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Handle customer service with ease using online forms. Skip the emails and phone calls and let customers contact you through your website. Gather important details from clients, manage support tickets, or put together custom quotes with help from user-friendly forms.
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104 Customer Service Form Templates

Change Order Form Template

Change Order Form

Use this form to simplify the change request process and reduce the chances of misunderstandings.

Standard Credit Application Form Template

Standard Credit Application Form

A simple form designed to make the credit application process seamless.

Client Consultation Form Template

Client Consultation Form

Improve client interactions and align your service efforts with a user-friendly form.

Estimate Form Template

Estimate Form

Use this form to simplify estimates, build trust, and win more projects with ease.

Product Return Form Template

Product Return Form

Maintain a hassle-free returns experience for both you and your customers. 

Consultation Lead Capture Form Template

Consultation Lead Capture Form

Capture leads without overwhelming your users by utilizing this form on your site.

Insurance Quote Lead Form Template

Insurance Quote Lead Form

Generate new leads while delivering personalized insurance options with this customizable form.

New Customer Discount Form Template

New Customer Discount Form

Drive first-time purchases with a customizable New Customer Discount Form.

Promotional Giveaway Coupon Form Template

Promotional Giveaway Coupon Form

Maximize outreach with the Promotional Giveaway Coupon Form Template.

Percentage Discount Form Template

Percentage Discount Form

Streamline calculations and boost sales with this discount form template.

Flat Rate Discount Form Template

Flat Rate Discount Form

Simplify pricing and increase conversions with this easy template.

House Inspection Form Template

House Inspection Form

Maximize organization in your property assessments with our House Inspection Form Template.

Mobile Phone Repair Form Template

Mobile Phone Repair Form

Simplify mobile phone repair management with our customizable form template.

Property Damage Form Template

Property Damage Form

Seamlessly record and track damages with our Property Damage Form Template.

Sandwich Order Form Template

Sandwich Order Form

Take control of your sandwich orders with our user-friendly template.

Wedding Floral Order Form Template

Wedding Floral Order Form

Customize and organize your floral arrangement orders with our easy-to-use form template.

Hoodie Order Form Template

Hoodie Order Form

Effortlessly streamline hoodie orders with our customizable template.

Credit Reference Request Form Template

Credit Reference Request Form

Enhance efficiency and accuracy with our customizable Credit Reference Request Form Template.

Quote Form Template

Quote Form

Streamline your quoting process with our easy-to-use Quote Form Template.

Documentation Order Form Template

Documentation Order Form

Simplify document order management with our customizable Documentation Order Form Template.

Lead Generation Form Template

Lead Generation Form

Generate leads on your website with this user-friendly template.

Cell Phone Request Form Template

Cell Phone Request Form

Streamline cell phone requests with our Cell Phone Request Form Template.

Payment Form Template

Payment Form

Create a seamless payment experience for your customers with this easy-to-use template.

Beneficiary Form Template

Beneficiary Form

Enhance transparency and meet regulatory obligations with this Beneficiary Form Template.

Tips for creating Customer Service Forms that convert.

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Can I customize the fields in my customer service form?

Yes! WPForms makes it easy to customize the fields, field labels, colors, and layout of your forms.

You can use the easy drag and drop form builder to adapt any of our customer service form templates so that they fit your needs.

How do I make sure my customer service forms are effective?

The most important thing to remember is that your form should collect all the information you need while being easy for customers to navigate and use.

WPForms Pro includes all of our advanced form fields, allowing you to collect customer information in a format that makes sense for your business.

You’ll want to make sure that forms appear welcoming to customers. Long forms can be split into multi-step forms so that they’re easier to fill out. This layout works great with the WPForms Save and Resume addon since it gives customers the option to save a partial entry and complete it later.

Can I integrate customer service forms with my CRM?

Yes, you can. You can use WPForms addons to easily send form entries to different CRMs or platforms. You can also send information to Google Sheets.

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