Entertainment Form Templates

Pull off a seamless show, festival, or fundraiser by managing your event with online forms. Collect sign ups, submissions, and payments from your website so that all the details are in one place. Our entertainment form templates include pre-built forms for a variety of popular uses, and they’re completely customizable to meet the needs of your business or event.
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73 Entertainment Form Templates

Movie Script Submission Form Template

Movie Script Submission Form

Streamlines the script submission process for both writers and reviewing entities.

Comedian Booking Form Template

Comedian Booking Form

Connect event organizers to unparalleled comedic experiences with this customizable template.

Gift Exchange Signup Form Template

Gift Exchange Signup Form

A form designed to enhance participant experience and event organization.

Christmas Menu Form Template

Christmas Menu Form

Gather menu preferences from guests before organizing your Christmas meal.

Friendsgiving Menu Form Template

Friendsgiving Menu Form

Collect your guests' preferences and dietary restrictions ahead of your Friendsgiving dinner event

Friendsgiving RSVP Form Template

Friendsgiving RSVP Form

Plan a fun, accomodating, and safe Friendsgiving event for your guests.

Holiday Girlfriend Application Form Template

Holiday Girlfriend Application Form

Looking for a date to join in the festivities? Find your potential girlfriend with this form.

Holiday Boyfriend Application Form Template

Holiday Boyfriend Application Form

Need a date for the holidays? Screen potential boyfriends before introducing them to the family.

Thanksgiving Menu Form Template

Thanksgiving Menu Form

Gather preferences and dietary restrictions from your guests before the big meal.

Parade Float Registration Form Template

Parade Float Registration Form

Streamline your registration process and showcase your commitment to safety.

Media Release Consent Form Template

Media Release Consent Form

Enhance user engagement while ensuring compliance and transparency.

Standard Media Release Form Template

Standard Media Release Form

Use this form to offer transparency while also protecting your organization.

Social Media Release Form Template

Social Media Release Form

Enhance your social media strategy with our versatile release form template.

Talent Release Form Template

Talent Release Form

Protect your work with our customizable Talent Release Form Template.

Prom Date Application Form Template

Prom Date Application Form

Make sure your prom date is the perfect match for you before hitting the dance floor. 

Wedding Date Application Form Template

Wedding Date Application Form

Screen potential wedding dates before introducing them to your friends and family.

Significant Other Complaint Form Template

Significant Other Complaint Form

Collect online complaints about a significant other with this cheeky, fun form.

Boyfriend Application Form Template

Boyfriend Application Form

Get to know your potential boyfriend before making a commitment.

Girlfriend Application Form Template

Girlfriend Application Form

Get to know your potential girlfriend before making a commitment.

Wife Complaint Form Template

Wife Complaint Form

This light-hearted template allows form users to easily air their grievances on an online form.

Husband Complaint Form Template

Husband Complaint Form

This cheeky and fun template allows form users to easily air their grievances on an online form.

Playtesting Feedback Form Template

Playtesting Feedback Form

Use insights from playtesters to improve your video game design.

Music Release Form Template

Music Release Form

Obtain a composer's consent to use their music in your film.

Concert Band Audition Form Template

Concert Band Audition Form

Take your musical audition process online with the concert band audition form template.

Tips for creating Entertainment Forms that convert.

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What are the best practices for designing an event registration form?

When designing a form for an event, it’s important to collect the names and addresses of attendees. You might want to collect dietary requirements if you’re hiring a catering company.

In WPForms, you can add logos and images to your forms to make them more appealing and exciting. You can also use addons like Save and Resume to make it easy to save progress on longer forms.

What is the best way to collect payments for events?

If you need to collect payments or deposits for events, we recommend WPForms Pro. It makes payments easy to view and manage and also lets you choose between Stripe, Square, and PayPal payment fields.

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