Rachel Adnyana


Rachel has been writing about WordPress for a decade and building websites for much longer. Alongside web development, she's fascinated with the art and science of SEO and digital marketing.


  • WordPress
  • Web development (HTML, CSS, PHP)
  • SEO
  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing
  • SaaS


Rachel is a Writer for WPForms and has many years of experience in web development and online content writing. She joined the content team in 2023 and also writes for WP Mail SMTP and SendLayer.

She built her first website in 1996 (when table-based layouts and animated GIFs were all the rage) and was instantly hooked. After exploring dynamic web development with PHP and becoming fascinated with coding, she went on to study for a BSc in Computer Science at Newcastle University in the UK.

Post graduation, Rachel spent four years as the website manager of one of the largest higher education colleges in the UK. During this time, she worked closely with the marketing team and started delving into the worlds of SEO and content marketing.

After leaving the UK to travel, she worked as a freelance web developer, juggled several affiliate blog side hustles, and rediscovered a love of writing as a travel blogger. After a few years, she realized she could combine her passions as a writer specializing in WordPress and digital marketing.

With over a decade of content marketing experience, Rachel has ghostwritten for several high-profile marketing experts, and her work has been featured on sites including HubSpot, ProBlogger, and The New York Times.


The Ultimate List of Online Business Statistics (2024)

Would you like to grow your online business? One of the best ways to take your company to the next level is by learning as much as you can about what has worked for other business owners. We've done all the hard work and scoured dozens of the latest research and hand-picked the most insightful data to bring you this curated selection. In this post, we share tons of online business facts and statistics that you can use to build and grow your own business online.
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Lunar New Year Marketing Tactics for 2024

Are you looking for ideas to inspire you when you're planning your Lunar New Year marketing campaigns? We've put together some creative examples and ideas for Lunar New Year promotions so you can join the celebrations and boost sales at the start of the lunar calendar, which is celebrated by more than 2 billion people all over the world. From coupon code ideas to email marketing, check out the full post and choose which ideas you want to run with in your business this year.
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120+ Fascinating Lead Generation Statistics and Trends for 2024

With so many channels available to attract new leads - email, content, social media, paid ads, influencer marketing, and live chat to name but a few - choosing the right mix is crucial for your business’s growth. To help you decide where to focus your lead generation efforts, we've compiled lead generation statistics from the latest studies and insights from industry leaders. Use this information to put together your strategy and skyrocket your leads this year!
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5 Best WooCommerce SEO Plugins and Tools

Being successful with eCommerce can be a challenge. As well as creating an online store that looks great and is user friendly, it's also a constant battle to beat competitor stores and get to the top of the search results. We've rounded up the best WooCommerce SEO plugins and tools to help you optimize your store for more traffic, clicks, and sales. From keyword research to content optimization and schema generation, you'll find all the tools you need here to skyrocket your online store to success.
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7 Best Product Review Plugins for WordPress

If you sell products online, you'll know how much reviews can affect your sales. The built-in review functionality in platforms like WooCommerce is quite basic, so check out our roundup of some of the best product review plugins for WordPress to improve your reviews, create a better customer experience, and boost your sales. These product review plugins are also great for product comparison sites, affiliate sites, or any website where you want to help consumers make better buying decisions.
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