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Leave paper school forms in the past and let parents fill out their students’ information online. Avoid missing permission slips and enrollment forms by adding them to your school website. Students can even submit assignments online without a complicated learning management system.
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185 Education Form Templates

Dissertation Submission Form Template

Dissertation Submission Form

Enhances the academic dissertation submission experience for students.

Science Fair Project Submission Form Template

Science Fair Project Submission Form

Ideal for schools, educators, and organizers planning to host a science fair.

Parent Volunteer Sign Up Form Template

Parent Volunteer Sign Up Form

Streamline volunteer coordination and foster a culture of collaboration and support.

Teacher Recommendation Request Form Template

Teacher Recommendation Request Form

For educators looking to streamline and empower student success.

Student Course Evaluation Form Template

Student Course Evaluation Form

An easy way for educators to improve teaching methodologies and course materials.

School Photo Order Form Template

School Photo Order Form

Process orders and payments for school photos, all on one simple form.

Student Peer Evaluation Form Template

Student Peer Evaluation Form

Designed to facilitate structured feedback exchange among peers.

Student Information Update Form Template

Student Information Update Form

Allow students to update their personal and academic information online.

Student Health Information Form Template

Student Health Information Form

Transforms how you collect and manage health information for the best student welfare.

Education Loan Application Form Template

Education Loan Application Form

For schools, colleges, and universities that want to simplify the process of educational loans.

Graduation Application Form Template

Graduation Application Form

An easy-to-use student form to streamline the journey to graduation.

Scholarship Registration Form Template

Scholarship Registration Form

Helps schools, colleges and universities in need of a streamlined approach to managing applications.

Anti-Bullying Pledge Form Template

Anti-Bullying Pledge Form

A solution to stop bullying and encourage a predefined set of rules in your classroom.

Study Abroad Application Form Template

Study Abroad Application Form

Helps simplify the application process for students dreaming of studying abroad.

Parent Contact Information Form Template

Parent Contact Information Form

Helps educational institutes looking for a simple way to gather emergency information on students.

Student Self-Evaluation Form Template

Student Self-Evaluation Form

A form designed to prompt students to reflect on their own learning.

Tutor Request Form Template

Tutor Request Form

Build a bridge that connects students with the right tutors, directly from your site.

Parent Feedback Form Template

Parent Feedback Form

Gauge parent satisfaction with various aspects of the school experience.

Course Enrollment Form Template

Course Enrollment Form

A great tool for websites looking to stay ahead in online education.

Reading Log Form Template

Reading Log Form

A great addition to educational websites or literary blogs.

Student Registration Form Template

Student Registration Form

Streamline the administrative process of registering new students.

Teacher Feedback Form Template

Teacher Feedback Form

Empower students and teachers to contribute to the improvement of their educational experience.

Student Transfer Request Form Template

Student Transfer Request Form

An easy way to process student transfers directly through your educational website.

Classroom Rules Agreement Form Template

Classroom Rules Agreement Form

Simplify the process of rule setting while fostering a sense of responsibility among students.

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WPForms has hundreds of form templates that can easily be adapted to collect student information, track attendance, manage consents or waivers, and collect internal information from your professors or teachers.

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In some countries, educational institutions are classed as nonprofit organizations. If your organization can provide proof of nonprofit status, you may qualify for the WPForms Nonprofit Discount.

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