15 Best Online Form Builders for Websites in 2024

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Are you looking for the best online form builders for your small business website?

Form builders have exploded in popularity because they are easy to use for anyone, so small business owners can build their own websites without paying a developer.

So in this post, we’ve listed some of the best online form creators and what makes each one stand out.

Quick Comparison of Best Online Form Builders

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick comparison of our favorite online form builders:

Form Builder Templates Conversational Forms Anti-Spam Best Plan
WPForms 1,800+ reCAPTCHA hCaptcha Turnstile Akismet Custom Captcha +more $199.50/year
Formidable Forms 225+ Honeypot Javascript Akismet reCAPTCHA hCaptcha +more $199.50/year
Gravity Forms 15+ Honeypot Akismet reCAPTCHA +more $259/year
Ninja Forms 17+ Honeypot reCAPTCHA Turnstile +more $199/year
Zoho Forms 45+ reCAPTCHA Custom Captcha $50/month
Google Forms 15+ None Free
Jotform 10k+ reCAPTCHA hCaptcha Custom Captcha $39/month

Want to learn more about these form builders? Read on below for our detailed reviews.

Best Online Form Builders for Websites

These web form builders offer top-notch features and easy-to-use interfaces.

1. WPForms – Best Overall Form Builder

The WPForms homepage

If you want a WordPress plugin that has easy-to-create forms and features that will bring you more business, WPForms is the way to go.

With 6+ million active installations and a rating of 4.9/5 stars on, WPForms is the best online form builder for WordPress if you’re looking for the perfect combination of flexibility plus ease of use.

This form builder comes with a visual drag-and-drop interface. You can build a simple form or go as advanced as you like by simply dragging and dropping the fields you need in your form.

(Check out our article on how online forms work to see more basic form building tips in WPForms.)

The WPForms form builder

WPForms takes user convenience to the next level with its impressive library of  1,800+ form templates. By using templates, you can save even more time and effortlessly launch the forms you need on your site.

WPForms includes a variety of advanced features designed to improve user experience and minimize form abandonment.

One of its many capabilities is that it lets you create multi-page forms to reduce fatigue as users fill out your forms and encourage them to finish them.

An example of how the progress bar will look on a WPForm

With WPForms, you can build order forms, create surveys to collect data, boost conversion rate by adding a progress bar, and so on.

You also get a wide range of addons and integrations to extend functionalities even more. For instance, the Lead Forms addon (available in WPForms Pro) lets you create highly interactive, multi-step lead forms.

The Lead Forms mode comes with its own styling options, allowing you to design visually striking forms that improve your lead generation and data collection.

Multi-step form using lead forms mode

In fact, WPForms also has styling options for its standard forms accessible from the WordPress block editor. You can change the design and color of your fields, labels, and buttons without any CSS.

Customizing styles for password reset form

WPForms integrates with popular payment gateways, including Stripe (available in all plans including Lite), for collecting online payments. If you want more options like PayPal and Square, you can upgrade to Pro.

You can even run automation for repetitive lead management tasks by integrating your forms with marketing platforms like Constant Contact, HubSpot, and more.

WPForms even integrates with ChatGPT, giving you super useful capabilities like AI-generated notifications sent to users after form submissions.

Even the free version, WPForms Lite, comes with remarkable customization options for building contact forms and gives you a free trial of the plugin that allows unlimited forms. If you start with it, make sure to turn on the Lite Connect feature to save your entries so you can unlock them when you upgrade.

Apart from that, WPForms also includes:

Don’t forget: WPForms Pro also lets you make unlimited conversational forms. It’s the best Typeform alternative on the market, enabling you to maximize conversions with distraction-free forms.

Overall, WPForms is the most beginner-friendly online form builder and can be used by businesses both big and small for a variety of purposes.

Get the Best Online Form Builder Now

2. Formidable Forms – Best for Displaying Form Data

formidable forms online form builder

Formidable Forms is an advanced online form creator. Much like WPForms, this WordPress plugin lets power users make forms on websites with ease.

Formidable Forms lets you build forms with a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. It’s similar to WPForms in that you can simply insert fields to your form with your mouse and access hundreds of ready-made form templates.

