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Osama is a Senior Writer at WPForms. He specializes in taking WordPress plugins apart for testing and sharing his insights with the world.


How to Connect Elementor Forms to Google Sheets (Without Zapier)

Saving your leads and form data in Google Sheets is a very useful feature to have in a form builder. Unfortunately, Elementor Forms doesn't let you integrate your form submissions with Google Sheets without using a third-party app like Zapier. In this tutorial, we'll show you an easier way to connect Elementor Forms with Google Sheets. Click to learn more.
How to Connect Elementor Forms to Google Sheets

7+ Best AI SEO Tools for WordPress

Artificial intelligence is all the craze these days and for good reason. You can simplify many technical tasks like SEO considerably by using SEO tools that leverage AI capabilities. We've tested various SEO tools powered by AI models like GPT-4 and made a list of those that we had a great experience with. Click to learn more.

How to Make a Free Elementor Contact Form (The Easy Way)

Elementor is an incredibly powerful page builder for WordPress. But it doesn't let you add custom forms by default in the free version. The easy fix to this problem is to use WPForms Lite, which automatically integrates with Elementor. This guide shows you how to create your Elementor forms and emebed them anywhere on your site for free.

7 Best Calendar Plugins for WordPress

Need a calendar plugin to handle your event management and organization tasks? WordPress offers a bunch of powerful plugins for syncing your WordPress site with apps like Google Calendar, accepting frontend event submissions from community members, accepting online bookings for rentals, and more. We've tested the most popular calendar plugins for WordPress and compiled a list of our favorite ones. Click to learn more.
Best calendar plugins for WordPress

What Is a Promotional Calendar (+How to Create Yours)

A promotional calendar is a super helpful tool that successful businesses use to plan their marketing tactics for important dates throughout a year. If you aren't using a promotional calendar to plan your marketing activities, you risk losing crucial opportunities for sales and growth. We've put together an easy guide with tips and tools that you can use to create a promotional calendar that works for your business.
What Is a Promotional Calendar (+ How to Create One)

How to Automatically Apply a Coupon on Your Payment Forms

A good checkout experience is absolutely vital for the growth of an online store. Offering discounts is one thing, but your customers will love you for giving them a link that automatically redirects to your payment form with the coupon code already applied. If that sounds like something you'd want to try your site, follow our guide for more details.
How to Automatically Apply a Coupon on Payment Forms
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