Customer Service Evaluation Form Template

Use our customer service evaluation form to collect customer feedback. Also known as a customer satisfaction survey, these forms a great way to get to know a business’s clients and customers.

Use our customer service evaluation form below:

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Why Use a Customer Evaluation Form?

These evaluations are a valuable insight into how customers interact and feel about a business. You can use the evaluation form to collect both positive and negative feedback to improve processes.

Listening to and implementing customer feedback received on the evaluation form is essential. If you offer a smooth, friendly experience, it will encourage them to use your service again and help retain customers.

What Our Evaluation Form Includes

The key to a strong customer service evaluation form is simplicity. Your form should be quick and easy to fill out. The easier it is, the more replies you’ll get, and the more feedback you’ll receive to improve the business!

Our customer service evaluation template has asked for the date and reason they contacted the business. We’ve also added a Likert Scale so customers can rate their experience from poor to great.

With this information, you can strive to improve your customer contact process. And don’t forget, you can easily customize this customer service evaluation form to adapt it to your business needs.

Use This Template