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"WPForms makes creating intricate, short & long forms a cinch! And I love that I can connect and integrate them in so many ways! Easy to use and well-made."

- Kyra D

"Great plugin, worked with it through out the years and its grown up to be very solid. Gotta have it!"

- omnionsite

"WPForms excels in providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for creating forms. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface, coupled with a variety of pre-built templates and customization options, makes form building a breeze. Integration with email marketing services and payment gateways further streamlines data collection and payment processes. WPForms is a powerful and user-friendly solution for all your form creation needs."

- Andrea N.

"Easy to use easy to make changes upgrade and love the different forms can easily transfer to multiple different webpages. Bonus that you can upload pdfs or pictures."

- Jesica C.

"Easy to use, Easy to configure, Generating form very quickly, straightforward and beautiful user interface, Sending an email is the best option, Survey Feature is also very good. I use it with our exhibition, generating impressive statistics."

- Faisal s.

"I like the best the easy way to build the form using drag and drop. Also, I admire the fast support when there is an issue."


"I like the drag and drop fields that work the way you want. They provide a way to capture the things we need in a form. I also like submissions all in one place"

- Steve Y.

"WPForms makes the implementation of attractive and functional web contact forms easy. WPForms solved the problem of developing online contact forms as the first point of customer contact. This allows me to answer customer queries which would otherwise be missed."

- Ross N.

"WPForms offers a user-friendly and intuitive drag-and-drop form builder, making it easy for users to create and customize forms without any technical expertise. WPForms eliminates the need for manual coding or hiring a developer to create forms on WordPress websites. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface allows users to effortlessly design and customize forms, saving time and resources."


"WPForms makes it super simple to add support for forms on WordPress. Having pre-made fields to collect first and last name, e-mail address and physical addresses all make this tool invaluable."

- Chris F.

"It does its job, and does it well. I bought the license more to support the company than anything else. The free plugin usually does all I need, but the advanced features are fun to play with."

- Johantux

"As a new user of WordPress and the inevitable plug-ins, and as an inexperienced somebody with two left feet as far as web design goes, I can't express enough how happy I am with WP forms. Even though it is very easy to get started and create forms, I did need their customer support for something. That was a delight. Shawon, who helped me, was the most patient person in the world. He stayed with me the whole time until I fully understood what needed to be done and how to do it. As a (retired) purchasing agent for almost 4 decades in the aerospace industry and for the local government, I can tell you that it is never just the actual product that you buy, you also buy a little piece of the company itself so to speak. A product can be the best in the world, but if the customer support sucks, everything sucks. It is the total package that counts, and WFforms understands that very well to the benefit of their customers and product development. Highly recommended!"

- Rudy

"The support is very good. They respond quickly and are very knowledgeable, friendly and immediately took care of my problem. I am excited. Thank you very much!"

- Eliane Peter

"I was tearing my hair out to find a basic site setup and this is it (without the basic bit)!"

- Gigs2go

"I had an issue with form entires import form old database to new database Shawn one of the wpforms tech person help me to solve that problem with video guide. Thank you so much."

- Dhaval Patel

"Ease of use, swift to set up and get going, this is the way forms on WordPress should work. I am glad I finally found the answer to the issues I was having with emails not going through."

- Ryan a.

"Does what it says on the tin in an easy to use format."

- Michellemck253

"Hello, Ive only been using it for 2-3 days, I cant say much, I created a contact form and its very convenient. Thank you very much. May Allah Almighty bless your deed and protect you."

- SanMus

"WPForms is the perfect solution for creating custom forms in WordPress. It's easy to use, offers integrations with popular services, and has excellent customer support. Highly recommended!"


"Joao helped me day after day solving my issues and was really helpful!"

- Yanis Ouerghemi

"Very close to the perfect forms plugin. Could be improved by adding a function that feeds me cotton candy whenever someone uses a contact form on my site."

- alzakex

"This plugin is both convenient and intuitive. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great addition to their WP website."

