9 Best Google Forms Alternatives [With Advanced Features]

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Are you looking for the best Google Forms alternatives out there?

Google Forms is great for simple forms, but it lacks the features you’ll need for a professional survey.

In this post, we’ll chat about our picks for the very best Google Forms alternatives out there.

Form Builder 📝 Key Features 🌟 Ideal For 🎯 Pricing 💰 Platforms 🌐
WPForms Wide-ranging templates, Google Sheets integration, eCommerce tools, calculations Small businesses seeking ease of use with templates  $199.50/yr WordPress
Formidable Forms Advanced calculations, quizzes, frontend charts Businesses needing complex forms and data visualization  $199.50/yr WordPress
Jotform Huge templates library, advanced widgets Businesses and individuals across various industries $39/mo (billed annually) Web-based
Zoho Forms CRM integration, mobile app for offline forms Businesses within the Zoho ecosystem $10/user/mo (billed annually) Web-based, Mobile
Microsoft Forms Office 365 integration Office 365 subscribers needing basic form creation $6/user/mo Web-based,
Typeform Highly visual conversational forms Enterprises needing survey forms $50/mo Web-based
Cognito Forms Payment forms, Google Analytics integration Businesses on a budget needing versatile web forms $15/mo Web-based
Paperform Landing page form templates, form scheduling Enterprises with advanced form needs $288/yr Web-based
Gravity Forms Community addons WordPress sites needing multi-purpose forms $159/yr WordPress

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Best Google Forms Alternatives

While there’s no denying that Google Forms is a user-friendly and reasonably customizable form solution, there are far superior options out there if you want to achieve more with your online forms.

1. WPForms

WPForms homepage (updated)

If you’re looking for a Google Forms alternative for your WordPress site, WPForms is exactly what you need. It lets you create unlimited forms using templates for feedback forms, customer service, nonprofits, and various others.

As a no-code drag-and-drop plugin, WPForms is the easiest form to use and requires users to have no prior experience with form building. We built WPForms to guarantee the best user experience, whether you’re creating a form from scratch or using a pre-made template from our extensive library of 1,600+ WordPress form templates.

The WPForms form builder

One thing we’ve always liked about Google Forms is that it’s really easy to connect it with Google Sheets so you can collect your form responses in a spreadsheet more conveniently.

This is why we also made sure to offer the same level of convenience with the WPForms-Google Sheets integration. It takes only a few minutes to configure and then you can send your form entries to a Google Sheet and keep a record of your entries in any spreadsheet connected with your account.

WPForms also lets you add a GDPR agreement to forms easily. So it’s already one step ahead of Google Forms.

The calculation features in WPForms are some of the best you can find on the market. You can easily create all kinds of online calculators (mortgage, BMI, shipping costs, quotes, and much much more) to provide precise and instant answers to your visitors.

It’s a great way of improving visitor engagement on your lead forms and also satisfying visitors with quick responses on your form.

Example Calculator

The calculator fields accept mathematical operations as well as conditional operations that allow you to perform complex calculations for a vast range of scenarios. None of that is possible with Google Forms.

On top of that, WPForms is one of the only form builders that comes equipped with a complete payment solution to support your online orders, subscriptions, or donations.

For example, there are several great alternatives out there that integrate with popular payment processors like Stripe and PayPal and let you collect online payments with your forms.

But WPForms goes a few steps further than that. As well as integrating with Stripe, PayPal, Square, and, WPForms also features a built-in payment tracking screen.

Payments summary

That means you don’t need to rely on any extra tools to monitor and track your payments, donations, subscriptions, and more. WPForms will do it all for you.

And if you’re a business that likes surprising customers with exciting coupons and offers, you can easily create and manage custom coupons for your order forms with WPForms. So if you’re a cartless site, you don’t need eCommerce tools like WooCommerce if you just want to create coupons for order forms.

