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Fundraise, fill your volunteer roster, and manage events with our nonprofit form templates. By making it easier for donors and volunteers to contribute, you’ll be able to focus on your mission.
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131 Nonprofit Form Templates

Meal Delivery Service Inquiry Form Template

Meal Delivery Service Inquiry Form

Simplify your inquiry process and attract more clients to your meal delivery service

Car Show Entry Form Template

Car Show Entry Form

Create an unforgettable event for car enthusiasts.

Silent Auction Bid Form Template

Silent Auction Bid Form

Streamline the bidding process while maximizing your fundraising potential.

Event Volunteer Sign-Up Form Template

Event Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Recruit dedicated volunteers and mobilize your community for a successful event.

Accessible Housing Request Form Template

Accessible Housing Request Form

A versatile form for housing providers, advocates, or individuals seeking accommodations.

Climate Action Plan Feedback Form Template

Climate Action Plan Feedback Form

Gain feedback about the climate action plans being enacted in your community.

Charity Auction Registration Form Template

Charity Auction Registration Form

For charity auctions that require a simple way to manage participant registrations and payments.

Food Co-op Membership Form Template

Food Co-op Membership Form

For food cooperatives seeking to streamline their membership process.

Sustainable Transportation Pledge Form Template

Sustainable Transportation Pledge Form

Mobilize individuals and organizations to take meaningful action toward reducing carbon emissions.

Community Garden Plot Application Form Template

Community Garden Plot Application Form

Empower the members of your community to embrace the joys of gardening.

Urban Wildlife Sighting Report Form Template

Urban Wildlife Sighting Report Form

Captures essential details of wildlife sightings in urban settings. 

Adopt-a-Trail Volunteer Form Template

Adopt-a-Trail Volunteer Form

Designed to streamline the process of recruiting dedicated volunteers. 

CoEd Softball Team Sign-Up Form Template

CoEd Softball Team Sign-Up Form

Take the first step towards an exciting season of coed softball.

CoEd Softball Team Waiver Form Template

CoEd Softball Team Waiver Form

For any team looking to prioritize safety, streamline processes, and mitigate risks.

Swim-A-Thon Pledge Form Template

Swim-A-Thon Pledge Form

Streamline the pledge collection process and enhance participant engagement.

Goodwill Donation Form Template

Goodwill Donation Form

Make it easier for individuals to donate items to your cause.

Blood Donation Registration Form Template

Blood Donation Registration Form

Helps simplify the donor registration process for those interested in donating blood.

Editable Sponsorship Form Template

Editable Sponsorship Form

Empowers sponsors to easily provide their details and make secure transactions.

Trustee Declaration Form Template

Trustee Declaration Form

Process trustee declarations directly through your website.

Fundraising Sponsor Form Template

Fundraising Sponsor Form

Comes pre-made with all of the fields and functions you need to collect donations on your site.

Worship List Form Template

Worship List Form

Simplify and streamline your worship preparation process.

ConvertKit Donation Form Template

ConvertKit Donation Form

Simplifies the donation process, allowing you to focus on your mission without hesitation.

Credit Card Debit Authorization Form Template

Credit Card Debit Authorization Form

Gather cardholder information, utilize secure payments, and provide transparent details.

Online Donation Form Template

Online Donation Form

Empowers organizations to receive the vital funding they need to continue their non-profit work.

Tips for Creating Nonprofit Forms That Convert

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Can I build a nonprofit site with WordPress?

Yes. It’s easy to create a website for your nonprofit using WordPress. WordPress hosting is typically very affordable and lets you run your entire website by yourself.

When you set up your site, be sure to install the WPForms plugin. You’ll get access to all of our pre-made form templates, including contact forms and donation forms. By creating forms from a template, you’ll be able to launch your nonprofit site quickly and easily.

Does WPForms offer a nonprofit discount?

Yes! WPForms would like to support your cause by providing a discounted license for WPForms Pro or WPForms Elite.

If you already have a WordPress website, you’re good to go. All you need to do is contact our support team to apply.

You’ll find full details on our WordPress Forms for Nonprofits page.

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