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Multi-Tier Sponsorship Form Template

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The Multi-Tier Sponsorship Form Template by WPForms is an amazing tool for organizations to facilitate the sponsorship application process.

This form allows businesses to express their interest in sponsoring events and choose a sponsorship level that aligns with their budget and goals.

How Does the Multi-Tier Sponsorship Form Template Work?

The Multi-Tier Sponsorship Form Template requires the WPForms Pro License and the Signature Addon to capture all information successfully. Here’s a brief description of the fields included in the template:

  • Sponsor Information:
      • Company Name: Captures the legal name of the business interested in becoming a sponsor.
      • Contact Person: Identify the specific person at the company responsible for sponsorship inquiries.
      • Phone Number: Captures the contact person’s phone number for further communication.
      • Email Address: The contact person’s email address for sending sponsorship details and updates.
      • Company Logo: This allows sponsors to upload their company logo for promotional materials.
      • Permanent Address: This captures the official business address of the sponsor company.
    • Sponsorship Details:
      • Type of Sponsorship: Sponsors can choose the type of sponsorship they’re interested in.
      • Value of Sponsorship: This captures the estimated value of the sponsorship if it’s not a monetary contribution.
      • Level of Sponsorship: This section showcases the various sponsorship tiers offered, each with its own benefits and pricing.
      • Services Sponsored: This allows sponsors to specify which event services they’d like their sponsorship to cover.
  • Event Information:
      • Name of Event: This captures the name of the event the sponsorship is associated with.
      • Expected Attendance: This helps sponsors understand the potential reach of their sponsored event.
      • Date of Event: The date the sponsored event will take place.
      • Time of Event: The time the sponsored event will take place.
  • Sponsorship Agreement:
      • Sponsorship Amount: This captures the total amount of the sponsorship contribution.
      • Credit Card Details: This section allows sponsors to submit their credit card information for payment securely.
      • Terms Checkbox: This presents the sponsorship terms and conditions that sponsors must agree to before submitting the form.
      • Signature and Date: This allows sponsors to sign and submit the completed sponsorship application electronically.

Sign up with WPForms today and access the Multi-Tier Sponsorship Form Template. This straightforward form simplifies the sponsorship application process for both organizations and potential sponsors.