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Fundraise, fill your volunteer roster, and manage events with our nonprofit form templates. By making it easier for donors and volunteers to contribute, you’ll be able to focus on your mission.
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101 Nonprofit Form Templates

Soup Kitchen Volunteer Form Template

Soup Kitchen Volunteer Form

Demonstrate your dedication to creating a positive and organized volunteering experience.

Writing Center Application Form Template

Writing Center Application Form

Attract and hire the most qualified writers and tutors for your organization.

Petition Form Template

Petition Form

Streamline the process of gathering support, and ensure that you have the necessary information.

Evaluation Form Template

Evaluation Form

A simple and streamlined way to let users to make an evaluation.

Simple Cell Phone Request Form Template

Simple Cell Phone Request Form

Use this easy and efficient form to manage employee cell phone requests.

Simple Beneficial Ownership Form Template

Simple Beneficial Ownership Form

A straightforward and customizable form to establish beneficial ownership.

Church New Member Form Template

Church New Member Form

Streamline the welcome process and elevate the way your church engages with newcomers.

Gift Aid Claim Form Template

Gift Aid Claim Form

A game-changer for nonprofits aiming to optimize their financial resources.

Sponsorship Pledge Form Template

Sponsorship Pledge Form

Collect and organize necessary information from prospective sponsors efficiently.

Application Form Template

Application Form

Streamline your organization's application and screening process with this user-friendly form.

Volunteer Form Template

Volunteer Form

Use this form to gather important details and preferences from potential volunteers.

Charitable Donation Form Template

Charitable Donation Form

Make it easy for website visitors take make a one-time or recurring donation to your cause.

Authorization Form Template

Authorization Form

A form to gather essential information and intent, and to set terms and temporal boundaries.

Tumbler Order Form Template

Tumbler Order Form

Tumbler ordering is made easy with this customizable order form template.

Psychiatric Evaluation Form Template

Psychiatric Evaluation Form

Ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment plans using our professional evaluation form.

T Shirt Fundraiser Order Form Template

T Shirt Fundraiser Order Form

An ideal tool for organizations to streamline their fundraising t-shirt sales.

Parish Registration Form Template

Parish Registration Form

Simplify data gathering and improve record-keeping with this convenient template.

Sponsorship Form Template

Sponsorship Form

Collect and manage essential information from potential sponsors with ease.

Capital Campaign Pledge Form Template

Capital Campaign Pledge Form

Easily record and process donations with our Capital Campaign Pledge Form Template.

Church Volunteer Application Form Template

Church Volunteer Application Form

Streamline church volunteer applications with our customizable template.

Editable Fundraiser Order Form Template

Editable Fundraiser Order Form

Maximize the potential of your fundraiser with an editable Fundraising Order Form template.

Business Mileage Form Template

Business Mileage Form

Simplify your mileage tracking process with our customizable form template.

Animal Surrender Form Template

Animal Surrender Form

Streamline the documentation of surrendered animals with our user-friendly form template.

Boy Scouts Registration Form Template

Boy Scouts Registration Form

Register new members for your Boy Scouts troop right from your website.

Tips for creating Nonprofit Forms that convert.

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Can I build a nonprofit site with WordPress?

Yes. It’s easy to create a website for your nonprofit using WordPress. WordPress hosting is typically very affordable and lets you run your entire website by yourself.

When you set up your site, be sure to install the WPForms plugin. You’ll get access to all of our pre-made form templates, including contact forms and donation forms. By creating forms from a template, you’ll be able to launch your nonprofit site quickly and easily.

Does WPForms offer a nonprofit discount?

Yes! WPForms would like to support your cause by providing a discounted license for WPForms Pro or WPForms Elite.

If you already have a WordPress website, you’re good to go. All you need to do is contact our support team to apply.

You’ll find full details on our WordPress Forms for Nonprofits page.

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