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School Library Computer Permission Form Template

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Do you want to collect digital permission forms for students to access your school library’s computers? If so, you need the school library computer permission form template from WPForms. Embed it on your WordPress website or send it to parents and guardians in an email and instantly collect permissions.

Why Use the School Library Computer Permission Form Template?

There are a few reasons you might want to use the school library computer permission form template.

The main reason for using this form is so that parents are aware of what the school’s policies are when using school computers in the library. Our template is based on the assumption that parents will have received or otherwise accessed that information, but you can certainly include that information right on the form if you like.

When parents and guardians know the rules, they can help enforce them with their students. This promotes accountability and ensures the process is smooth.

At the same time, if students temporarily lose computer privileges for any reason, having already signed and acknowledged this information will help parents and guardians to understand why.

Another reason for using this form is that sometimes parents prefer that their students not access the internet at school. This form lets teachers and librarians know who those students are so they can plan other appropriate activities for them instead.

Don’t forget that if this template is close to what you need but it’s not quite there yet, all of our form templates are 100% customizable. Just use our simple drag-and-drop form builder to add the fields you need and remove the ones you don’t.

Get started with WPForms today to create and customize your own school library computer permission form. Signing up with WPForms gives you access to this and hundreds of other pre-made templates.