How to Add Custom PHP or JavaScript for WPForms


Adding custom code snippets to your site with PHP or JavaScript can extend the functionality of your site for your specific needs. Whether that be to extend your WordPress theme functionality or extend any plugin functionality.

There are a number of approaches available for adding PHP or Javascript to customize your specific needs, not just for WPForms but for any custom code you wish to add.

Implementation Options

Below are our recommended options, including related articles from WPBeginner with more details.

Using Functions.php

Add to functions.php file (or, better yet, Create a Child Theme).

It’s important to note that we always recommend creating a child theme before editing any of your theme files. If the theme pushes out an update and you’ve edited core theme files, your changes would be lost when the theme updates. The tutorial link referenced here on creating a child theme will give you step-by-step instructions on how to create a child theme so that you can easily add your custom code.

Creating a Site-Specific Plugin

Create a site-specific plugin.

Creating a custom plugin is very easy and you only need a text editor such as Word or NotePad in order to do this. The tutorial link shown here will walk you through multiple different ways on how to do this.

Using a Code Snippets Plugin

Use a code snippets plugin.

Using a specific plugin designed for exactly this in mind may be the easiest way for you to approach adding your custom code. This tutorial link will go into more detail on how to achieve this approach.


When adding any kind of custom code to your site, it’s important to preserve your code from unexpected events. So no matter what approach you choose, it’s a good idea to always back up your site. That way, you’ll have access to older versions of code files if needed.


Q: How does this help me with adding custom code to WPForms?

A: This tutorial isn’t specificly for WPForms code snippets but for any code snippets. Simply find which option above is easier for you to add any code snippets, including the WPForms code snippets mentioned in the Tutorials and Snippets section.