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How to Allow Users to Submit Images to Your WordPress Site

Last updated on Mar 15, 2017 by Courtney Robertson

Do you need a way to allow your website visitors to upload an image to your site, without giving them access to log in? Using a simple form makes this easy for your users. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to allow users to submit images to your WordPress site using WPForms.

Why Allow Users to Upload an Image?

You might wonder when it makes sense to allow your website visitors to upload files to your site.

Here are just a few ways they can use an image upload form:

  • Submitting a profile photo
  • Adding images to their guest blog post submissions
  • Gathering testimonials of your products

…and you can probably think of quite a few more!

Having an image upload form saves you time, since you don’t have to upload the images on their behalf. It also helps to keep your site secure, because you don’t have to give all those users access to log in to your site in order to upload the images.

Create an Image Upload Form

The first thing you need to do is install and activate the WPForms plugin. Here’s a step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Also, you’ll need to have a form created. See our tutorial on How to Create a Simple Contact Form as an example to get started.

Then, you’ll need to add a File Upload field to your form. You can drag and drop this field to your desired location.

adding a file upload field to your form

Next, click on this field in the right hand preview panel.

renaming the file upload field

While here, you can rename the field if you want. By default, the uploaded images will save to your WordPress media library, so you can access them from the Media » Library menu in your WordPress dashboard.

Upload image to WordPress Media Library

Publishing Your Image Upload Form

Now you’re ready to publish your survey form on your site!

To add a form to a WordPress post or page, you first have to create or edit a post/page.

On the post editor, you will see the Add Form button just above the text editor. Clicking on the button will bring up a popup.

Select the form you created from the drop down menu and then click on Add Form button.

Add a Submit Image Form

Finally, you can view your published form and give it a test by uploading an image.

how to allow users to submit images to your WordPress site

That’s it!  We hope this article helped you allow users to submit images to your WordPress site.

Want your users to be able to submit a whole blog post, instead of just an image? Check out our guide on how to allow users to submit blog posts.

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  2. Hi ,

    i have an ECommerce site which is customized greetings,
    So i want users to upload imaged while placing the order,
    Is it possible to upload images which can be seen by only me (Admin)
    if that so please do let me know the procedure or plugin

    1. Hi Deepak,

      Yes, this is both possible and actually the default setting for user-uploaded files in our forms. Everything that has to do with forms and form entries is, by default, only visible to admin users on your WordPress site. However, you could still share a link to an uploaded image with non-admin/non-registered users (though this is up to you whether or not to do that).

      The File Upload field is available with any paid license, no addon needed. For more info on this and a bunch of other frequently asked questions about the File Upload, please check out our guide to file uploads.

      I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please let us know 🙂

  3. I have an entry form for where users need to provide an image.

    How do I get those pictures? When I export the info, I only get a link. I’d like to be able to download the images.

    1. Hi Noah,

      There are a couple ways you can download files uploaded to forms, and the most common is to follow that link and download the image from there. I created a short screencast video with an example of how to do this.

      If you’d prefer, you can also access all uploaded files through your site files. If you’d like to check this out, you can open your site files (through FTP or cPanel) and go to wp-content/uploads/wpforms.

      And in case it helps, we also provide the option to store uploaded files to the WordPress Media Library. This can be enabled within the form builder, on the Field Options panel for the File Upload field (here’s a screenshot of that setting).

      I hope that helps! If you have any other questions, please contact our support and we’ll be happy to help further 🙂

  4. Hi Josh,
    I want to create a form on which person can write an article with text and images. Just like writing wordpress post. Is it possible for me to create such form?
    I will really appreciate your response.

    1. Hi Shrujan,

      You can absolutely accept user-submitted posts through your forms, and you can find more details about that here.

      However, including images (outside of the Featured Image, which is an included option) is a bit trickier right now. It can be done in a couple different ways, though, depending on what might work best for you.

      When you get a chance, could you please get in touch with us? From there, we’ll be able to get more details from you and better determine how we might be able to fit your needs.

