Installing WPForms Addons

Would you like to access WPForms addons to extend the functionality of your forms? Each WPForms license level comes with its own set of addons to help you get the most out of your forms.

This tutorial will show you how to install and activate addons in WPForms.

Before getting started, you’ll first need to make sure that WPForms is installed and activated on your WordPress site and that you’ve verified your license.

Accessing the WPForms Addons Page

In your WordPress admin area, navigate to WPForms » Addons to view the addons available with your license level.

Opening the WPForms addons page

If you don’t see any addons for your license level, click on the Refresh Addons button to force a refresh.

Refreshing the addons screen

To search for a specific addon, you can type its name into the Search Addons field located in the top-right corner of the page.

Searching available WPForms addons

Installing and Activating Addons

To install a specific addon to your site, simply click on the Install Addon button.

Installing an addon

This will automatically install and activate the addon for you. Any addon that’s installed and ready to use will show Status: Active.

An active addon

You may deactivate an addon at any time by clicking on the Deactivate button. To reactivate an inactive addon, click on the Activate button.

Activating an inactive addon

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we see regarding installing and activating addons in WPForms.

How do I install addons manually?

In some cases, you may see an error in WPForms that says, “Could not install addon. Please download from and install manually.”

An error message for an addon that couldn't be installed manually

To do so, log in to your WPForms account and go to the Downloads tab. If you do not see a list of available addons, click on Expand to see Available Addons and Download Links.

Expanding the list of available addons for your WPForms account

Then click on the download icon (it’s shaped like a cloud) for the addon you want to install.

Downloading an addon from your WPForms account

Upload the downloaded .zip file to WordPress and activate it like you would a normal plugin. For more information on installing WordPress plugins, check out this WPBeginner tutorial on installing WordPress plugins.

Note: For more detailed guidance on downloading, uploading, and activating addons, see our full tutorial on how to manually install addons.

That’s it! You can now install and activate your addons.

Next, are you ready to start creating your forms? Or, if you’d like the setup steps for a specific addon, please check out our documentation for each addon.