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House Inventory Form Template

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Do you need a way to catalog the items in your house in case there’s a natural disaster such as a flood or fire, or a theft or burglary at your home? If so, you need a house inventory form. With WPForms’ house inventory form, you can easily itemize every item in your house and attach value to each item for insurance purposes so you’re ready no matter what comes your way.

With WPForms’ house inventory form, gather item names and descriptions, appraisal values, purchase dates, model information, the item’s condition, and whether it’s insured.

We have created a house inventory form demo below that you can use to easily get started without any technical knowledge.

What’s in the House Inventory Form Demo

Launch this form as-is or customize it to your heart’s content!

With our simple House Inventory Form Template you get the following form fields:

  • Single Line Text
  • Paragraph Text
  • Single Item
  • Date / Time
  • Dropdown

Of course, this is just a house inventory form sample to get you started.

You can use our easy to use drag & drop form builder to add, remove, and customize the fields as needed.

For instance, if an item you have in your home is insured, enable WPForms’ smart conditional logic to display an additional Paragraph Text form field so you can input insurance information related to the item. For example, add the insurance company, contact information, and insurance policy information you’ll need to know should anything happen to the item.

If you run an insurance company, and are in the business of insuring people’s personal home items, you can always add an email newsletter signup checkbox to your house inventory form so people can subscribe. This is great for sending our email campaigns with helpful tips regarding homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, tips for securing your home from thieves, and even preventing natural disasters such as fires.

In addition, if you operate an insurance company and have the house inventory form on your website, you’ll want to add Name, Phone, Email, and Address form fields to your house inventory form template to keep clients information organized. Collecting this information online from your customers streamlines your recordkeeping efforts and makes accessing each client’s file of household items from the WordPress dashboard simple.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with WPForms today to create your own house inventory form. Bonus, we’ll give you our house inventory form template and over 100+ other pre-made form templates!