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Monthly Recurring Membership Form Template

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Do you want to use PayPal to collect monthly membership payments? If so, then you need the Monthly Recurring Membership Form Template from WPForms.

With this form template, you can receive PayPal payments directly on the form. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to customize this membership form with any fields you’d like.

Using the Monthly Recurring Membership Form Template

With a form from WPForms, you can be certain that the information gathered is safely collected and securely stored. This is incredibly important when receiving payments from your form users, whether it be via credit card, PayPal, or some other payment type.

First, this membership form template gathers the name, email, and phone number of the form user. Next, the form user is asked to confirm their monthly membership by checking a box on the form. Then, the form automatically tells the user the total cost of their membership, which you can set with the easy to use form builder.

The form user can also write out a comment or message to include with their payment. Lastly, the user enters their PayPal or credit card information, and submits their form.

The Monthly Recurring Membership Form is perfect for collecting fees of all types of memberships, both in-person and online. Plus, the PayPal option makes it even more convenient for your members to make a payment on your website. And like we said, the fully customizable form means that you can edit all of the fields included, like the total displayed to your users.

Get started with WPForms today to create and customize your own Monthly Recurring Membership Form Template. Signing up with WPForms gives you access to this and thousands of other pre-made templates.