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Leave paper school forms in the past and let parents fill out their students’ information online. Avoid missing permission slips and enrollment forms by adding them to your school website. Students can even submit assignments online without a complicated learning management system.
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136 Education Form Templates

Lesson Evaluation Form Template

Lesson Evaluation Form

An evaluation form that's easy for teachers, administrators, and students to use.

Writing Center Application Form Template

Writing Center Application Form

Attract and hire the most qualified writers and tutors for your organization.

Classroom Observation Form Template

Classroom Observation Form

Helps maintain and uplift the quality of education provided in every class and subject.

Basic Chaperone Form Template

Basic Chaperone Form

Gather information and permissions to organize your next outing or event.

Media Release Consent Form Template

Media Release Consent Form

Enhance user engagement while ensuring compliance and transparency.

Visual Studio Web Form Template

Visual Studio Web Form

Customize your user's Visual Studio experience with this user-friendly form.

Visual Basic Form Template

Visual Basic Form

A simple and customizable solution for Visual Basic screening.

Completion Form Template

Completion Form

Streamline the process of gathering essential information about course completions.

Training Completion Form Template

Training Completion Form

Keep accurate documentation of training programs completed for your organization.

Student Counseling Form Template

Student Counseling Form

An effective solution for managing and streamlining student counseling services.

Volunteer Form Template

Volunteer Form

Use this form to gather important details and preferences from potential volunteers.

Task Form Template

Task Form

Optimize your task management system with this user-friendly form.

Health Physical Form Template

Health Physical Form

Unify data collection across your team of medical professionals with this detailed form.

Nursery Medication Form Template

Nursery Medication Form

A comprehensive form template to manage medications and ensure peace of mind.

Student Absence Form Template

Student Absence Form

Simplify the process of reporting and managing student absences with this user-friendly form.

Staff Emergency Contact Form Template

Staff Emergency Contact Form

Prioritize employee well-being and streamline safety with this helpful form.

Research Interview Consent Form Template

Research Interview Consent Form

Use this consent form on your website to ensure ethical data collection.

Professional Development Form Template

Professional Development Form

Help your employees track their professional advancement with this user-friendly form.

School Media Release Form Template

School Media Release Form

Efficiently manage content permissions and usage with this streamlined form.

Parent Teacher Conference Form Template

Parent Teacher Conference Form

Ensure that educators and parents approach important conversations with all essential details.

Student Records Request Form Template

Student Records Request Form

Process student records requests quickly, accurately, and straight from your own website.

Wi-Fi Unlock Form Template

Wi-Fi Unlock Form

Use this simple and straightforward form to share Wi-Fi access with users.

Softball Tryout Form Template

Softball Tryout Form

Use this form template to assess player skills and gain their consent for participation.

Youth Sports Registration Form Template

Youth Sports Registration Form

This template ensures that you capture every detail, paving the way for a smooth sports season.

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How can WPForms help my school, college, or daycare setting?

WPForms has hundreds of form templates that can easily be adapted to collect student information, track attendance, manage consents or waivers, and collect internal information from your professors or teachers.

Is there a discount for WPForms in education?

In some countries, educational institutions are classed as nonprofit organizations. If your organization can provide proof of nonprofit status, you may qualify for the WPForms Nonprofit Discount.

Eligible schools or universities can use WPForms Pro for up to 75% off the usual price.

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