Formidable Forms interface

Like WPForms, this form maker also lets you add calculation functionality to your forms. This is helpful if you want to add a mortgage calculator form, a BMI calculator form, or any other kind of form with calculation features.

We particularly like the form styling features in Formidable Forms. The styling options give you outstanding flexibility to customize any design aspect of your form.

You also get style themes that you can import with a single click to give your form a stylish appearance.

Formidable Forms styles

One thing that sets Formidable Forms apart from others is the ability to display collected form data in useful ways on your site’s frontend. For instance, you can generate tables, charts, directories, listings, and more.

So if you’d like to display data you’ve collected via forms in an organized way on your website, Formidable Forms is a solid tool to have!

Not only that. We’re also super impressed with the AI addon. This addon integrates ChatGPT right inside your forms so you can easily display AI-generated responses based on user inputs on your form. That means you can use Formidable Forms as a ChatGPT plugin for your site.

Besides, Formidable Forms also comes with conversational forms, polls and surveys, quizzes, and more. You also get payment integrations with Stripe and PayPal.

  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Online calculator form templates
  • Customizable HTML
  • Automatically populated dynamic fields
  • Quizzes
  • Collects payments
  • White-labeled forms
  • Stripe payments are available to all users, including free tier

If you’re looking for an online form builder tool for WordPress, Formidable Forms is one of the best you can get.

3. Gravity Forms – Best for Community Addons

gravity forms

Gravity Forms is another user-friendly option, especially if you’re looking to create forms to embed in your WordPress site.

It has an intuitive interface that looks like the WordPress block editor. Like other visual form builders on this list, you can build your forms using drag and drop actions within the interface.

Gravity Forms user interface

In terms of templates, Gravity Forms doesn’t offer you a lot of options having a thin library of 15+ templates.

The styling options in Gravity Forms are very similar to WPForms’ no-code design options. You can customize the appearance of your form from the WordPress block editor, making edits to the labels, input, description, and buttons.

Gravity Forms styles

We really like how easy Gravity Forms makes it to create multi-column forms. All it takes is to simply drag a field next to another, and it will automatically be added to a new column.

Also, Gravity Forms lets third-party developers create addons for the plugin that add tons of extra features beyond those officially supported by it.

While the quality and security aspects of these addons aren’t controlled, you can greatly expand Gravity Forms capabilities if you trust community contributions from developers (remember that these aren’t endorsed by Gravity officially, so use these at your own risk).

On top of that, Gravity Forms comes with an excellent range of advanced features such as conditional logic, conversational forms, calculator fields, and more.


  • Save and continue
  • Conditional logic
  • File upload field
  • Visual drag-and-drop interface
  • Multi-page forms
  • Email notifications

Overall, Gravity Forms is a comprehensive online form builder with an extensive range of features for your WordPress site.

Check out our pro tips if you’re having trouble with Gravity Forms not sending email.

4. Ninja Forms – Good for Scheduled Exports

ninja forms

Ninja Forms is a flexible WordPress form plugin that covers a decent range of functionality.

It includes all the essential features you’ll need in a form builder including a variety of fields, layout and style customizations, conditional logic, payments, multi-step forms, calculations, and more.

Using Ninja Forms is a smooth and user-friendly experience. And we really liked the Scheduled Exports addon, which can be very handy for multi-site businesses that need automatic exports of their form data on a set schedule.


  • WYSIWYG form builder
  • Spam protection (limited)
  • Offers “Dev Mode” customization
  • Separately priced addons for integrations and payments

Do you want to know how Ninja Forms compares to WPForms? Check out our detailed Ninja Forms vs WPForms review.

5. Zoho Forms – Great for Team Collaboration

zoho form

If your business already uses Zoho Apps, your site can tap into the power of Zoho Forms. This web form builder has a whole bunch of tools that can help you integrate their CRM software with your online forms.

The main strength of Zoho Forms stems from its collaborative tools. For instance, you can create approval workflows and assign submission review tasks to team members. These are valuable feature for large teams working collaboratively on form management.


  • Team collaboration tools
  • Embeddable forms
  • Ability to make CRM Zoho Forms in WordPress
  • Built-in security measures
  • Analytics
  • Integration with Zoho CRM
  • Option to assign team roles
  • Online surveys

6. Google Forms – Good for Offsite Hosted Forms

google forms free online form builder

Google Forms is a free online form builder that lets you put together a quick form in a pinch. You can change things like the font and color scheme, plus you can add images to your forms.

