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Do you need an easy way to match roommates? If so, you need the roommate matching form template from WPForms. Embed it on your WordPress website and let university or post-graduate students fill it out to determine roommate compatibility.

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A range is helpful, if applicable.
A range is helpful, if applicable.

What Goes on a Roommate Matching Form Template?

Determining what questions to ask on a roommate matching form can be a delicate process. You want to give the person filling out the form the chance to express who they are while also giving them the opportunity to say what they’re looking for in a roommate.

A common reason for friction between roommates is that they’re too much alike. Students going to school believe that if they live with someone exactly like them, they’ll be happy.

That said, another common reason for roommate friction is when roommates are total opposites and can’t find any common ground.

To find that happy medium, include questions that are self-reflective as well as ones that ask the respondent to identify the traits they’d want or accept in a roommate. A good match usually lies somewhere in between.

Examples might include questions about sleeping habits, study habits, neatness, and social habits.

And while our roommate matching form template can be used right out of the box, all our templates are 100% customizable. If you want to make changes, our user-friendly drag-and-drop form editor makes them a breeze. Add the fields you need and change or remove the ones you don’t.

Although you can process the forms manually, WPForms connects with hundreds of third-party apps to increase functionality. Connecting your form to another app can help you process those matches more easily.

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