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Volunteer Availability Form Template

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The Volunteer Availability Form template allows prospective volunteers to apply online easily for the events. You can use this form in your organization or business to recruit interested volunteers for your events. With this form, you can collect the applicant’s contact information,  date and time availability, and more.

Using the Volunteer Availability Form Template

Let’s break down the Volunteer Availability Form template field to understand how the form works.

  • Personal Information: The form collects the applicants’ names, emails, and phone numbers for identification and communication purposes.
  • Days Available: Prospective volunteers can state the days they are available to volunteer, helping you manage the schedules accordingly.
  • Total Weeks: The form provides a slider scale for volunteers to specify how many weeks they can volunteer.
  • Areas of Volunteer: Volunteers can choose the areas of interest for which they want to volunteer, such as fundraising, training sessions, event marketing, and others. If volunteers select the ‘other’ option, an additional field will appear where they can specify their skills and how they would like to help you. All these details provide you with valuable insights about the applicants.
  • Comments: In this field, applicants can share relevant messages, comments, concerns, and special requests, allowing them to communicate effectively.

You can customize the Volunteer Availability Form template according to your specific requirements. You can add or remove options and tweak the fields using our drag-and-drop form builder.

This form helps you streamline and efficiently manage applications from individuals for volunteering at your events. The form’s straightforward and minimal fields can encourage more applicants to fill out this form.

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