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Course Registration Form Template

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The course registration form allows students to easily sign up for their chosen class. Use this customizable template to gather student emails, addresses, course information, and more.

It’s no secret that people don’t like filling out long, information-heavy forms. That’s why we’ve made this course registration form so easy to fill out. We’ve kept it short and sweet, allowing you to get the details you need to enroll them in the course.

Check out the template below:

Benefits of a Course Registration Form

Using a course registration form means more responses. Allowing students to register on desktops and mobile phones mean they are more likely to complete the registration process. And by using an online form equals no more struggling to read handwriting, you’ll get accurate details the first time.

It will also mean instant replies. Send students the link to the course registration form via email and it can be filled out and returned within minutes. By using this method with WPForms, you can also keep your student’s information all in one place. This will allow you to send future course updates, gather extra information, and keep their contact details handy for the future.