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Simple Order Form Template

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Use our simple online order form and allow customers to purchase products directly from your website. Remember, this template can be fully customized!

What Are the Advantages of an Order Form?

An order form can help increase sales by giving your customers an easy way to order products online. Furthermore, order forms are a cheaper solution than an average e-commerce site.

Finally, the easier the form, the better user experience you’ll give your customer. Why’s this good? Customers who had a great experience on a site are more likely to return and buy again!

How Do I Create an Order Form?

First, use the template above and customize it to your business needs. Secondly, embed it onto your website and start selling more!

With WPForms, there are several payment options to enhance your order form. This form uses Stripe, but you can switch this to Square, or PayPal using WPForms Pro, or Authorize.Net if you’re have our Elite license. You can also capture any half-finished orders by activating the Form Abandonment addon.

Customizing Advanced Options in WPForms

WPForms makes it easy to set up notifications and email your customer as soon as a user submits your order form.

You can also add photos of your products to your form so customers can quickly and easily select their desired item.