Overall, WPForms Pro goes way beyond Google Forms’ capabilities while also ensuring the most user-friendly form-building experience for you.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • Calculations: Use the Calculations addon to add tax, fees, shipping, or other costs to your order form. Or use it to create powerful calculator forms. This feature gives WPForms a definite edge over Google Forms.
  • Payment integrations: Accept payments for orders, subscriptions, and donations via PayPal, Stripe, Square, and, and track all transactions with easy-to-read charts.
  • File Uploads: Easily let users upload documents, images, and other files to form submissions.
  • Marketing integrations: Connect your forms to your marketing platform and CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce, Drip, and MailerLite,  and automate workflow.
  • Conversational Forms: Transform your surveys into a modern conversational layout that makes them fun and interactive for a great user experience.
  • Survey and Polls: Gather customer feedback and get full survey reporting inside your WordPress dashboard.
  • User-submitted PostsGrow your blog with user-generated content and guest posts that users can submit directly from your WordPress frontend.
  • Save and Resume: Allow visitors to save a partial entry and complete it later.

wpforms best google forms alternatives

If you want to know more about the differences between WPForms and Google Forms, check out our comparison of WPForms vs Google Forms vs JotForm.

Alternatives 🔀 Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms are two similarly priced alternatives to WPForms but they lack many built-in features like payment charts, form revisions, and form tags, which are available even in the free version of WPForms. See Gravity Forms vs Ninja Forms for more details.

Cost 💰 Pricing for WPForms Pro starts at $199.50/year.

2. Formidable Forms

formidable forms

Want to create advanced forms in WordPress? Formidable Forms lets you build forms with complex functionalities without making the process intimidating for you.

If you’re a technical user looking for a Google Forms alternative that lets you add advanced functionalities to your forms, Formidable Forms could be a good choice for you.

Formidable Forms is particularly useful if you want to display your form data on your website frontend to create listings, directories, charts, tables, and the like.

Our Favorite Features ⭐ 

  • Conditional Logic: Build forms that have personalized fields based on previous answers.
  • Integrations: Send your form data to popular 3rd party platforms.
  • Integrated Views: Take your respondent data and display it in graphs.
  • Quiz Maker: Create forms with quizzes that display scores based on your custom grading scale.
  • Math Calculations: Offer users instant online estimates and calculate advanced product options.

Cost 💰 Pricing for Formidable Forms Business starts at $199.50/year.

3. Jotform


Jotform is an online form builder similar to Google Forms. It offers a lot more features for creating complex forms but also has limits on how many submissions you can accept. Depending on your needs, it might be a solid Google Forms alternative.

Jotform includes a massive library of form templates. And we really like its innovative widgets. For instance, you can add a widget to let people record a video directly through the form and then submit it.  Features like these can be great to use in your customer support forms.

For more details, check out our comparison of WPForms vs. Google Forms vs. Jotform.

Our Favorite Features

  • Form templates: Choose from 10,000+ pre-built form templates. However, note that Jotform’s template library includes user-submitted options, so quality may vary.
  • Advanced form customization: Use Jotform’s extensive settings to add different types of fields to your forms and make them look exactly how you want them to.
  • Payment and marketing integrations: Jotform has tons of integration options available, so you can easily connect your forms to payment processors or your CRM.
  • Embed or share: You can add your forms anywhere on your website using a code snippet that Jotform generates for you. Or, you can share your form’s link with users to let them fill it out on Jotform.

Alternatives 🔀 Wufoo by SurveyMonkey and Formstack are online form builders with many features similar to Jotform.

Cost 💰 You can use Jotform for free to create 5 forms and accept 100 submissions/month. Paid plans start at $34/month if you want to make more forms or accept more entries.

4. Zoho Forms

zoho formIf your business already uses Zoho Apps, you can easily tap into the power of Zoho Forms to use as a Google Forms alternative.

Zoho Forms offers many of the same features as other top-rated form builders. But it mainly shines for its team collaboration features.

If you have multiple people in the team responsible for tracking form data, you can easily assign different tasks to different team members to manage your leads more collaboratively

Our Favorite Features 💰

  • Zoho CRM Compatible: An easy transition if you or your team is already using Zoho CRM.
  • Collaborative: Tons of team collaboration tools.
  • Safety: Built-in security measures for keeping data safe and assigning team roles and different settings.
  • Zoho Survey: Connect apps in Zoho to take advantage of easy data collection with online surveys.
  • Form Embedding: Embed your forms on your own website.
  • Analytics: Keep track of your forms’ performance and share it with easily exportable statistics and reports.

