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Boy Scouts Registration Form Template

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Boy Scout's Name
Parent's/Guardian's Name
e.g. asthma or epilepsy
e.g. physical disabilities, Autism, ASD, ADHD
I give explicit consent to the holding of information about my child's health.
I allow my child to be photographed during Boy Scouts events
I agree to have my phone number shared with other Boy Scouts parents.

By signing, I agree to the holding of this information and understand the Boy Scouts will not pass information onto third parties without prior permission. The information I have provided is correct as of the date signed.

Clear Signature

Do you want to register participants in a Boy Scouts group? If so, then you need the Boy Scouts Registration Form Template from WPForms.

This form gathers all of the information and consents needed for registering members, and is easy to use.

How to Use the Boy Scouts Registration Form Template

This template is useful for collecting and filing important information about participants in your Boy Scouts group.

First, the form collects the name and address of the hopeful Boy Scout. It also asks for the birthdate and gender of the Boy Scout, so that you can screen or organize group members as needed.

For the youth Boy Scouts that may have a phone and email address, optional spaces are there for them to provide this information if they’d like. The name and phone number for the Boy Scout’s doctor is also optional for users to include on the form.

Next, the name and contact information for a parent or guardian is required on the form. This contact information includes a home address, phone number, and email address.

Then, the form users are given optional spaces to describe any allergies and medical conditions, or additional dietary, physical, or emotional support conditions.

Finally, the form requires consent for holding the Boy Scout’s health information. It also asks for additional agreement regarding the Boy Scout being photographed at events, and the sharing of phone numbers among Boy Scout parents.

The form user must also sign and date the Boy Scouts Registration Form before submitting it. This way, you know that the information you are receiving on this form is accurate and reliable.

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