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Takeout Order Form Template

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Do you want to give your customers an easier way to order takeout from your restaurant? If so, this takeout order form is perfect for your customers because they can forget about calling in their orders and instead check out your on website.

How Do I Create My Own Takeout Order Form?

WPForms offers a ready-made take order form template to speed up the process for you. It allows customers to provide their contact information and select the order they want to buy. However, the template is completely customizable so you can make any edits as you see fit.

For instance, our template has a menu of food items that customers can order. Every restaurant has a different menu, so feel free to edit the list of items under this field by adding the food dishes you serve. You can add as many items to this list as you like using the simple WPForms drag and drop builder.

The Total field allows customers to instantly see the total price of their takeout order as they select items to order.

As you may notice, there’s no payment field added by default in this template. This is because takeout orders can usually be paid for at the point of collection by the customer. However, you can also add a payment field within the form if you’d like to give your customers the added convenience of making card payments for their order during form submission online.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the takeout order form template today and collect complete details for an order online. Plus, you’ll also get a variety of useful features