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Pull off a seamless show, festival, or fundraiser by managing your event with online forms. Collect sign ups, submissions, and payments from your website so that all the details are in one place. Our entertainment form templates include pre-built forms for a variety of popular uses, and they’re completely customizable to meet the needs of your business or event.
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111 Entertainment Form Templates

Book Club Membership Form Template

Book Club Membership Form

A gateway to building a dynamic, engaged, and collaborative book club community.

Astrology Reading Request Form Template

Astrology Reading Request Form

Invite visitors to embark on a transformative journey guided by the wisdom of astrology.

Community Mural Proposal Form Template

Community Mural Proposal Form

Gather information about the the budget, materials, and equipment needed.

Educational Video Consent Form Template

Educational Video Consent Form

Simplify your consent process and focus on creating engaging educational videos.

Celebrity Endorsement Agreement Form Template

Celebrity Endorsement Agreement Form

Establish an agreement that clearly outlines the responsibilities and rights of both parties.

Podcast Guest Pitch Form Template

Podcast Guest Pitch Form

Manage guest submissions and deliver quality episodes that resonate with your audience.

Homebrewing Competition Entry Form Template

Homebrewing Competition Entry Form

Turn your brewing passion into a thriving competition that showcases the best of the craft. 

Talent Show Registration Form Template

Talent Show Registration Form

The key to hosting a successful and memorable talent show.

Language Exchange Partner Form Template

Language Exchange Partner Form

A dynamic tool designed to revolutionize the language-learning journey.

Plant Care Tracker Form Template

Plant Care Tracker Form

A go-to tool for nurturing flourishing plants and cultivating a thriving indoor or outdoor oasis.

DIY Project Submission Form Template

DIY Project Submission Form

Foster a vibrant community of DIY enthusiasts with this user-friendly form.

Travel Bucket List Form Template

Travel Bucket List Form

Empowers users to organize and prioritize their dream destinations effortlessly.

Book Exchange Signup Form Template

Book Exchange Signup Form

Streamlines the exchange process and promotes a vibrant culture of reading and sharing.

Nature Photo Contest Entry Form Template

Nature Photo Contest Entry Form

Elevate your photography contest and showcase a love for the great outdoors.

Diverse Book Recommendation Form Template

Diverse Book Recommendation Form

Invite readers to embark on a journey of exploration, empathy, and discovery.

Public Art Installation Proposal Form Template

Public Art Installation Proposal Form

This proposal form serves as a dynamic tool for artists and organizations alike.

Plant-Based Recipe Submission Form Template

Plant-Based Recipe Submission Form

A valuable addition to any food-focused website or blog.

Singing Competition Audition Form Template

Singing Competition Audition Form

Designed to streamline the audition process for both participants and organizers.

Theatre Production Audition Form Template

Theatre Production Audition Form

Unlock a world of talent and bring creative visions to life on stage.

Easter Egg Hunt Sign-Up From Template

Easter Egg Hunt Sign-Up From

A hassle-free way to manage participant sign-ups for your event.

Easter Menu Form Template

Easter Menu Form

Streamline your planning process so that every guest's dining experience is exceptional.

Memorial Day Feedback Form Template

Memorial Day Feedback Form

A form that adds a meaningful touch to any Memorial Day observance or tribute page.

Gift Wishlist Form Template

Gift Wishlist Form

Take the guesswork out of gift-giving with a fun and easy form on your website.

Reading Log Form Template

Reading Log Form

A great addition to educational websites or literary blogs.

Tips for Creating Entertainment Forms That Convert

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What are the best practices for designing an event registration form?

When designing a form for an event, it’s important to collect the names and addresses of attendees. You might want to collect dietary requirements if you’re hiring a catering company.

In WPForms, you can add logos and images to your forms to make them more appealing and exciting. You can also use addons like Save and Resume to make it easy to save progress on longer forms.

What is the best way to collect payments for events?

If you need to collect payments or deposits for events, we recommend WPForms Pro. It makes payments easy to view and manage and also lets you choose between Stripe, Square, and PayPal payment fields.

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