Business Operations Form Templates

Use our business form templates to support your operations as your business grows. Collect important client information, hire and manage employees, receive files, sell products and services, and more.

832 Business Operations Form Templates

Photo Permission Release Form Template

Photo Permission Release Form

Streamline your process of obtaining consent for using photos on your website.

Contractor Release Form Template

Contractor Release Form

A simple form to release a contractor from any liability or responsibility for their project.

Student Leadership Application Form Template

Student Leadership Application Form

Streamline the process of selecting student leaders for new programs, initiatives, or drives.

Course Feedback Form Template

Course Feedback Form

For creating a feedback system regarding specific courses and the experiences of students.

Skin Care Consultation Form Template

Skin Care Consultation Form

Designed for skin care experts who aspire to provide tailored, effective solutions to their clients.

Brand Ambassador Application Form Template

Brand Ambassador Application Form

Perfect solution for effortlessly recruiting and onboarding your brand's representatives.

Film Location Agreement Form Template

Film Location Agreement Form

Streamline your location agreement process for a seamless production/shooting experience.

Computer Access Request Form Template

Computer Access Request Form

Enhance your organization's overall operational efficiency and security protocols.

Lease Agreement Form Template

Lease Agreement Form

Simplifies the leasing process and ensures all parties are clear about the terms and conditions.

Signature Verification Form Template

Signature Verification Form

An essential tool for entities requiring a reliable method to authenticate and verify signatures.

Basic Return to Work Form Template

Basic Return to Work Form

Ensure a smooth return-to-work process for employees to complete directly from your website.

Personal Credit Application Form Template

Personal Credit Application Form

A comprehensive document that lenders can use to evaluate candidates for a potential loan.

Wholesale Account Form Template

Wholesale Account Form

For any business and website that wants to streamline onboarding new wholesale buyers.

Vendor Agreement Form Template

Vendor Agreement Form

A document that both vendors and clients can use to establish an agreement.

New Vendor Form Template

New Vendor Form

Ensuring you capture all necessary details to build a strong and reliable vendor network.

Photography Model Release Form Template

Photography Model Release Form

Ideal for photographers, agencies, and any entity involved in the creative use of images.

Basic Order Form Template

Basic Order Form

A simple way to start accepting orders and payments without creating an entire online store.

Rental Ledger Form Template

Rental Ledger Form

A great way to manage property rentals and keep track of payments and releases.

Employee Indemnity Form Template

Employee Indemnity Form

Ensures all aspects of indemnity are clearly communicated and agreed upon effectively.

Documentary Release Form Template

Documentary Release Form

Perfect for anyone in the creative field looking to handle participant agreements professionally.

Auction Procurement Form Template

Auction Procurement Form

Ease the collection and organization of donated items, ensuring a smooth lead-up to your event.

Assignment of Lease Form Template

Assignment of Lease Form

Promote transparency, security, and ease of use with this form on your site.

Claim Release Form Template

Claim Release Form

Enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen the overall integrity of your claims management system.

Approval Form Template

Approval Form

A structured document that captures crucial information to streamline the approval process.

Tips for Creating Business Operations Forms That Convert

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How can business form templates help me to streamline my workflow?

Our business form templates make it easy for you to create forms to collect the data you need.

Whether you’re looking for lead generation forms to get more sales, or evaluation forms to manage your employees, we’ve created templates that will act as a great starting point.

WPForms also has a library of addons that make it easy to work with your data, export it, and integrate with other services. For example, it’s easy to create a newsletter signup form and connect it to your email marketing platform in minutes.

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Can I get free business forms from WPForms?

Yes! Many of our WordPress form templates will work with WPForms Lite, the free version of WPForms. This is a perfect way to publish simple forms when your small business is just starting out and creating its first business plan.

When you’re ready to upgrade to WPForms Pro, you’ll unlock extra fields and addons that allow you to take payments, export your data, make surveys, and more. All of these essential tools will help you to grow your business faster.

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