      Thanks! 🙂

  5. I want to add a functionality like online word to pdf converter to my website, except it will be 2D images submitted by users and I will provide them 3D converted file, and they should be able to download them from the same page.

    1. Hi Rahul,

      I apologize, but I’m not sure I understand what you’re looking to do. If you could share more details with our team over in this form, we’ll be happy to help you determine if our forms could be a good fit.

      Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Martin,

      Yes, that’s right — the File Upload field described in this article is available with every paid license level, including the Basic license.

      I hope that helps! 🙂

  6. Hi

    I am building an e-commerce platform whereby customers can purchase canvas prints,

    I would ideally like customers to be able to upload their image to my site in a sort of light box style. in real time customers can then zoom/crop their image over a preset canvas size so they can see what their image will look like on a canvas,

    Is there a plug in (plugins) that will do this?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Danny,

      Our forms don’t have the ability to do what you’re describing, but possibly a photo plugin like Envira Gallery would be an option to check into.

      Hope you’re able to find what you’re looking for 🙂

  7. Hi ! I’m looking for an upload form that would help retrieving informations like an url when I access the uploaded image.

    1. Hi Myrlene,

      I apologize, but I’m not sure that I understand what you’re describing. When you get a chance, could you please contact us with some additional details, or possibly an example of what you’re looking for?


  8. Hey Jess,

    I have a question about users being able to upload to a unique gallery. I imagine having a site where users can upload to a profile kind of like how facebook does. I’m not sure if this is possible but I would appreciate any help or direction.

  9. Thank you for this very informative article. Is a simpler method possible? Instead of a form, the user emails the image to a specific address that ingests the image directly to the WP site? Bonus if the subject line of the email becomes the image label. Any thoughts on doing this? Thanks again!

    1. Hi DerekT,

      Unfortunately our forms won’t be able to do what you’re describing, but thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  10. Do we have an option to upload the image only after the user is logged into the website? So that the user may not have to give the email address again.

    1. Hi Krishna,

      We don’t currently have a built in way to restrict access to only logged in users, however this functionality can be added pretty easily with an additional plugin (here’s a popular free option: Restrict Content).

      Then, you can use the {user_email} Smart Tag as the default value for the Email field (this will auto-fill the user’s email).

      I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help 🙂

  11. Hello Team,
    I have a website and I wish a customer could provide me an image to be printed on the selected product before adding the product to the cart. Is it possible?

    1. Hi Ashar,

      Sure! In order to allow the user to submit their image, you’ll need to add a File Upload field as described in the article above. The File Upload field is included in all of our paid licenses. However, if you’re looking for a preview (so the image is displayed on the product before the user submits the form), we don’t currently have any way to do this.

      If you have any other questions, please feel welcome to get in touch 🙂

  12. Hi, i want to make a website where users can post and buy content. Can you help me with the plugins or enlighten me about any other method through which it could be done?

    1. Hi Aayush,

      For steps to accomplish this, I’d recommend checking out WPBeginner’s guide to starting an online store.

      WPBeginner is a really great resource for just about anything you might want to know about building a WordPress site, so if you read through that guide and have further questions I’d suggest checking out more of their tutorials for extra help on nearly any WordPress topic.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  13. IS it possible to use this same app/widget for uploading video, and if so is there a size limit? If not, is there one that can be used for uploading video? Also, does this automatically post the content to the front end of the webpage-or does it give me the ability to choose what content i want to display?

    1. Hi Dawn,

      Sure, you can upload videos through WPForms if you’d like. We don’t place any limits on the size of uploads, so this is set completely by your site’s hosting provider — if you reach out to them, you’ll be able to find out any limits they set and whether there’s an option to increase that limit.

      However, this works a bit differently when using the Post Submissions addon vs just accepting a video file with a standard submission. If you could share some additional details with us about what exactly you’re looking to do, we’ll be able to better help with your specific situation.