- gililoff

"I installed the plugin I created a contact page and this plugin popped up and said that it could create a form within minutes so I gave it a try they were right quick and easy will use it again"

- jcettina

"One of the best form plugins I have tried. It lets you design your forms with great precision."

- gianlucasavini

"It is like writing a code. If you know what you want, sky is the limit. You can make forms to serve any purpose on your website. I almost had 5-6 issues for which i needed a solution. All of those were solved by WPforms."


"I like WPForms because of its ease of use, excellent customer support and a huge choice of forms !"

- Auriane J.

"Its really refreshing when a plug-in works like it says it will. Five stars!"

- Davidrayskinner

"Got the Pro on sale, just in time for the project I was building. Sadly, my client (the website owner) cancelled the project and I had to refund the purchase of WPForms Pro. The refund was smooth and without any issue. Thank you for your understanding and taking your customers seriously. I hope to have the chance to purchase and explore WPForms Pro in the future."

- Hubert Tan Haboc

"I build a lot of Web site for my customers. All sites use WPForm lite. This plugin is very stable, convenient and simple for my customers. Thank you."

- sanageyama88

"The interface is straightforward, the creation process simple, and the range of options and templates is all one could wish for. Impossible to criticise."

- Harveyyates

"I am relatively new to WordPress and I have found the WPForms plugin to be easy to work with and a huge help with building my site."

- Dorenec

"I've tried many form plugins, this is definitely the best. Very customizable and integrated well with site builders"

- Silverfoot

"WPForms is an exceptional WordPress plugin, seamlessly integrating intuitive form creation with an extensive range of features. Its user-friendly interface and reliable performance make it a must-have for any website looking to enhance its form functionality effortlessly."

- Ilyaschwebdeveloper

"Thankfully WPforms was not hard to figure out for a WP newbie. I am used to creating html forms manually. Configuring the send-to email address for the submit button took less time than I anticipated and the form worked normally the first time out of the gate."

- macheadwp

"Ive been working on super large and complex forms recently (think 100-150+ fields!!) Got myself the PRO version and wow, I have to say Im EXTREMELY pleased. Its like they thought of everything that could go wrong before it does and fixed it. This plugin is so mature, and I LOVE IT. Worth every dollar, not using any other form plugin ever after."

- Theblackedoutpanda

"Great team behind this plug-in . Fast customer support , easy to install . Fully recommended"

- Adnan

"I contacted support as one of my clients cancel their subscription. Support gave me the correct steps and that made it all super easy to downgrade to the Light Plugin."

- WebPro Namibia

"Shawon provided EXCELLENT assistance in solving my issue. I'm SO thankful for Shawon's fast responses, understanding the issue without making me feel like the novice I am, AND hanging in there with me until it was resolved. I give Shawon 10 stars out of a possible 5, that's how impressed and thankful I am!"

- Becky North

"WPForms has completely transformed the way I create and manage forms on my WordPress website. The user-friendly drag-and-drop builder and extensive template library made form creation a breeze. Seamless integrations, excellent customer support, and top-notch security features make WPForms the ultimate form plugin. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a hassle-free and efficient form solution."

- kspritam23

"WPForms makes creating a form easy. I am fairly new to the software however, the experience is just getting better. Even when you think a certain feature does not exist, there is always a plugin that will achieve what you are attempting."

- Phil D.

"Ive used WP Forms on several sites and purchased an upgraded subscription for the additional features. I recently had to contact support and was impressed with the response and updates while they searched for a solution. Which by the way was a conflict with another plugin, there was nothing wrong with WP Forms."

- South Island Design

"I have been using the free version for several months now (we are a small not for profit, very grateful to have a free version that does everything we need). We have had great results, and are very pleased with the product."

- Pgscmk

"I have just begun using the plugin, so I have not investigated all its capabilities. However, it was really easy to set up and integrate into my WordPress site. I look forward to discovering how it works for me."

