Amazing plugin. Amazing plugin

- alekskarabelyov

Good and free plugin. Good and free plugin !

- swakker nice

- pidlisnyit

Nice free tool :). It was easy to set up for simple contact form. Recomended.

- bluparkour

You can not miss it. Easy to use! Great instructions.

- quetza

top. Perfeito!

- carloos

Bueno todo

- esbdborgesdiaz

Good addon. Working really well for me so far. Recommended

- davethommac

Top one every time. I have used others similar, but always came back to WPForms now I stick with it all the time no problems always delivers.

- Steven Plumley

Thank you. Thank you

- totallifestability1

Super. Although I am a beginner and use this plugin not very often. it fits to my needs!

- barnertjuergen

sehr gute Funktion. Habe keine Probleme mit dem Formular, alles klappt.

- andzo42

confortable y de uso amigable. Un plugin de uso confortable muy facil de configurar

- harmoniadesenvolta

Great addon for WPForms. Worked great!

- remcginn

Easy to setup. Very intuitive and if there are doubts its well documented.

- puntod


- menval53

Gran plugin. facil de usar y muy practico, todo lo que necesito para mi site

- comprastodo

No trouble in use, easy to setup. No trouble in use, easy to setup

- erikroland

quick tour.

- snarfvz77

perfict. very good

- areejbader

Recomendamos. Recomendamos

- marenzo

Works great. Stopped spam.. When I installed WPForms and followed their instructions, it stopped the spam from my previous contact form. Easy to use! Great instructions.

- jamescielen

great forms. amazing way to create forms

- caros13

Exceptional service and easy to use!. This is an EXCEPTIONAL service for form data collection! I originally had a problem getting it set up on the site, but they looked at the site and analyzed the settings to help me get everything running very quickly. Since then I have had no problems with it, and it can be adjusted easily to control and eliminate SPAM.

- doorman108

great plugin. It works very good. thank you

- giorgiation

super easy to install. Very simple installation; works great. Thank you!

- Dawn N

A Fine Choice. Good plug-in that provides what I need.

- miachelidon

It is very helpfull and makes things much easier. I recommend those who just got into this app. Youll never regret it.

- marcelldesign79

A really great plugin. A really great plugin

- niazizalden

Great Plugin. installation and operation of the plugin were easy and smooth

- arlk22

NR1 for me!. We use the plugin (paid) for our business but also (free) for our personal sites. Highly recommend the plugin. Keep up the good work guys! Cheers!!!

- roland196

Excelente para principiantes.

- mallabia

It Does Not Crash. This plugin does not crash. I have used it for about a year and it did not cause any problem before or after any update. Thanks.

- balleceronaldo

WP Forms. Nice Plugin!

- mjv2022

Easy to use!. Not only is this plugin easy to use but it also features some basic anti-spam filters. Very handy. If youre looking for a simple solution this is the plugin for you. If you want advanced features the pro offerings are good, but its great out of the box as well.

- Bonnie Russell

WPForms Restore. The restore option was a lifer saver. Website back up and running in 5 minutes

- reynolw

Very good. Very good plugin

- riverblue

love it. Thank you very much! it is a great tool for the beginners. May all the Gods bless you for the work you have done! :o)

- rasomashka

Excelente creador de formulario.

- Mauricio Murillo

Great plugin. Extremely helpful when adding conditional logic, but overall, it is an excellent plugin for any website.

- sarjune

Bon plugin. Bonjour,

- ACGG-Daguet

Look no further. WPForms is all youll ever need. Great plugin.

- entertheraptor

Excellent Plugin for form. Excellent Plugin for form

- ravisamarphan

Easy to use and customise. Was easy to use and customise and have had no issues with it.

- navigatedigital

Simple and plain. Makes what it promises, in a fast and easy way.

- salvapiseddu

- maricen

Alfred. easy to use

- caviaclub

Easy to use. I have very little knowledge of WordPress but the Forms I created to show a slider of book reviews on my homepage worked well, and easy to customize the colours to match my book cover. WPForms was perfect for my needs.

- wayfinder13

Great. I love the add on.

