Osama Tahir

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Osama is a Senior Writer at WPForms. He specializes in taking WordPress plugins apart for testing and sharing his insights with the world.


  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • Digital marketing
  • Data analytics
  • Python
  • SaaS


Osama is a Senior Writer for the WPForms team. He earned his BSc in Electronic Engineering in 2016, following his academic interest in science and technology, and started his writing career as a freelancer soon after.

During his early career, Osama joined an affiliate marketing company operating in the SaaS and cybersecurity industry, where he created hundreds of well-researched guides for non-technical audiences.

He has also worked as a Senior Editor in a digital marketing agency – an experience that enabled him to develop a deeper understanding of WordPress, working across a diverse range of client websites.

In addition to his work for WPForms, Osama has contributed articles to prominent tech blogs like HackerNoon, BetaNews, MalwareBytes, Infosec-Mag, MacUpdate, and more.


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