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Collect online payments hassle-free with ready-made payment forms. Enjoy the flexibility of accepting either one-time payments or recurring subscription payments (or both) using popular payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, and more.
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75 Payment Form Templates

Cheerleading Uniform Order Form Template

Cheerleading Uniform Order Form

Simplifies the process of acquiring custom uniforms tailored to your customers' needs.

Dance Team Uniform Order Form Template

Dance Team Uniform Order Form

This order form is a game-changer for the dance teams that order your gear.

Real Estate License Form Template

Real Estate License Form

The key to easily navigating the licensing process.

Payment Omitted Order Form Template

Payment Omitted Order Form

A user-friendly order form that doesn't require payment from your customers.

Sweatshirt Order Form Template

Sweatshirt Order Form

For online stores looking to offer their audience an effortless way to purchase their merchandise.

Rental Deposit Form Template

Rental Deposit Form

Simplify the deposit collection process while ensuring clarity and compliance.

Monogram Tote Bag Order Form Template

Monogram Tote Bag Order Form

An order form that caters to customers seeking personalized tote bags.

Custom Coffee Mug Order Form Template

Custom Coffee Mug Order Form

Allow customers to order their customized coffee mugs straight from your website.

Personalized Bible Order Form Template

Personalized Bible Order Form

Allow customers to personalize a thoughtful gift for loved ones.

Custom Sports Jersey Order Form Template

Custom Sports Jersey Order Form

Elevate your customer's style with customizable team jerseys.

School Supplies Order Form Template

School Supplies Order Form

Managing your inventory and streamlining the ordering process has never been easier.

Custom Logo T-Shirt Order Form Template

Custom Logo T-Shirt Order Form

A must-have tool for any business or organization looking to offer custom-branded apparel.

Workshop Registration Order Form Template

Workshop Registration Order Form

Simplify the process, enhance transparency, and streamline operations.

Tech Repair Services Order Form Template

Tech Repair Services Order Form

Process tech repair services and payments directly from your website.

Art Commission Order Form Template

Art Commission Order Form

Empower artists and clients to embark on a collaborative journey of creative expression.

High School Transcript Request Form Template

High School Transcript Request Form

Cater to the needs of students while providing a user-friendly platform for essential services.

Square Fee Calculator Form Template

Square Fee Calculator Form

Accept payments through an order form that successfully integrates with Square.

PayPal Fee Calculator Form Template

PayPal Fee Calculator Form

Integrates with PayPal and allows you to add a standard fee per transaction to your order form.

Authorize.Net Fee Calculator Form Template

Authorize.Net Fee Calculator Form

Provide a clear breakdown of costs, including the specific transaction fees for the order placed.

Credit Card Consent Form Template

Credit Card Consent Form

Streamline payment processes while ensuring security.

Direct Billing Form Template

Direct Billing Form

Tailored to streamline billing information collection and ensure secure transactions.

Editable Sponsorship Form Template

Editable Sponsorship Form

Empowers sponsors to easily provide their details and make secure transactions.

Events Manager Booking Form Template

Events Manager Booking Form

Elevate your services, save time, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Fundraising Sponsor Form Template

Fundraising Sponsor Form

Comes pre-made with all of the fields and functions you need to collect donations on your site.

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How do I customize my WordPress form template?

WPForms makes it easy to customize any form template so it works exactly how you want it to. You can easily:

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Are these WordPress form templates free?

Our form template gallery includes templates for the free version of WPForms, WPForms Lite. We also have hundreds of templates that work great with WPForms Pro.

In addition, our advanced form templates let you integrate your forms with other platforms and services so you can:

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