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WordPress Order Form Email Receipt

How to Automatically Send a WordPress Order Form Email Receipt

by Lindsay Liedke on Jan 25, 2018

Do you need to automatically send out a WordPress order form email receipt to your customers from your WordPress website? By doing this, not only do you save yourself time from having to send out separate email receipts, you strengthen the relationship you have building with your customers.

After all, anytime you automatically provide information to a user regarding a form submission helps establish your reputation as being reliable and trustworthy. In this article, we will show you how to automatically send a WordPress order form email receipt.

Step 1: Create an Order Form in WordPress

The first thing you need to do is install and activate the WPForms plugin. If you need more details, check out this step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Next, go to WPForms » Add New to create a new order form.

WPForms Order Form Email Receipt - Add New Order Form

Once on the setup screen, name your form and select the Billing/Order Form template so you can collect payments from site visitors for their purchases.

WPForms Order Form Email Receipt - Form Template

A fresh order form will appear for you to customize with items available for order.

Notice near the bottom of the order form, on the right hand preview side, the section labeled Available Items. Click on this.

Immediately following, on the left panel, you will see a section labeled Field Options. This is where you can rename the field, add or remove items, and determine item prices.

WPForms Order Form Email Receipt - Order Form Field Options

Any additional fields you wish to add to your order form, such as name, email, items, and payment information, are added by dragging the fields from the section labeled Add Fields into the right panel where you want them to appear.

Save all of your changes when you are finished creating your order form.

Step 2: Configure Order Form Payment Settings

Once your new order form is designed, you must configure the form for it to work properly and accept payments from your customers.

Start by configuring the payment gateway so that payments process through your website.

WPForms integrates with both PayPal and Stripe, both of which are secure and popular ways to accept payments. In addition, you can configure your order form to give customers a choice when it comes to payment method.

For this example, we will configure PayPal to process orders.

To start, install and activate the WPForms PayPal addon.  Go to WPForms » Addons and click on Install Addon.

WPForms Order Form Email Receipt - PayPal Addon

Once activated, return to your order form and configure the PayPal settings. Click on the Payments tab and select PayPal.

WPForms Order Form Email Receipt - PayPal Payment Gateway

Enter your PayPal email address, make sure to put the mode into Production, and configure any other settings as you see fit.

Save your changes.

Step 3: Configure Notifications

After your order form is designed, and the payment gateway is configured, you can customize the email receipts customers will receive after submitting their order for processing.

It is important to note that in this article we are configuring a notification, which is an email message that a customer receives after submitting your form.

You can find more details about confirmations here. Confirmations are reassuring statements displayed for site visitors once they submit a form. They occur in the browser window and appear immediately after form submission, confirming that you have received a user’s form.

Start by going to Settings » Notification. Next, select Add New Notification.

WPForms Order Form Email Receipt - Add Notification

Give your notification a name once the popup modal appears. Click OK.

WPForms Order Form Email Receipt - New Notification

To make sure the WordPress order form email receipt is sent to your customer once they click submit, click on Show Smart Tags and pick the Email from the drop down list.

Smart tags are little code snippets that are used to make sure all of the information you want included in your forms is added.

WPForms Order Form Email Receipt - New Notification, Smart Tags

Notice that a small bit of code automatically adds to the form field Send To Email Address when you click on Email. The code will look like this:


This is the smart tag. This particular smart tag ensures that once a form is submitted, the user submitting the form automatically receives an email detailing their submission. The # represents the field number on your order form.

You can then customize the email subject, from name, from email, and reply-to fields using smart tags as well.

Next, customize the message thanking your customer.

Lastly, select individual smart tags to insert specific pieces of form submission information into the email receipt.

For example, you can display the date the purchase was finalized, track your customer’s geographic location, and even personalize your email receipt templates with the names of any registered users should they submit a form to you.

WPForms Order Form Email Receipt - Notification Message

Or, if you want to include all form fields in the message portion of your WordPress order from email receipt, click on the smart tag labeled {all_fields}.

Step 4: Add the Order Form to Your Site

WPForms is flexible in that you can add order forms anywhere on your WordPress website. This includes posts, pages, and even sidebar widget areas.

To add an order form to a blog post, create a new post in WordPress. Next, select the Add Form button.

WPForms Order Form Email Receipt - Add Form

When the modal window pops up, select which form you would like to add to your post. Click Add Form.

WPForms Order Form Email Receipt - Add Form Options

You will then notice a shortcode has been added to your site’s blog post.

WPForms Order Form Email Receipt - Insert Form

Next, publish or preview your post and see that your online receipt template renders correctly:

WPForms Order Form Email Receipt - Final Embedded Form

And there you have it. We hope this article helped you create email receipt templates that you can automatically send out to site visitors once they submit their forms.

And with that, go and start collecting payments for items using the powerful WPForms plugin today.

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