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Story Time Signup Form Template

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Please fill in the following information for us to keep on file.

Child's Name
Child's Birthdate
Parent's or Guardian's Name
I'd like information about getting a library card
I'd like to be contacted about future events like this

Are you looking to host a story time event? If so, then you need the story time signup form template from WPForms.

Using the Story Time Signup Form Template

The story time signup form template is ideal for use by libraries, schools, and educational settings, but is also easily adaptable for bookstore owners and other story time hosts.

First, the form user enters the name of the child attending story time. The child’s age and birthdate are entered on the form next, so that story time hosts can screen for age if needed, or recognize participant birthdays.

Then, users provide the name of a parent or guardian to the child, followed by the phone number and email for any needed contact.

Lastly, the form user checks ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to receive information about obtaining a library card, and also checks ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to being contacted about future events.

Since you are being given contact information earlier on the form, you can easily reach out to story time participants and invite them to the next event.

And with all of the forms offered at WPForms being 100% customizable, you have the ability to edit this signup form to suit the needs of your event.

Perhaps a bookstore owner would edit this form to ask users about their interest in a rewards card instead of a library card, for example. Or, you may realize that participants of all ages enjoy your story time event, and decide to change the focus of the form from being geared towards children.

That said, the fields already included on this form are fairly universal and ready for use.

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