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Leave paper school forms in the past and let parents fill out their students’ information online. Avoid missing permission slips and enrollment forms by adding them to your school website. Students can even submit assignments online without a complicated learning management system.
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256 Education Form Templates

Lecture Notes Form Template

Lecture Notes Form

Keep all your notes in one convenient location and make your teaching experience more efficient.

Lesson Plan Form Template

Lesson Plan Form

Collect course objectives, goals, materials, and information to help others deliver lessons.

Alumni PayPal Donation Form Template

Alumni PayPal Donation Form

Use the alumni PayPal donation form template to collect alumni donations via PayPal.

Parental Consent Form Template

Parental Consent Form

Use the parental consent form template to collect parental permission for activities.

College Application Form Template

College Application Form

Get all the information you need from new applicants to make processing easy.

School ID Registration Form Template

School ID Registration Form

Use the school ID registration form template to simplify the ID registration process for students.

Enrollment Form Template

Enrollment Form

Allow students to easily apply for enrollment.

Grade Book Form Template

Grade Book Form

Collect student information and all assignments into one convenient location.

High School Reunion Registration Form Template

High School Reunion Registration Form

Use the high school reunion registration form template to help plan your event.

Scholarship Application Form Template

Scholarship Application Form

Let people apply for a scholarship on your website.

School Sponsorship Form Template

School Sponsorship Form

Let children submit a list of sponsors for a class project or challenge.

Sponsor Form Template

Sponsor Form

Publish this form on your website to get sponsorships before an event.

Alumni Award Nomination Form Template

Alumni Award Nomination Form

Let alumni submit another alumnus for consideration of an award nomination.

School Uniform Order Form Template

School Uniform Order Form

Use the school uniform order form template to accept PayPal payments online.

After School Club Registration Form Template

After School Club Registration Form

Use the after school club registration form template for signups and first week's payme

School Dinner Payment Form Template

School Dinner Payment Form

Take payments for school lunches online and get recurring payment weekly or monthly.

Talent Show Auditions Sign Up

Talent Show Auditions Sign Up

Let people sign up to audition to perform an act in your event.

Class Survey Form Template

Class Survey Form

Let your students survey the rest of their year group and learn about their favorite activities.

Children’s Choir Registration Form Template

Children’s Choir Registration Form

Let people registering for your site while also registering their child for your musical gathering.

School Trip PayPal Payment Form Template

School Trip PayPal Payment Form

Use the school trip PayPal payment form template to accept payments via PayPal for school trips.

Online Elementary School Quiz Form Template

Online Elementary School Quiz Form

Makes it easy for teachers to give students a quiz online.

Book Review Form Template

Book Review Form

Collect book reviews from your website.

Course Registration Form Template

Course Registration Form

Gather student details for course enrollment.

Parent-Teacher Conference Request Form Template

Parent-Teacher Conference Request Form

Use the parent-teacher conference request form template to get conference requests on your website.

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How can WPForms help my school, college, or daycare setting?

WPForms has hundreds of form templates that can easily be adapted to collect student information, track attendance, manage consents or waivers, and collect internal information from your professors or teachers.

Is there a discount for WPForms in education?

In some countries, educational institutions are classed as nonprofit organizations. If your organization can provide proof of nonprofit status, you may qualify for the WPForms Nonprofit Discount.

Eligible schools or universities can use WPForms Pro for up to 75% off the usual price.

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