      In terms of choosing what to post, it depends on how you set this option up. For more details, here’s our tutorial on setting up the Post Submissions addon.

      Hope this helps! If you have any additional questions, please get in touch 🙂 We’d be happy to help from there!

  14. HI
    i wish to create a website for a customer selling cars , i have done the website but want a feature where he can add and remove cars from the whats available section of website. Is there any way to accomplish this? i need it to be as simple as possible.

  15. hi,

    I’ve seen a kind of videos about wpforms with file uploads, but the filles only appear in a text (“cocacola.png” for example) and I’d like to know if it’s possible to display the image and not just the text.

    Is it possible?

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Enzo,

      I apologize, but I’m not sure I understand what you’re looking to do (for example, where you’d like to see the image displayed). When you get a chance, would you please get in touch with our team with some extra details? We’ll be able to assist further from there.

      Thanks! 🙂

  16. Hi i am designing a website where there are various categories and various users upload images and the uploaded images are directly visible on the website and those images gets likes comments and shares.

    1. Hi Nadeem,

      We may be able to help you accomplish what you’re looking for 🙂 In order to better assist, could you please get in touch? From there we can discuss in more detail what you have in mind and how WPForms might be able to fit into achieving those goals.

      Thanks! 🙂

  17. Hi,
    WPForms looks awesome! Could you tell me;
    – Is it possible to create a form that users pay first (e.g via paypal) then they will be able to upload files?
    – If yes, Can I create multiple prices to choose from? So users will be able to choose one and pay for that amount.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Susannah,

      We don’t have a way to require payment before proceeding to the next step in a form, however I’d suggest using our Stripe addon to accomplish something very similar. With Stripe, users must successfully submit a payment before the form is allowed to submit. So while they’d be allowed to fill out the rest of the form first, none of that information would be saved to your site unless the payment succeeds.

      Also, you can definitely set up multiple options with different prices. Here’s our tutorial on setting up an order form where you can see an example of this.

      I hope this helps! And if you have any additional questions, please feel welcome to reach out 🙂

    1. Hi Douglas,

      Sure, so the best way to accomplish this is with our Stripe addon. When you enable Stripe payments for a form, your users can submit payment without ever leaving your form (and the form won’t be allowed to submit unless the payment succeeds).

      This also means that anything else you add to the form (such as File Upload fields, etc), will only be submitted if the payment is successful.

      I hope this helps! If you have any extra questions about this or anything else, please get in touch and our team will be happy to help! 🙂

  18. Thank you for the info Jess! I decided to create a form with Paypal for now. Can you tell me how to put a form together when a user first uploads image(s), then submitting payment ?

  19. Hi guys, here’s the thing i want to do :

    We have a photography website (made in drupal6, so depricated & i’m looking to create a new similar site using WP) , where we allow users to post their pictures.
    Each day, we show a different image.
    The thing i want to do is the following: allow users to send in their picture via a webform, create an unpublished page from this form, and have a mail sent out to us with a link to this unpublished page, so we can set a publish date.
    Do you think this is something we can do using WP Forms?

    1. Hi Peter,

      Yes, it sounds like our Post Submissions addon would be a good fit for this project. With that addon, the user could submit a form that would automatically generate a WordPress post. In the addon settings, you could set their uploaded image as the Featured Image (which should be easy to display in many themes), and also require admin notification and approval before the post is published.

      Our team would be happy to help guide you through this in more detail! If that would be helpful to you, please get in touch with our support team when you get a chance. Thanks! 🙂

  20. Is there any way that I could use WPForms for a user to register, attach their upload and then view the upload from the dashboard once logged in?

    I see there is a registration addon but wondering if the user is able to access the files themselves once uploaded.


    1. Hi Danny,

      You can allow a user to register and create an account for your site, along with uploading a file. You can opt to have the files saved to your media library and if the user has the correct role, they will be able to view the upload within the library. Please feel free to check out our User Registration addon guide!

      I hope this helps!

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