- geeforce

"The best thing about this plugin is that it is very easy to use, especially for a novice like me! The huge assortment of professional templates look great and really speeds up the process!"

- C. Thomas Virginia

"Such an easy going process, I thought I was going to have a hard time because it was overwhelming at first but I got the hang of it right away."

- apinyourimage

"The plugin functions as expected and allows a decent amount of configuration for standard forms. It worked seamlessly with my WordPress/Elementor pages."

- jhoris

"Great plugin to choose if you dont know how to code. Its user interface is easy for drag and drop."

- Arisch24

"Great plugin I have used on many of my websites. 5 stars deserved."

- Hdtcontact

"Compared to Contact Form 7 this is way better. It saves submissions and has conditional logic too."

- Webstpro

"This plugin is a lifesaver. We use it for almost every reasonable purpose."

- Delhiwebsitestudio

"Very helpful for basic forms. All-around great company eager to complete my web experience as I try to serve my members."

- Donnakfitch

"A comprehensive and customizable plugin with a wide range of resources available!"

- Fm68

"As a WordPress website designer/developer and support provider (wp-prosupport.com), I have used WPForms on numerous client websites. It has always performed great and I am thankful to have a WordPress plugin I can consistently rely on to do the job. I would highly recommend WPforms to anyone who requires forms on their website."

- Lumyser

"I created a form and added the short code on my page in minutes! Wonderful! I use it in all my websites!"

- Jdiazkropman

"Great plugin to choose if you dont know how to code. Its user interface is easy for drag and drop."

- Arisch24

"The Free version of this plugin contains sufficient capabilities to enable the creation and implementation of the majority of forms, which is something I appreciate."

- Shah168

"We were up and running a contact form in a minute. Nice work."

- Asifmohtesham

"I am very happy with the reliability and ease of use of this plugin. Thanx you so much!"

- Crazyuke

"Amazing methods and techniques, easy to use, it collects all data in a very organized way, and at the same time it allows you to easy intergrate any for anywhere in your website email and many more"

- Alexandros M.

"Easy to use, Not Complex at all, Smart Logic is fantastic."

- Mohammad Shafayet Ullah C.

"Easy to use, Easy to configure, Generating form very quickly, straightforward and beautiful user interface, Sending an email is the best option, Survey Feature is also very good. I use it with our exhibition, generating impressive statistics."

- Faisal s.

"Mr. Syed always give a Stella service to customers, and of course, those he wants to bring into the fold."

- Chrisbris

"WPForms is by far the best form plugin for your WordPress site. Highly recommended!"

- Arcticwolf27

"Having installed WP Forms on a clients site with little fuss, and realising my current form plug in was not working, I decided to try it too. I was up and running in less than 90 seconds. Unbelievable. Having then added Cloudflares Turnstile as an add-on it is working beautifully. Simple interface. Definitely recommended."

- Analyticcreative

"Amazing methods and techniques, easy to use, it collects all data in a very organized way and at the same time it allows you to easily integrate any for anywhere in your website email and many more"

- Alexandros M.

"Ive been using Contact Form 7 for too long. Its hard to work with, and you need a separate plugin to get notified when you receive a message! WPForms Lites five-minute setup is as advertised, and you can have it replace your existing form as part of the process! Very happy with the experience."

- Mike McCallister

"This is the best form product ever. I use it on my website and it helped me so much. I highly recommend it. Easy to use. Theres nothing better."

- YM

"I couldnt quite believe how easy this was, and how it worked straight away. Really amazing. Thanks!"

- Tsdavies

"I was able to set up my form in no time. I dont think it can get easier than this. Very well done."

- Pdesopo

"Works as advertised and without issue. Great plugin!"

