Introducing the new lead forms addon

Introducing the NEW Lead Forms Addon for WPForms

The new Lead Forms addon is here!

Now, you can turn any form into the perfect lead generation tool with a single click. With the Lead Forms addon, you’ll get embeddable forms that show only one field at a time, ensuring high conversion rates with an effortless lead capture process.

Click to learn more about our new addon and take your business to new heights!

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WPForms 2022 Year in Review

WPForms 2022 Year in Review (Annual Report)

2022 has been quite the year. We passed 5 million active installs and crossed over 130 million total downloads. We’re now the #7 most popular plugin on with more than 11,700 5-Star reviews. Most importantly, in 2022 we added many new features and integrations. Take a peek at our 2022 Annual Report to see […]

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introducing wpforms 1.7.8 content field anti-spam menu and more

Introducing WPForms 1.7.8 – Content Field, NEW Anti-Spam Settings, and More

WPForms 1.7.8 is here, and this time we’ve got a whole bunch of exciting new features for you.

The highlight feature of this update is a brand new Content field that lets you add and format without touching a single line of code!

Plus, we’ve refashioned spam settings into a new anti-spam settings that brings all the different spam tools available in WPForms under a single menu.

Not only that but there’s also an exciting upgrade to form notifications, as requested by many WPForms users.

Read the full announcement to learn more!

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Introducing the new google sheets addon

Introducing the NEW Google Sheets Addon for WPForms

We’ve just launched a new addon for WPForms… the Google Sheets addon.

You can now automatically send form entries to a spreadsheet directly and take your entry management to the next level.

With this addon, you can focus more on important business tasks and leave it to WPForms to maintain your spreadsheets.

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Introducing WPForms 1.7.7 the new layout field is here

Introducing WPForms 1.7.7 – The NEW Layout Field Is Here

Our latest addition to WPForms is the Layout field.

If you’ve wanted to have easy layout controls at your disposal so you can make more compact forms that fit perfectly within your page layouts, this update is for you.

Now, you can choose from 8 different form layout presets with a single click. No complex CSS needed!

Check out our announcement for more details.

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Introducing the new PayPal Commerce addon

Introducing the New PayPal Commerce Addon for WPForms

WPForms now supports PayPal Commerce to give you even greater control over your payment forms. The PayPal Commerce addon lets you accept payments via PayPal checkout as well as credit cards. And the integration is super quick and effortless.

Click to learn more about the awesome capabilities of PayPal Commerce and why it may be the ideal payment solution for your business.

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