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Mortgage Lead Generator Form Template

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The Mortgage Lead Generator Form Template from WPForms doubles as a lead capture and calculation form that allows professionals to guide potential homeowners through their mortgage journey.

How Does the Mortgage Lead Generator Form Template Work?

Our Mortgage Lead Generator Form Template is powered by the Calculations Addon that performs the magic of auto-calculations and the Lead Forms Addon, which elegantly breaks down the form into digestible sections:

  • Page 1: Personal Information
    • Full Name: A basic yet essential start, capturing the potential homeowner’s identity.
    • Email Address: Ensuring seamless communication by collecting the client’s email.
  • Page 2: Property Details
    • Home Value: Allows prospects to input their desired property’s estimated worth, setting the foundation for further calculations.
    • Down Payment: A field to input the upfront payment, vital for tailoring the mortgage plan.
  • Page 3: Mortgage Details
    • Interest Rate: The Number Slider here isn’t just about numbers. It’s about clarity and precision, enabling users to select their anticipated rate effortlessly.
    • Mortgage Period: With the interactive Number Slider, users can easily determine their envisioned loan duration.
  • Page 4: Mortgage Breakdown
    • Monthly Payment Amount: Automation at its finest. This field calculates and reveals the monthly financial commitment.
    • Annual Payment Amount: For those keen on a yearly overview, this field auto-calculates the annual payment.
    • Total Interest Paid: Transparently displays the cost of the loan over time, promoting informed decisions.
    • Total Mortgage Payment: An all-encompassing view of the mortgage commitment, combining the principal and interest amounts.

Embrace the Mortgage Lead Generator Form Template from WPForms. By adopting this template, professionals can not only offer clarity but also showcase their commitment to streamlining the mortgage journey for potential homeowners.