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Increase Survey Response Rates

How to Increase Survey Response Rates and Build Your Business

by Lindsay Liedke on Apr 19, 2018

Want to learn how to increase survey response rates on your WordPress forms? Asking people to fill out your survey form is a great way to learn how well known your brand is, whether customers will buy your products, if customers are satisfied with your company, and so much more.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best strategies to increase survey response rates so you can make better business decisions based on what your actual customers want.

1. Remove the Text Box

When you create a survey form in WordPress using WPForms, you have the option to add any of the following field types:

However, depending on the type of survey form you have, you might want to think about making things as simple as possible. And, this means getting rid of any survey questions that require a written answer.

People are busy and don’t want to waste time typing in answers on your survey form, such as the ones seen here on the Hilton Hotel Service Experience survey form.

Hilton Hotel Survey Example

Make things easy by giving people simple multiple choice answers they can quickly choose from and watch your survey response rates increase.

And if you have to create a form with text boxes, at least create a multi-part form to help avoid form fatigue.

2. Keep it Short

We’ve talked about keeping your WordPress forms short in order to boost conversions. And, the same is true for survey forms.

Vovici, a survey software company, did a study on survey abandonment rates and found that the shorter a survey is, the higher the response rate is.

Survey Length

They also offer the following tips for preventing form abandonment:

  • Only ask questions that will help you achieve the goal of your survey
  • Only ask the most important questions
  • Never ask a question that you or your team can’t address

In addition, use smart conditional logic to show or hide survey questions based on the user’s responses. This way your survey is only as long as it needs to be.

3. Inform the Customer

If you really want to increase survey response rates, let people know exactly what the survey is about and why you’re asking them to fill it out. And don’t forget to tell them how their feedback will be used.

  • Can they expect to hear from you after the survey regarding their answers?
  • Will they be able to access their answers after submitting the form?
  • Is there an incentive for filling out the survey?
  • What is the exact purpose for conducting the survey?

Answering questions like these on your survey form, like Telstra.com does, will help encourage site visitors to fill out your form.

Telstra Survey Example

Notice how they tell people about how long the survey will take to finish. Plus, they add what the feedback will be used for and an example of how previous feedback was used to improve the user experience.

If people feel their feedback is important, they’ll be more likely to submit the form. That, and knowing it will only take a little bit of time to finish.

4. Offer an Incentive

Giving people a reason to fill out your survey by offering an incentive is a great way to boost your survey response rate.

In fact, according to PeoplePulse, survey response rates jump an extra 10-15% when an incentive is added, no matter how minor the reward.

Here are some of the best incentives you can offer:

  • Monetary. Cash, checks, or gift cards all work. However, cash is the winner if you want the highest survey responses.
  • Samples. If you have the right kind of audience, sometimes giving away a sample product or service is a better idea.
  • Coupons or Discounts. People love a good deal and are more likely to complete your survey form if they know they’re getting free shipping on a purchase or a coupon to use on their next visit.
  • Charitable Donations. Your target audience may be more willing to submit a survey form if they know you’ll be donating to a charity.
  • Hold a Drawing. Another great incentive is to enter people that fill out your survey into a drawing or raffle.

If you’re worried that people will only fill out your survey for the incentive, don’t worry. It’s been shown that 94% of people still give honest answers, even if they just want the reward.

And there you have it! Some of the best ways to increase survey response rates so you can start collecting valuable feedback from your site visitors and improve your business based on their concerns, needs, and wants.

If you’re looking for another way to quickly get feedback from your site visitors, that doesn’t require a ton of in-depth questions, take a look at how to create a poll form in WordPress.

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