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Standard Order Form Template

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Looking to streamline your sales process? Our Standard Order Form Template is designed to make order management a breeze.

What Makes Our Standard Order Form Template Unique?

This template covers everything from capturing customer details to finalizing payment options, helping you save time and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Choose Your Product: This section showcases your entire product line with pictures and price tags. Customers can easily select what they want, and further options for customizing the product, like color and quantity, appear once a selection is made.
  • Discount Code Entry: If your business offers discounts, this is where customers can type in their promotional code. To try out the demo of this template, enter “10OFF” as the discount code and click apply.
  • Total Amount: Say goodbye to manual errors. This section automatically computes the total cost of the selected items, sparing you and the customer unnecessary headaches.
  • Contact Information: This section includes essential information like the customer’s name, email, and phone number. This ensures a seamless communication channel for any updates or changes regarding the order.
  • Destination Address: No more second-guessing delivery locations. This part is where customers can provide their complete shipping details, ensuring their order arrives.
  • Special Delivery Requests: Let customers voice any specific delivery needs or preferences, such as “leave at the front door” in this part of the form.
  • Payment Information: Capture all necessary payment details in this section. Lite, Basic, and Plus license holders pay a 3% commission with Stripe. However, holders of Pro and Elite licenses are exempt from this.
  • Final Confirmation: This is where customers can review and agree to the terms and conditions, finalizing their order and giving you the green light to proceed.

Our Standard Order Form Template requires a Pro license because it integrates with the Coupons Addon. Sign up with WPForms today to revolutionize your order management process and elevate customer satisfaction.