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Accident Report Form Template

Gather information about an accident and record details of those involved.

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I am reporting a
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Date and Time of incident
Was damage done to the property?
Could this incident have been avoided?

Are you looking for an easy way to document accidents that happen at the office or on job sites? With WPForms’ accident report form, you can gather information about the accident and those involved and document them in one convenient location.

How Do I Write an Accident Report Form?

You can write an accident report form by recording the type of accident, names of those involved in the accident and those reporting it, the date and time, location, and details about the incident. Our form template makes this easy.

An Email or Phone form field makes it easy get in touch with the person reporting an accident if need be. This is especially helpful if the accident becomes a worker’s compensation issue that needs to be handled by you and your insurance company.

Being able to contact the witness to an accident is also helpful if there was damage done to your business equipment or a customer’s personal items.

To make your accident report form more official, and hold those reporting accidents responsible for their reports, add a Signature form field to your accident report form template. Collect electronic signatures that can be documented for your records and given to insurance companies should you need to file a claim. This protects your business from false reports from those seeking compensation from you.

You can also add a File Upload form field to your accident report form template so any injuries or property damage can be photographed and uploaded to the report as evidence something really happened.

Lastly, send out multiple email notifications anytime someone submits an accident report form on your website so you, the person reporting the accident, those involved, and your HR department are notified immediately. This also gives you the chance to let each party know what the next steps in the process are.