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Stripe Payment Form Template

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Are you ready to start accepting credit card payments for your online business? This Stripe Payment Form Template is ideal for businesses looking to grow their sales.

Using the Stripe Payment Form

While this template is fairly simple, it’s highly flexible and can be customized for your specific needs using the drag and drop form builder.

As is customary for checkout forms, this template includes the Name and Email fields at the top to collect basic customer information.

The form also uses a Multiple Items field, which is perfect when customers want to select one item to purchase from several available options. If you’d like customers to be able to purchase multiple items at once, you can use the Checkboxes field instead.

The Total field is placed right before the credit card field so your customers will always know the exact amount they’ll be charged once they submit the form.

The Stripe Credit Card field lets your customers enter their credit card information, which is securely processed by Stripe.

As always, you’re free to make further changes to this form in any way you like. For instance, you can add an Address field (Basic and above plans only) if you’re shipping items to customers. Lite users can use the Single-Line Text field to replicate our Address field too.

Don’t forget that you can also use our Form Styling options to customize the appearance of this form before publishing. Feel free to change field borders, label and button colors, and more.

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