It’s important to note that this software is super basic and there are a lot of good Google Forms alternatives out there. We’d personally only use Google Forms for internal usage since it’s difficult to embed a form in WordPress.


  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Page skip logic
  • Basic themes
  • Offline editing
  • Email reminders
  • Integration with Google Sheets
  • Multi-part forms

7. Jotform – Huge Template Library


Starting a website is a lot of work, and Jotform can help connect your web forms to your email marketing services to make your workflows that much easier. It’s a powerful online form builder that offers a massive library of 10,000+ form templates.

On top of that, Jotform has pretty much every feature you’d need to create advanced forms. It also features a drag and drop form builder to simplify your form-building process.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to this tool as well. For one, Jotform is very pricey, making it unsuited for small businesses on a budget. It also imposes monthly submission limits, and you can only create a limited amount of forms depending on your plan.

In contrast, the WordPress-based form builders like WPForms and Formidable Forms have no restrictions in terms of how many forms you can build and submissions you can collect.


    • Easy-to-use form builder
    • HIPAA-compliant Forms
    • Free basic templates
    • Report builder
    • PDF forms
    • Many native integrations

8. Microsoft Forms – Great Response Presentation Options

microsoft forms

If you just need basic form field types and no frills, Microsoft Forms could be a good web form builder option for you. It’s a straightforward and lightweight app that gives you access to things like quizzes, polls, and more.

We like that you can turn responses into a presentation, which is a nice feature for reporting survey results without needing to export the data to another platform first.


  • Free for Microsoft 365 users
  • Syncs with Excel
  • Visual drag-and-drop builder
  • Outlook integration
  • Polls and surveys
  • Real-time results

9. Cognito Forms – Good Jotform Alternative

cogntio forms is it the best online form builder

Cognito Forms is a useful app for creating Square payment forms. Plus, it has analytics and tracking that enable you to analyze conversion and engagement levels for your forms. However, to get the plan that includes this integration, you’ll have to pay quite a bit.


  • Square payment processor integration
  • Calculating forms
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Conditional logic
  • Pre-built templates
  • Integration with Google Analytics

10. Formstack – Grea Form Conversion Analytics

Formstack online form builder

Formstack offers online tools for businesses in many different industries, including healthcare and higher education. One of its solutions is an online form creator. It gives you tons of forms for things like prescription refills or insurance quotes. You can easily collect your customers’ data and improve your team’s workflow.

This option is probably best if your business is already using Formstack’s other tools, or if you want to invest in an all-in-one solution with a form creator.

  • Industry-specific form templates
  • 100+ integrations
  • PCI and HIPPA compliant
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Conditional logic
  • Embeddable forms
  • Ability to send forms to users via email

Alternatives: Paperform is a decent alternative to Formstack.

11. Typeform – Good for Stunning Conversational Forms


Typeform is a tool for creating visually striking and interactive online forms. The tool is known for its conversational layout which adds an engaging form design. Because it’s expensive, it’s best for marketing teams with big budgets.

Be sure to check out our article on the best Typeform alternatives for cheaper alternatives that offer similar features.


  • Trendy templates
  • Survey forms
  • Conditional logic
  • Mobile responsive
  • File upload capability
  • Conversational marketing

12. Wufoo – Good Cloud-Based Option


Wufoo forms is a well-known web form builder app. It gives you the ability to make forms for your website and collect entries from respondents easily.


  • Pre-designed templates for different types of forms
  • Cloud storage database
  • Payment integrations
  • Metrics reporting
  • Apply HTML and CSS for extra elements
  • Conditional logic with limits
  • Embed shortcodes
  • Social media integrations

13. Formsite – Secure Online Form Sharing


Formsite helps you create HTML forms and surveys. That way, you can build forms for things like online orders, registrations, customer feedback, and reservations.


  • Contact and lead forms
  • Drag-and-drop form editor
  • 100+ customizable templates
  • 40 question types
  • Secure form sharing
  • Real-time email notifications

14. 123FormBuilder – Great Form Submission Visualization

123Form builder

123FormBuilder is another well-known web form builder software. It lets you create and customize a form quickly if you need to. This builder will work well for you if you don’t mind a super simple design with minimal features.

