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Volunteer Signup Form Template

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Do you need to keep a record of your volunteer signups? The volunteer signup form template from WPForms lets you collect information about volunteer availability. It can be embedded on your website or in an email to potential volunteers. The template is part of the Google Sheets addon, so all the information can go directly to a Google Sheet to help organize your information.

What Goes on a Volunteer Signup Form Template?

To create a good basic volunteer signup form template, you need to first ask for information about the volunteers. This includes names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Our template asks for volunteers’ preferred method of contact. When you know that information, you can create an email list of those who wish to be updated via email and a text list for those who would rather receive text updates.

It’s also important to know when your volunteers are available, especially if you have shifts. Our template is built on the idea that it’s service project-specific, meaning the information only applies to a single project or volunteer event. You could change that if you wanted to and ask for their general days of availability.

With the Google Sheets addon, you can connect the sheet to your Google account and send all of the form entry information directly to a Google Sheet. That functionality gives you the ability to be able to look at your volunteer resources at a glance rather than going through entry by entry.

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