Flea Market Vendor Form Template

Do you want to make it easy for vendors to register for space at your flea market? If so, you need the flea market vendor form template from WPForms.

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What Goes On a Flea Market Vendor Form Template?

Flea markets are places to sell collectibles, vintage and antique items, and more. Collectors love to browse them, looking for rare and interesting finds.

When you’re registering new vendors for your flea market, there’s some information you must collect for your records and marketing.

First, the form should collect the vendor’s basic contact information. Don’t forget to ask what the business name will be. It will be how you list the vendor in your directory or other marketing materials.

Next, find out what kinds of items the vendor plans to sell. Depending on your setup, you may choose to have similar vendors grouped together, or you may choose to space them out. Knowing what they’re planning to sell will help you with a layout plan if you have one.

Finally, the form should ask the vendor what size of space they require. Our form template lists monthly prices for each size. When the vendor selects a size, the price will populate the Total field.

Vendors must then pay for the space. The form is connected to Stripe to allow monthly subscription payments, meaning that the payments can be made automatically on a recurring basis.

The form is ready to use as-is, but if you find that you need or want changes, they’re easy to make. Our drag-and-drop form builder is easy to use so you can make the form suit your needs.

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