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Nonprofit Crowdfunding Form Template

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The Nonprofit Crowdfunding Form template enables people to give donations to nonprofit organizations online. Using this form template on your website, you can allow individuals to make donations to your organization while giving you the essential and relevant details.

Using the Nonprofit Crowdfunding Form Template

Let’s break down the Nonprofit Crowdfunding Form template fields to understand the form’s functionality.

  • Name: The form collects the donors’ names for personalized communication and maintaining a record of donors for smooth tracking of the donations over time.
  • Email: This field is essential for effective online communication. You can use email addresses to send your users future fundraising appeals, acknowledgments, and other relevant information.
  • Donation Amount: The form provides a dropdown menu from which donors can conveniently pick the donation amount they would like to contribute. As the donor selects the desired option, the total amount is displayed on the form. By clearly stating the donation amount, you can bolster the transparency and image of your organization.
  • Anonymous Choice: The form provides flexibility to donors for donating anonymously, ensuring their privacy is respected.

With the Nonprofit Crowdfunding Form template, you can streamline donations for your nonprofit organization. The form collects all the relevant details systematically and in a structured way. This way, you can collect contributions for your nonprofit’s noble cause.

Moreover, you can tailor the form to suit your needs using our drag-and-drop form builder. For instance, you can remove or add options and fields, such as setting your donation amount options accordingly.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the Nonprofit Crowdfunding Form template today by signing up with WPForms to receive donations from people easily.