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Request a Quote Form Template

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Do you have a service-based business that requires customers to request a quote from you? Save valuable time and use our request for a quote template.

WPForms has an easy-to-use request a quote form template. Quickly and easily collect all the necessary information to create a quote for your services.

Use this form as-is or customize it to your heart’s content!

What Is a Quote Request Form

Using the quote request form, your website visitors and potential customers can request specific quotes for your product and services. 

If you offer multiple services, a request for quotation template form can help you reach back to potential clients with price quotes per their requests. 

You can add this customizable RFQ form to your WordPress site’s landing pages, blog pages, or sidebar widgets.  

Why Use a Request for Quote Form Template

Most large companies have a ‘call for a quote’ option on their website, but that doesn’t always work for small-medium-sized businesses/freelancers. That’s where a quote request form comes in very handy.

You can use a request a quote form to automate the quote requesting workflow and grow your business. Using WPForms’ request a quote form template, you can get specific information from potential clients and use smart logic to tailor the form based on the customer’s needs.

Our template is fully customizable. Get the customer’s name, business, email, phone number, and more!

How to Create a Request a Quote Form in WordPress

Making your own request a quote form in WordPress is easy with WPForms and takes just a few quick steps:

  1. Select the Request a Quote Form template
  2. Customize your form
  3. Configure your form’s settings
  4. Publish your form on your WordPress site

You don’t need coding knowledge to add our request for a quote template to your website. You can use our easy-to-use drag-and-drop form builder to add, remove, and customize the fields.

Once you load the template in the form builder, you can add as many form fields as you like in your quote request form template, including first and last name, organization name, contact information, business address, a preferred method of contact, request type, and more.

Add a Multiple Choice field, Checkboxes, or Dropdown to your request a quote form template so people can select which services of yours they’re interested in. You can also add a Single Item form field to determine the potential customer’s approximate budget for their project.

Eliminate unnecessary back and forth with potential clients and ask the must-know questions from the first interaction.

Next, head over to the Settings tab in the form builder to create your email notifications and confirmation messages. These features help you let potential clients know that you’ve receive their request and when they can expect a response.

Finally, add your request a quote form to your site with the WPForms block. Select your form from a dropdown menu to add it to any post, pages, or widget area.

More Features of WPForms Request a Quotation Form Template

Request a quote and other forms created on WPForms are simple to use and device-friendly. Your website visitors can fill out these forms from their mobile, tablet, and desktop without any issue.

WPForms also provides integration features to your quote request form with popular CRMs, email marketing providers, and thousands of other platforms with Zapier. 

Use WPForms’ Request for Quote Form Template

A request for quote form will help you collect client requests and respond to them with your quotations quickly and efficiently. 

With a quick response, your conversion rate and customer satisfaction will skyrocket.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with WPForms today to create your own request a quote form. By signing up with WPForms, you’ll have access to our request a quote form template and hundreds more pre-made form templates.