- projeyonetim

Easy to use, very customizable. I am very content with the free version of this plugin. It works extremely well and is very easy to administrate. The free version lets me customize all the fields I use and there are excellent explanations given to the meaning of each and every parameter. It is useful, reliable and frequently updated so that code security is always up to date.

- Hartmut

Thanks for all. This Form plugin is Awsome , Thanks for all ande best wishes

- egydawood

Sehr gutes Plugin.

- wp24211rud

fait le job. fait le job

- verspeek

Free version works fine for me. Works fine for me. Free version. Great.

- tedabo

Does the job well done. The builder makes it easier than contact form 7

- Ivan Lopes

Excelent forms, thanks. Excelent forms, thanks

- fararoni

A really great plugin. A really great plugin!

- yamhillneighborhood

Great Plugin. This is an excellent Plugin, with a lot of cool features. It has saved me a lot of time when it came to creating menus and headings. It is very practical and very easy to use. It works well and I think its the best in the plugin market.

- centerprise

A great great plugin. I am happy to work with this plugin. Thanks for all you do in maintaining it secure and useful!

- continuoussafety2018

- tucuxy

Exellent. Exellent

- kaith

Perfcet Tool for forms. I use WPForms and I think its a very good tool for forms

- portalconsult

Contact Forms. The contact forms plugin helps you to analyze the number of customers showing interest in your products and services and you can customize them as per your requirements. Very useful plugin for data collection

- maintenancecompany


- karin08

The best plugin. The best plugin for creating an e-commerce website

- balabhadrap

Melhor. O melhor plugin de formulario

- elvisgamorim

Excellent Plugin.

- akremon

Great plug-in, simple to make it work. A great plug-in. It does what it promises without any hick-ups. Just what an amateur like me needs.

- Gerhard B Ihlen

simple and effective. great job!

- awalon

Best. Best ever

- osmanabbas

fast and relatively easy. wish the instructions were embedded for CAPTCHA

- shuk2

WpForms: the best. It is probably the best form builder plugin available. And its free version has nice features, useful to those starting a site.

- ricardoomaciel

the best. still the best compare to others

- wanmohdaiman

Works Well. Works very well. Easy to set up.

- ckroh

Practical. Practical and easy

- ar1981

Excellent Plugin. Very good plugin

- diezale

Muy simple, facil y eficiente pluging. Gracias

- roconestor

WPForms is awsome.

- aladinbandi

Practical and Easy to Use. Practical and Easy to Use

- danellesmit

Gran ayuda. Permite personalizar los formularios muy facilmente

- josemiguelito

- cmcufre

great. recommend it to everybody

- superiorseptics

Very usefull. I use this plugin on my 8 websites and I am satisfied.

- Codetahiche

. !

- tukrygina

good plugin. good

- vuhongson97

Easy to Use. It is easy to use and you can find variety of options.

- borislavterziev

Awesome Plugin. Awesome Plugin.

- veeraj.john

Good Plugin. Give a good step by step tutorial on how to set up my back up page.

- danisimmi56

thank. thank

- tbelokon

Pretty Good. Best form creating plugin for WordPress

- athiqnuz

Amazing Plugin. amazing

- maryamrika

The best form plugin. This form plugin is the best. Even the free one is great.

- terpentyn

Very Good. I like this program it works perfect

- Terry & Adriaen

Perfect Plugin. Perfect Plugin

- pyxtech

A great plugin. The plugin is smooth and easy to easy. So effective for any website. Thanks

- optimisus

Works Great. Easy to setup and use.

- bjessurun

exelente. fucional en su forma gratuita

- leapegel

- terrarumpaysage

simple & useful. simple & easy to use

- ReferenceMedical

Good and practical.

- tahayou

Review. Best Contact Forms plug!!

- mafsgranado922

Really Brilliant Addition to our website. This has been a really brilliant Addition to our website, easy to use and super effective.

- legraphics

Super simple contact form. Love this contact form. I changed over from another that just was not working properly. Easy to set up.

- Vicki Da Costa

easy to use. easy to use

- nava1234

Contact Us Form. It gave me exactly what I was looking for and was very easy to use.

- dtimothy42

excelente plugin, simple y facil. muy buen plugin, permite crear formularios de manera muy sencilla y quedan con muy buena presentacion

- fternucl
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