- Tpaige

"Been using it for quiet a while and i can say that I'm a satisfied customer. It has helped me personally with my clients and it is super easy to use. At the start i was not a technical person and using it wasn't a problem for me. Along with it their support team is always ready to help, although I've needed them for around 2-3 times"

- Brian Hales

"I found many ways to implement my Forms with WP-Forms. Its easy, fast and understandable. You will find many options for settings. Functional wise i do not miss anything"

- Willi R.

"I like WPForms because it is a powerful and easy-to-use WordPress form builder. It has a drag-and-drop form builder, a wide variety of form templates, and a number of features to help you create effective forms. WPForms is also very affordable. Also, it has a variety of integration options. Supports Multilingual version"

- Deepu R.

"The forms are easy to design and collect secure information for our non-profit."

- Regina H.

"i started to use this plugin just to try it and surprise i love it im using the free version and it does everything i need. Super 5 starts guys good job and thank you for this fantastic plugin."

- cyclope05

"I build a lot of Web site for my customers. All sites use WPForm lite. This plugin is very stable, convenient and simple for my customers. Thank you."

- sanageyama88

"Great plugin. It lets you inject values programmatically with smart tags and a filter; in our case we needed to replace the recipient email address of a contact form. This lets us re-use the same form in various contexts. Also great usability and design in both frontend and admin-frontend. Five stars from us."

- ingridskard

"I think what I like the best is having all the configuration settings in a menu structure. It makes it much easier to avoid missing a step like confirmation pages etc."

- cindyosmith

"very easy to create contact from and send email"

- deepanjandeys

"I am using this plugin on 2 sites and it woks fine."

- mc50plus

"I like its simplicity. Its a breeze to use it."

- akirui

"This plugin really solved the problem of having to make a form for gathering information from my visitors. Awesome!"

- cbsaua

"Ich bin mit diesen Plugin Super zufrieden!! ich hatte im Vorfeld ein anderes Plugin als ich dann Probleme auf meiner Kontakt Seite hatte habe ich mich dazu entschlossen auf WPforms umzusteigen bis jetzt war es meine Beste Entscheidung Sehr einfad zu installieren und einzufügen hat sofort ohne Probleme Funktioniert."

- benjaminkea007

"Powerful yet straightforward to use and configure. Highly recommended!"

- davidengert

"WP forms works really well for me. But i would really love certain customizations like the form layouts, the layout of the form submissions etc. which i feel are missing at this point of time. the best part that i like is that it can be integrated in most of the wordpress themes!"

- shilpa1096

"Creates effective forms. The configuration is easy and comfortable. Highly recommended."

- BegoRiera

"I have just begun using the plugin, so I have not investigated all its capabilities. However, it was really easy to set up and integrate into my WordPress site. I look forward to discovering how it works for me."

- geeforce

"WP Forms gave me what I needed, a simple interface and quick setup."

- christarget

"Runs great. And its easy to set up. I cant create forms any faster."

- mstegh

"Great plug in, easy to use and create. However, if I dont flush the cache on my site every day/other day, both forms stop working and says to contact site admin. I run my site myself, am definitely not too privy to the Ins and outs of wp or site management in general, just know enough to keep my site running I just really wish I could resolve this issue as having to do this every day is very very annoying and I know it wont be long now before I forget and I will then not receive requests."

- Mike

"Its a good plugin because me configure my gmail for receive my contacts."

- jon1408

"I found this form very easy to use."

- brikav6

"WPForms is very good as an intake system for custom information. One can create funnels, b2b partner intake and other very useful portals (tenant-landlord) and much more."

- Tommie N. C.

"Customer support is amazing, and they consistently roll out great new features on their roadmap. Plus the Zapier integrations are A+. We couldn't run our business as smoothly without it :)"

- Tania

"Great Plugin, lots of templates, easy to handle modifications."

- Norbert

"very handy tooling this kind of forms from Wpforms"

- thurnermanuela

"wp-smtp ile birlikte kullanldnda harika performans saplyor. Ayrca içeriindeki onlarca hazr ablon, büyük kolaylk salyor. Teekkürler."

