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77 Calculator Form Templates

CAGR Calculator Form Template

CAGR Calculator Form

Calculates the annual growth rate of investments over a specific period

Speed Conversion Calculator Form Template

Speed Conversion Calculator Form

Helps visitors streamline the process of accurate speed conversions.

Rounding Calculator Form Template

Rounding Calculator Form

A practical utility for visitors to perform accurate rounding calculations.

BMR Calculator Form Template

BMR Calculator Form

Allows users to estimate their daily calorie requirements based on their lifestyle.

BAC Calculator Form Template

BAC Calculator Form

Provide visitors with a tool to estimate the effects of alcohol consumption.

Dynamic Pricing Calculator Form Template

Dynamic Pricing Calculator Form

Empowers your users to calculate the cost of tickets based on the timing of their purchase.

Product Pricing Calculator Form Template

Product Pricing Calculator Form

Simplifies the pricing of products by considering all cost factors and desired profit margins

Working Hours Calculator Form Template

Working Hours Calculator Form

Allows users to calculate the total working hours in a day with an option to deduct break periods.

Pay Stub Calculator Form Template

Pay Stub Calculator Form

Helps calculate pay stubs for employees to ensure they are compensated fairly for their work.

Bonus Calculator Form Template

Bonus Calculator Form

Calculate bonuses based on multiple factors like tenure, performance, and company profitability.

Temperature Conversion Calculator Form Template

Temperature Conversion Calculator Form

A reliable tool for websites that want to provide a way to convert temperatures in different units.

Weight Gain Calculator Form Template

Weight Gain Calculator Form

For fitness websites to guide visitors towards their weight gain goals in a structured manner.

Macro Calculator Form Template

Macro Calculator Form

Offers a valuable resource for users to understand and manage their dietary needs effectively.

Sourdough Hydration Calculator Form Template

Sourdough Hydration Calculator Form

This calculator provides an accurate estimate of the perfect hydration level for a great sourdough.

Love Calculator Form Template

Love Calculator Form

For cupid-struck individuals to determine whether the person they like would suit them.

Pizza Dough Hydration Calculator Form Template

Pizza Dough Hydration Calculator Form

A tool that assists culinary enthusiasts to demystify the science of pizza dough hydration.

Estimated Due Date Calculator Form Template

Estimated Due Date Calculator Form

For pregnancy-related websites that want to offer a supportive journey for expectant parents.

Loan Calculator Form Template

Loan Calculator Form

Helps your website visitors in various aspects related to financial planning.

NPS Calculation Form Template

NPS Calculation Form

Use this functional template to calculate the Net Promoter Score for your business.

Baker’s Hydration Calculator Form Template

Baker’s Hydration Calculator Form

Helps bakers improve their craft by providing accurate hydration calculations.

Fraction Calculator Form Template

Fraction Calculator Form

A reliable and accessible way to navigate the complexities of fraction mathematics.

Water Intake Calculator Form Template

Water Intake Calculator Form

An essential tool that helps users estimate their daily water needs accurately.

Random Number Generator Form Template

Random Number Generator Form

Helps users generate numbers randomly within their specified range.

Paycheck Calculator Form Template

Paycheck Calculator Form

Promotes financial literacy and gives visitors clear insights into their take-home pay.

Tips for Creating Calculator Forms That Convert

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How do I create a calculation form in WordPress?

Our library of calculator forms makes it easy to publish any kind of calculator on your site.

In the WPForms plugin, choose the template that’s the closest match to the calculator you need. Import the template and you’ll have complete control over the way the form looks.

In the Formula field, you can adjust the calculation formula if you need to. We’ve added a built-in Validate button to make it easy to check that your calculation works.

When you’re done, publish your form. You’re good to go!

How can I use calculator forms for lead generation?

Calculator forms help you to get more leads by offering real-time quotations, rates, or pricing.

You can publish a useful calculator that shows visitors a real-time price calculation for a service, or a bulk discount for the products you sell.

Allowing your visitors to calculate instant quotes means that don’t have to wait for a personal response. That means you’ll get more form submissions and more sales leads.

Are there any limitations to WPForms calculations?

We designed our Calculations addon to be the most powerful calculator plugin for WordPress. You can create any kind of calculation form using basic math.

For more advanced forms, use if-else conditional logic, or take full control with your own custom formulas. You can even use our Calculations addon to work with text fields.

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