Cost 💰 Pricing for Zoho CRM, which includes Zoho Forms, starts at $10/user/month when billed annually.

5. Microsoft Forms

microsoftformsIf you’re on the hunt for a Google Forms alternative that lets you use Excel over Google Sheets, be sure to check out Microsoft Forms. It’s the Microsoft equivalent of Google Forms maker for online form data collection.

When compared to Google Forms, Microsoft Forms offers decidedly more appealing designs. Plus, it offers survey type questions like an NPS field, and we think that’s a very nice addition.

However, it also has lots of limitations. For instance, if you want to add media to your form, you can only add it to your fields. Google Forms lets you add images and videos anywhere in your form, giving you a bit more flexibility in that regard.

Of course, both Google Forms and Microsoft Forms can’t keep up with the top form builders if you’re looking for advanced features like payment integrations, built-in payment analytics, spam protection, and more.

For that, you’ll have to use an alternative like WPForms, which includes many of these features for free!

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • Easy to use: The visual drag-and-drop builder lets you set up forms quickly.
  • Surveys: Includes the ability to use basic Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.
  • Outlook Integration: The Microsoft Office integration lets you do things like send your form to people via email.
  • Excel: Using the Microsoft Office integration, you can bring your form data over to Excel quite easily to look through it.

Cost 💰 Microsoft Forms is free for anyone who has a Microsoft Office 365 license. Those plans start at $6/user/month.

6. Typeform

TypeformTypeform is a good answer to Google Forms if you’re looking to make unique and pretty forms. This tool specializes in conversational forms – which are essentially forms that display one question at a time in a sleek, distraction-free interface.

It’s clear that Typeform prioritizes the respondent’s form-filling experience with its interactive form layouts.

Apart from that, Typeform has many of the same features that you can also find in other leading form builders (and at a much lower cost).

While we like Typeform for its visually satisfying form designs, the biggest downside is the expensive pricing. So it’s best for marketing teams with big budgets.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • Surveys: Typeform’s surveys include templates like a customer satisfaction survey, employee satisfaction surveys, etc.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Large CTA buttons work well on mobile devices.
  • Conditional Logic: Contact forms built with Typeform can use the Logic Jumps feature.
  • File Upload Capability: Just like WPForms, Typeform lets you accept file uploads through your forms.
  • Conversational Marketing: Shows one question at a time to take advantage of conversational marketing.

Cost 💰 Pricing for Typeform Plus starts at $50/month. Be sure to check out the best Typeform alternatives before signing up for a plan.

7. Cognito Forms

cognitoforms google forms alternativesCognito Forms works as a Google Forms alternative and covers every important feature you’d probably need for your forms.

Unlike Google Forms, you can also use this tool to create payment forms by using built-in integrations for Stripe, PayPal, and Square.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • Payments: Stripe payments are available on all plan levels, including for free plan users. Integrations with Square and PayPal at the Team plan level.
  • Conditionals: Lets you add conditional logic to your forms.
  • Templates: Pre-built forms for you to explore so you can get started building a form right away.
  • Visual Builder: A drag-and-drop builder makes it easier to build forms.
  • Calculations: Forms can do math to help with things like displaying the total cost in an order form.
  • Analytics: Integrates with Google Analytics.

Cost 💰 There is a limited free plan so you can try it out. After that, pricing for Cognito Forms Pro starts at $15/month.

8. Paperform


Paperform is another decent alternative to Google Forms, and it brings a bunch of advanced functionalities that are simply absent from Google Forms.

Apart from standalone forms, Paperform also lets you build an entire form-based landing page with easy and intuitive controls. To make things super user-friendly, it even gives you landing page form templates to get started with.