One of the best things about 123FormBuilder is its highly visual form submission reporting that displays data in easy-to-understand charts and graphics.


  • Drag-and-drop visual builder
  • Graphical reports with form data analytics
  • Web form templates
  • Dropbox and PayPal integrations
  • Surveys, quizzes, and polls

15. UserFeedback – Great for Survey Microforms

UserFeedback's website

Though not too different from the form builders on this list, we still want to mention UserFeedback. This is a useful tool for creating user feedback questions (think of them like micro-forms) to help you get a better sense of what your customers want.


  • Pre-built templates
  • Unlimited questions and responses
  • Customizable to match your site
  • Smart targeting
  • Display anywhere

Which Online Form Builder Should I Choose?

We’ve tested all the options on this list to determine the best online form builder.

We can confidently say that the best online form builder software is WPForms.

This drag-and-drop form builder is a powerful tool with email marketing integrations (like HubSpot, Constant Contact, and more), the ability to accept payments, and so much more.

WPForms builder view

If your small business website needs forms, we’ve found that most sites benefit from the features and the affordability of WPForms Pro over the other online form builders on this list.

With WPForms Pro you have access to advanced form features that help you:

  • Increase sales: Collect payments securely with Stripe, Square, and PayPal to get more income streams from your website by accepting multiple payment types.
  • Get feedback: Create surveys and polls to understand what your customers think and serve them better.
  • Convert more leads: Get leads from abandoned forms and easily embed your forms in distraction-free landing pages.
  • Engage customers: Use Conversational Forms to impress potential leads and engage your customers by asking visitors one question at a time.
  • Save time: Use WPForms integrations to automatically send leads to platforms like HubSpot or Salesforce and save your entries in WordPress for easier management.
  • Keep forms secure:  Take advantage of many different spam protection options like custom captcha, hCaptcha, Cloudflare Turnstile, or Google reCAPTCHA v2 or v3.
  • Create surveys and reports: Use the unique reporting features in WPForms to create beautiful reports from your surveys and print your respondents’ entries to PDF.
  • Event registration: A form builder that lets website owners and marketers sell tickets to events online.

These amazing features can help anyone of any skill level take their small business website to the next level.

Get the Best Online Form Builder Now

So there they are. We hope this list of the best online form builders helped you learn which one will work best for you and your small business.


Here are a few frequently asked questions that we’ve received from some other readers searching for good online form builder options.

Is there a better option than Google Forms?

Yes, WPForms is a significantly better option than Google Forms. WPForms gives you tons of advanced features for creating, customizing, and automating your forms. Unlike Google Forms, you can use WPForms to create distraction-free conversational forms. Plus, you get access to over 1,800+ pre-built templates, various anti-spam options, advanced form styling, and much more.

How do I create a simple online form?

You can create a simple online form using form builder tool like WPForms, Formidable Forms, or even Google Forms. Modern form builders are designed for simplicity, so you can create a form without knowing any code.

And if you use WPForms, you get tons of features for added convenience like form revisions, entry management within your WordPress dashboard, and integrations with popular marketing platforms and payment services.

What are the benefits of using a form builder?

The biggest benefit of using a form builder is ease. You don’t need to know any coding, there are generally templates you can use to help you get started, and integrations make it easy to incorporate into your workflow.

Can I embed my forms into my WordPress site?

Embedding forms on your WordPress site is easy. Most form builders have WordPress plugins that generate shortcodes. All you need to do is copy and paste that code. Some even have widgets that you can use to embed forms even more easily.

Do form builders include analytics?

Most form builders include some kind of analytics to analyze form response data. Note, however, that how in-depth those analytics are can depend on the plan you pay for. Analytics on a free plan are going to be much more limited than what you’d get as a premium plan customer.

Are form builders secure when it comes to sensitive and personal data?

Always do your research to find out what kind of security measures a form builder takes. You’ll find all of the reputable form builders use encryption, backups, GDPR compliance, and more to protect all form submission data.

Do form builders include spam protection?

Most reputable form builders include spam protection. Again, always research so you know for sure, especially as spam protection is occasionally a premium feature. Spam protection measures typically include CAPTCHA, IP blocking, custom questions, and more.

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