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Simplify the enrollment process with our comprehensive Enrollment Form Templates. Tailored for educational institutions, organizations, and other programs, these enrollment templates streamline registrations, nominations, and sign-ups for efficient communication and collaboration. All these enrollment templates are designed to enhance the enrollment experience with WPForms.
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34 Enrollment Form Templates

Early College Credit Program Form Template

Early College Credit Program Form

For encouraging academic advancement and providing students with a significant head start.

Education Loan Application Form Template

Education Loan Application Form

For schools, colleges, and universities that want to simplify the process of educational loans.

Scholarship Registration Form Template

Scholarship Registration Form

Helps schools, colleges and universities in need of a streamlined approach to managing applications.

Study Abroad Application Form Template

Study Abroad Application Form

Helps simplify the application process for students dreaming of studying abroad.

Course Enrollment Form Template

Course Enrollment Form

A great tool for websites looking to stay ahead in online education.

Student Registration Form Template

Student Registration Form

Streamline the administrative process of registering new students.

Field Trip Permission Form Template

Field Trip Permission Form

Simplify trip preparations and the acquiring of consent from legal guardians for field trips.

Student Leadership Application Form Template

Student Leadership Application Form

Streamline the process of selecting student leaders for new programs, initiatives, or drives.

Youth Registration Form Template

Youth Registration Form

A solution for anyone who wants to simplify the enrollment of young participants into new programs.

Youth Football Registration Form Template

Youth Football Registration Form

Provides a streamlined, organized approach to managing youth football registrations.

Online Course Registration Form Template

Online Course Registration Form

Capture student information, streamline payments, and create a user-centric registration process.

Multiple Participant Registration Form Template

Multiple Participant Registration Form

Allows website users to register multiple participants for an event, all in one go.

Basic Chaperone Form Template

Basic Chaperone Form

Gather information and permissions to organize your next outing or event.

Research Interview Consent Form Template

Research Interview Consent Form

Use this consent form on your website to ensure ethical data collection.

Parent Teacher Conference Form Template

Parent Teacher Conference Form

Ensure that educators and parents approach important conversations with all essential details.

Youth Sports Registration Form Template

Youth Sports Registration Form

This template ensures that you capture every detail, paving the way for a smooth sports season.

Scholarship Form Template

Scholarship Form

Streamline and enhance your scholarship selection process.

Student Council Nomination Form Template

Student Council Nomination Form

Streamline nominations and guarantee a democratic election for the student council.

Basketball Tryout Registration Form

Basketball Tryout Registration Form

Optimize your basketball tryout organization and improve efficiency with this form template.

Softball Tryout Registration Form Template

Softball Tryout Registration Form

Make softball tryout signups a breeze using our convenient registration form template.

Football Tryout Registration Form Template

Football Tryout Registration Form

Prepare for football tryouts with our user-friendly registration form template.

Volleyball Tryout Registration Form Template

Volleyball Tryout Registration Form

Streamline volleyball tryout signups with our convenient registration form template.

Cheerleading Tryout Registration Form Template

Cheerleading Tryout Registration Form

Collect cheerleading tryout registration fees straight from your website.

Dance Team Tryout Registration Form Template

Dance Team Tryout Registration Form

Allow dance team tryout participants to pay for their registration directly on your site.

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Are these WordPress form templates free?

Our form template gallery includes templates for the free version of WPForms, WPForms Lite. We also have hundreds of templates that work great with WPForms Pro.

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