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Baseball League Registration Form Template

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Need a baseball league registration form? Perhaps you’re a sports coach in your school looking to build a competitive softball team. If so, you can get started right away with our baseball league registration form template.

What’s in the Baseball League Registration Form

The form starts with fields for collecting important information from the interested participants. After asking the participant their name and age group, the form allows them to choose the team they want to play for and their desired position/role in the team.

All of this information is very useful for a baseball coach planning the right positions for their team.

Since this template is mainly designed for young people, it also includes fields for collecting details about the player’s guardian. With this information, the management of the baseball league can reach the parents or guardian of the player in case of an emergency.

If the league in question is intended for adult players, you can simply remove the fields about guardian information within the WPForms form builder.

Other than that, you may want to add a file upload field if you’d like participants of your little league to prove their age with documented proof.  The WPForms Pro File Upload field is ideal for this.

You may also add a newsletter checkbox to your baseball league registration form to keep parents up to date on things such as game schedules, field assignments, weather warnings, and even local, professional baseball games that might be going on that people might want to attend.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with WPForms today to use the baseball league registration form template plus hundreds of other form templates ready for your use!