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Percentage Increase Calculator Form Template

Percentage Increase Calculator Form

Offers a straightforward solution to calculate percentage increases through a simple form.

Homework Time Estimator Form Template

Homework Time Estimator Form

Helps manage and estimate the time needed for homework tasks efficiently.

Vacation Expense Estimator Form Template

Vacation Expense Estimator Form

Simplify the process of financial planning for travel and enable users to get a clear picture.

Investment Return Calculator Form Template

Investment Return Calculator Form

Allows users to estimate the returns on their investments to maximize their financial growth.

Fitness Progress Tracker Form Template

Fitness Progress Tracker Form

Provide a simple way for your fitness clients to track their workout progress regularly.

Personal Budget Planner Form Template

Personal Budget Planner Form

Provide your visitors with an instant way to calculate their expenses and total savings.

Savings Goal Calculator Form Template

Savings Goal Calculator Form

Helps individuals calculate savings goals in a specified timeline and adjust plans as required.

Weight Loss Progress Form Template

Weight Loss Progress Form

Designed to support and uplift individuals in their weight loss journey for better health.

Basic Electricity Cost Estimator Form Template

Basic Electricity Cost Estimator Form

Helps provide people with a way to simplify their overall electricity cost calculations.

Daily Hydration Calculator Form Template

Daily Hydration Calculator Form

Helps provide visitors with a useful way to calculate their daily hydration requirements.

Pet Age Calculator Form Template

Pet Age Calculator Form

Offers insights into pet life stages by breaking down their age in human years.

Basic Tax Estimator Form Template

Basic Tax Estimator Form

Use a simple tool to understand how much tax you need to pay annually.

Reading Time Calculator Form Template

Reading Time Calculator Form

Helps bookworms calculate how long it would take them to finish reading a book.

Stamp Duty Calculator Form Template

Stamp Duty Calculator Form

For individuals looking to easily calculate the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) for property purchases.

Moving Quote Calculator Form Template

Moving Quote Calculator Form

Assists movers, logistics coordinators, and relocation experts optimize their quote process.

Shipping Days Calculator Form Template

Shipping Days Calculator Form

Provide an estimated arrival time to customers who have purchased online.

Inventory Control Form Template

Inventory Control Form

A must-have for any business looking to optimize their inventory management processes.

Swim-A-Thon Pledge Form Template

Swim-A-Thon Pledge Form

Streamline the pledge collection process and enhance participant engagement.

Movie Trivia Contest Form Template

Movie Trivia Contest Form

Provide an engaging and challenging movie quiz that entertains and educates movie buffs.

Web Development Price Calculator Form Template

Web Development Price Calculator Form

For businesses aiming to enhance client engagement and optimize project quotes.

Cooking Conversion Calculator Form Template

Cooking Conversion Calculator Form

Perfecting recipes and mastering kitchen-related recipe measurements has never been simpler.

Acceleration Conversion Calculator Form Template

Acceleration Conversion Calculator Form

Perfect tool for anyone looking for a straightforward method for converting acceleration units.

Cubic Yard Calculator Form Template

Cubic Yard Calculator Form

Enable users to quickly compute the volume of materials needed in cubic yards.

Price Calculator Form Template

Price Calculator Form

Helps businesses to effortlessly communicate costs directly to customers, including taxes and fees.

Tips for Creating Calculator Forms That Convert

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How do I create a calculation form in WordPress?

Our library of calculator forms makes it easy to publish any kind of calculator on your site.

In the WPForms plugin, choose the template that’s the closest match to the calculator you need. Import the template and you’ll have complete control over the way the form looks.

In the Formula field, you can adjust the calculation formula if you need to. We’ve added a built-in Validate button to make it easy to check that your calculation works.

When you’re done, publish your form. You’re good to go!

How can I use calculator forms for lead generation?

Calculator forms help you to get more leads by offering real-time quotations, rates, or pricing.

You can publish a useful calculator that shows visitors a real-time price calculation for a service, or a bulk discount for the products you sell.

Allowing your visitors to calculate instant quotes means that don’t have to wait for a personal response. That means you’ll get more form submissions and more sales leads.

Are there any limitations to WPForms calculations?

We designed our Calculations addon to be the most powerful calculator plugin for WordPress. You can create any kind of calculation form using basic math.

For more advanced forms, use if-else conditional logic, or take full control with your own custom formulas. You can even use our Calculations addon to work with text fields.

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