This is the major strength of Paperform as a form builder for sites creating landing pages.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • Landing page templates: Easily build landing pages with embedded forms to collect leads, process orders, and more.
  • Payment and donation forms: Connect your forms with payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Square, and Google Pay effortlessly.
  • Booking and scheduling: Let people schedule calls and make bookings with scheduling forms.

Cost 💰 Paperform plans start at $288/year.

9. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms homepage

Gravity Forms is a versatile and easy-to-use form builder for WordPress. It includes a wide range of features, both basic and advanced, along with various marketing integrations.

There’s no free version available, but you can use a demo to try out the form before purchasing.

Our Favorite Features ⭐

  • User-friendly interface: Easy drag-and-drop builder to create contact, payment, and lead forms
  • Frontend submissions: Accept user-generated content with frontend form submissions.

Cost 💰 Gravity Forms plans start at $59/year.

What’s the Top Google Forms Alternative?

WPForms is far and above the best alternative to Google Forms. Forms built with WPForms are just as easy to make but are much more professional-looking than Google Forms.

Adding a field to WPForms

Plus, WPForms includes tons of useful extra features, such as custom registration forms, one-step-at-a-time lead forms, form revisions, multi-column layouts, the ability to add text and media using a WYSIWYG editor, and a lot more!

On top of that, WPForms provides superb support that will walk you through any issue or question you have. It’s a perfect solution for smart small business owners managing their own WordPress websites.

And there you have it! You now know exactly what the best Google Forms alternatives are. Hopefully, this post helped you find the right solution for your business and website.

FAQs on Google Form Alternatives

Got questions about Google Form alternatives? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. You can also use the comment section below to ask your question.

Is Google Forms Still Free?

Yes, Google Forms is free with a Gmail account. You can also use the same platform if you have a Google Workspace login.

Unfortunately, it lacks many features in no-code form builders like WPForms. And there are some limitations to the way it works.

For example:

  • Your visitors can’t upload files without logging in to Google.
  • The files they upload are added to your Google Drive — something many users don’t like.
  • You don’t get advanced addons, like interactive Conversational Forms and form abandonment recovery.
  • Getting support can also be challenging if you need help with Google Forms.

Let’s look at some better alternatives to Google Forms.

Does Microsoft Have Something Like Google Forms?

Yes, Microsoft has an alternative to Google Forms called Microsoft Forms. There are some great form features in Microsoft Forms. You can create surveys, quizzes, customize the forms with images, add custom fields, and export form responses directly to Excel.

What Is the Disadvantage of Google Forms?

Google Forms only includes basic form-building features. It’s not easy to customize the design of Google Forms because of native limitations. On top of that, Google Forms lacks built-in spam protection features. As a result, you’re likely to receive a lot more spam when using Google Forms compared to secure alternatives like WPForms.

What Fields and Question Types Can I Use in Alternative Form Builders?

Google Forms alternatives will generally have the same features and more. In general, most form builders will let you add name, date, radio buttons, checkboxes, and long and short responses. Many of them also include popular features like payment fields and conditional logic.

Do Google Forms Alternatives Offer Integrations?

Yes, many Google Forms alternatives offer integrations with tools like Zapier, Uncanny Automator, CRMs, payment processors, and analytics platforms. Having access to these integrations makes it easier to automate your workflows.

Can I Brand Forms With My Company Logo and Colors?

Most Google Forms alternatives will allow you to brand your forms with your company logo. Further, you’ll also find that there are far more options for customization, so you can use your brand colors, too.

What Features Should I Look For in a Google Forms Alternative?

The features you look for will largely depend on your form needs. In general, look for an alternative that gives you the ability to apply conditional logic to your questions and accept payments. It should also support integrations with other tools that you use.

Next, Fix Your Form Emails

Are you having trouble getting emails from your forms? It’s a common issue, but it’s easy to fix. Check out this guide on how to fix WordPress not sending emails.

Also, are you considering adding a chatbot to your site? Before you do, it may be worth your while to check out our discussion on chatbots vs forms to understand which tool is better suited for which kinds of scenarios.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with the most powerful Google Forms alternative and WordPress forms plugin today. WPForms Pro includes the Form Pages addon so you can start building gorgeous-looking form landing pages right away.

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