- izgienerji

"I recommend this product to anyone trying to build an email list. It was so easy to install on my website . Very professional."

- rbrewer41

"It was easy to set up and works great!"

- aliponoga

"This is a very easy-to-use plugin with a wide variety of options in the free edition."

- haeferbranchllc

"Nice service and easy to find & make websites forms."

- rawalbaig125

"The plugin is one of the best of its kind, I recommend it"

- maurovic

"We have tested another alternatives and WPForms is definitely the most complete and easy to use."

- tomcf

"Es una gran herramienta para recopilar datos, fácil de usar, muy versátil y completa."

- sentidodemujer

"Easy to use. Create contact form in seconds."

- brisbanebighead

"Easy set up. Worked great without needing much knowledge other than basic WordPress skills. CAPTCHA worked without issues."

- SafeSearchKids

"wp forms plugin is working perfect. IT is simple, reliable and easy to use. Great job !"

- Yury Nepo

"Its very good and effective form builder, especially for beginners."

- Ahmed Tonsy

"I like this form building, but try to make better of using custom CSS in free version"

- Masum Billah

"Is an amazingly uncomplicated way for make all your forms."

- lecsdesigsnmedia

"Dodatak za lako i brzo kreiranje formi svih vrsta. U osnovnoj varijanti, besplatnoj, prua dovoljno za potrebe prosenog sajta."

- krnetaz

"Very easy it works just plug and form"

- presse2009

"When I first started using WordPress I needed a way to create forms that didnt require me to learn programming. I tried a variety of plugins and decided WPForms was the way to go. I have been pleased with the decision. As I build sites for clients, I almost always include the plugin and when I turn the site administration over to them, I have them acquire their own license. I never get push back as the plugin is easy to use."

- djmarvin

"Plugins to design forms to meet customer requirements!"


"useful plugin that helps me a lot in building a website"

- zimodd

"Aún con las funciones gratuitas, cumple muy bien con su objetivo."

- alviore

"Great tool so far! Using it for the first time. See how it goes. Set up was super simple."

- thejdm

"I enjoyed the streamlined process and ease of activation."

- kristenosborne77

"Great Plugin, lots of templates, easy to handle modifications."

- Norbert

"Easy to implement on your web page and simple to use."

- Fernanda

"I was pretty surprised that she solved her issue herself, because web design is WAY outside her purview. Nice plugin."

- glennnorman

"This does exactly what it needs to nice work!"

- markarayner

"Support is great too. Have had to ask for help on their facebook page and problem has always been resolved."

- pifvouchers

"WP forms was very easy to setup and use. I was amazed that I was able to activate it and insert a contact form and was immediately receiving inquiries from my website. No settings to change or server tweaks to do. Thank you for producing a great working easy to install form builder free."

- rmk001

"Ich möchte quecken wie besser ist es"

- derbuchhandel

"This plugin is the most reliable one I know. It always works flawlessly, I can really rely on the flawless technology. It is easy and clear to use, and by now absolutely indispensable for me. In case of any questions or problems, the support team gives a quick and competent answer. This plugin is for me the model for other plugins and themes. I am very grateful to the development team."

- bauerzs

"Muy buena herramienta no da problemas y es muy completa la recomiendo"

- Varonblu

"Perfeito! É criar e usar, ele já envia os dados inseridos no formulário."

- algoncalves

"I really like and enjoy using the WPForms tool because the instructions are simple and the use of the tool follow the documentation to the letter. Excellent tool to build your list with."

- jerrymichaelcrowe

"This form plugin was very easy to use. So grateful. Thank you!"

- robinlcameron

"I found installation and setup extremely easy with WP-Forms. The features are also very well thought out and executed and their paid version offers integrations and much more form control. The drag and drop layout tool makes setting up forms almost a pleasure."

- samstrat

"The plugin is easy to use and very functional"

- sfekete111

"Is an amazingly uncomplicated way for make all your forms."

- lecsdesigsnmedia
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