How to Get an SMS Notification Text Message From Your WordPress Form

Would you like to get notified through SMS notifications when someone submits a WordPRess contact form? To get SMS text messages, you can connect your WordPress forms to an SMS app like Twilio.

So in this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get an SMS text message from your WordPress form.

Here’s a table of contents for each step if you’d like to jump ahead:

  1. Create a WordPress Form
  2. Connect Your Form to Zapier
  3. Set Up Your Twilio Integration
  4. Configure Twilio in Zapier

Why Get SMS Notifications from WordPress Contact Forms

Whenever your form is submitted, creating an SMS alert helps you to get notified even if you’re offline.

If you’re running an online business, it helps you to expedite sales responses for new inquiries, resulting in boosting conversions and closing deals faster.

Now that you know the importance of receiving SMS from your WordPress forms, let’s look at how to connect your forms to an SMS app, Twilio.

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How to Get an SMS Notification From a WordPress Contact Form

Check out these step by step instructions to integrating WPForms and the SMS app Twilio.

Step 1: Create a WordPress Form

The first thing you need to do is to install and activate the WPForms plugin. Here’s a step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Also, you’ll need to have a form created. See our tutorial on how to create a simple contact form as an example to get started.

Now that your form is created, we’ll need to connect this form to your Twilio account.

Step 2: Connect Your Form to Zapier

To create an SMS notification when someone submits your WordPress contact form, you’ll need to integrate WPForms with an SMS app like Twilio. To do this, you’ll need to install Zapier addon first.

You’ll need to have a Pro license or higher to access the Zapier addon.

The Zapier addon lets you connect your forms to over 2,000+ web apps, including things like Drip, Jira, and Twilio so that you get alerted when someone submits your form on your site. You can learn how to connect WPForms with Zapier here.

Now let’s connect your form to Twilio.

The first thing you need to do is to log in to your Zapier account. Then, begin to make a Zap with WPForms as your Trigger App. For a complete step-by-step guide to making a Zap, you can check out our tutorial on how to get started with Zapier.

When you get to the Edit Options screen, select the form you just created.

select sms form in zapier to set up wordpress contact form sms notification

After this step, select Continue.  Now you can test your form’s connection to Zapier. Be sure to have at least one test entry on your form before fetching existing entries.

After a moment, you should see a success confirmation message.

Step 3: Set Up Your Twilio Integration

Now that you’ve connected Zapier to the WPForms plugin, the next step is to connect your form to Twilio. This is the SMS notification app you’ll want to connect to your WordPress forms.

You’ll need to choose Twilio as the action app.

choose twilio app

Next, you’ll be prompted to select a Twilio action. As we’re looking to create an SMS alert when a form is being submitted on your site, you need to select Send SMS. Then, select Save + Continue.

select twilio action in zapier

Then, you’ll need to connect your Twilio account with Zapier. Click Connect a New Account. If you do not have an account created, you’ll need to create a free account and then, allow Zapier to access your Twilio account by entering its Account SID and Auth Token.

allow zapier to access twilio

To find Account SID and Auth Token, log in to your Twilio Console and navigate to Account » Account Settings. Now scroll down your page until you find API Credentials. You can copy the required details into Zapier and click Yes, Continue.

api credentials in twilio

After allowing access, select Save + Continue.

select twilio account

Now to continue setting up your SMS notifications in your WordPress contact form, go back to your Twilio Console and click the # tab in the left panel. Then, click Active Numbers » Get Started.

get started in twilio account

Then, click Get your first Twilio phone number. Now you’ll be shown a Twilio phone number to choose. Click Choose this Number. Then, click Done.

choose this number

Step 4: Configure Twilio in Zapier

Now go back to your Zapier account. You’ll need to specify

  • From Number: This is the number you’ve just created in your Twilio account. You can choose it from the dropdown menu.
  • To Number: You may enter your phone number where the SMS should be sent. You can use an internet phone system like VoIP.
  • Message: Here you can specify all the form fields and customize them the way you want. For example, you can look at the screenshot below.

You may leave the other optional fields blank and click Continue. You’ve almost set up your SMS notifications for your WordPress contact forms!

form fields to connect to twilio for wordpress contact form sms notification

Now you can test Twilio by clicking Create & Continue. If everything is done right, you’ll now receive an SMS on your phone.

test wordpress contact form sms notification

In the final step, you’ll need to name your Zap and turn it on, so you’ll be notified through SMS when someone submits your form.

turn on zap for wordpress contact form sms notification

In Conclusion

That’s all – you did it. We hope this guide helped show you how easy it is to get SMS notification text messages from your WordPress Contact forms. You may also like our roundup of the best VoIP services for small businesses.

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    1. Hi Justin,

      I’m apologize for the frustration but since we currently don’t have a built-in feature for to send out text messages, this is a workaround we have for the time being.


    1. Hi Kalu,

      We don’t have a way to do this right now, but I’ve made a note on our feature request list so we can keep it on our radar! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  1. Is there a way to connect the “to number” to the telephone value inserted in the form? This way I could send SMS to the users that have submitted a form.

    1. Hi Laurent,

      We don’t have a way to do this right now, but I’ve made a note on our feature request list so we can keep it on our radar! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  2. first i have to purchase wpforms license, then install zapier and then twilio,
    and i can add my mobile number where i will get message when someone submit wpform. right?

    1. Hey Umar – Yes, you are absolutely correct! You will need our Pro License for Zapier addon. In Twilio settings, you can set up any of your numbers where you want to get the messages from Twilio when someone fills the form.

      For more help, please feel welcome to reach out to the support team. If you have a WPForms license, you have access to our email support, so please submit a support ticket.

      Otherwise, we provide limited complimentary support in the WPForms Lite support forum.

      Thanks 🙂

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