How to Export Form Entries in WPForms

Do you want to export the entries from your WordPress forms? Downloading an export file of form entries is super useful, as this allows entries to be viewed in many other programs, such as Excel or Google Sheets.

In this article, we’ll show you how to export form entries in WPForms.

Before getting started, be sure you’ve installed WPForms, verified your license key, and collected at least one entry.

Exporting Multiple Form Entries

To export multiple entries at once, you’ll first need to go to WPForms » Tools and click on the Export tab.

Open WPForms Tools and Export page

Once the Export tab is open, you’ll see the Export Entries section right at the top. The export includes many options, discussed below in detail.

Select form and fields for CSV export

  • Form Name: Within the dropdown, select the name of the relevant form.
  • Form Fields: You can uncheck any box to exclude that field from your CSV export.

Select additional information to include in CSV export

  • Additional Information: In addition to current form fields, you can choose to add many additional columns of data to your CSV export.
    • Entry ID: The unique number assigned to each entry
    • Entry Date: When the entry was submitted
    • Entry Notes: Details manually added to individual entries (more details)
    • Viewed: A status indicating whether the individual entry was opened in your WordPress admin area (unread entries are shown in the Entries page with a green circle)
    • Starred: A status indicating whether you manually starred an individual entry
    • User Agent: Details on the browser being used when the entry was submitted
    • User IP: The user’s IP address
    • Unique Generated User ID: A unique, random value assigned to each user who submits a form (whether or not they are logged in).
    • Geolocation Details: (Only available if the Geolocation addon is installed and active) General location information for the user
    • Payment Gateway Information: (Only available if the Stripe and/or PayPal addons are installed and used in this form) Includes details such as payment gateway (Stripe/PayPal), payment total, currency, and transaction number
    • Include data of previously deleted fields: Values for fields that were deleted at some point in the form’s history

Limit CSV export by date range or search criteria

  • Export Options: Generate an export file using Microsoft Excel’s .xlsx format.
  • Custom Date Range: Choose a start and end date to restrict the entries included in your export
  • Search: Export only entries that meet your search criteria

Once you’ve decided which details you’d like to include, you can go ahead and click the Download Export File button. The download should begin immediately.

Download the CSV export file in WPForms

Most browsers will, by default, save any downloaded files to your computer’s Downloads folder.

Exporting a Single Entry

Sometimes, you may only want to export a single entry. To do this, you’ll need to go to WPForms » Entries and select the name of the relevant form.

Choose form on Entries overview page

Then, you’ll need to click the View link to open the specific entry’s page.

Click View for an individual entry

Within the right sidebar of the individual entry’s page, you’ll see a list of Actions you can apply to this entry. From this list, you can select Export (CSV) to download your entries in CSV form, or the Export (XLSX) option to download your entries in an Excel format.

Export individual form entry

Once you click one of these export options, the download should begin immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of my export’s characters come out garbled in the export. How can I fix this?

In most cases, this is caused by special characters within the entry being improperly encoded in the CSV file. To fix this, be sure to use the Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) option within the export settings to ensure the correct file encoding.

Or, if you’d prefer to stick with a CSV file, be sure to use UTF-8 encoding when opening your file in Excel.

Can I export my entries from WPForms Lite?

WPForms Lite currently does not have the feature to store or export entries, though you can set up form notification emails to send out form submissions to your preferred email address.

With any paid WPForms license, you will be able to store and export future entries (e.g., entries created after your license key has been verified).

That’s it! We hope this tutorial helped you learn how to download exports for your WPForms entries.

Next, would you like to find out more about other tools available for form management? Be sure to check out our guide to form entries, where we’ve answered all the most common questions about form management options.