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The Online Donation Form Template by WPForms lets people donate money to your nonprofit right on your website. Use this template to provide a seamless and secure way for donors to contribute.

How Do I Create a Donation Form?

The WPForms Donation Form helps facilitate online donations and is crucial for non-profits, charities, and other organizations seeking support.

This template simplifies the donation process and supports recurring payments, making it easier for organizations to receive ongoing support.

It does so with the help of the Stripe Pro Addon, which requires the WPForms Pro license to offer a secure, user-friendly platform for donors to support their cause.

  • Name: This field captures the donor’s name, personalizing their donation experience and creating a connection with the organization.
  • Email: A crucial contact detail, the donor’s email address, is collected for sending donation receipts, thank-you messages, and future communication if consented.
  • Phone: For organizations that require phone communication or wish to have an additional contact method, this field gathers the donor’s phone number.
  • Donation Type: Donors can choose their donation frequency through a dropdown menu with options like one-time, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.
  • Donation Amount: Donors specify the amount they wish to donate. This user-defined field caters to varying levels of financial capacity and willingness to contribute.
  • Permission to Acknowledge Donation Publicly: Donors can decide whether they would like their donation to be publicly acknowledged or prefer to remain anonymous.
  • Total Field: Automatically calculated, this field displays the total donation amount, ensuring transparency and clarity for the donor.
  • Stripe Credit Card: Integrated with the Stripe Pro Addon, this field securely handles payment details for the donation.

Wondering what the form making process looks like along with any additional customizations to include in your donation form? Check out our guide on how to create a nonprofit donation form in WordPress!

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With WPForms, setting up this template is straightforward, and its customization options ensure it fits seamlessly with the organization’s branding and website design.

The Online Donation Form Template can easily be used by charities, churches, and non-profits on their websites, facilitating a smooth donation process.

Whether for one-time gifts or sustaining contributions, this template empowers organizations to receive the vital funding they need to continue their work.