10 Best WordPress Voting Plugins Compared in 2024

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Are you looking for the best WordPress voting plugin?

Online polls and votes are the best way to interact with your visitors and existing customers. You can collect their views and improve your product and services based on their opinions.

WordPress voting plugins let you create a voting system on your website without any complicated setups or code.

In this article, we’ve listed the best WordPress voting plugins for the job.

Voting Plugin 👍 Best For 🚀 Pricing 💰
WPForms Creating versatile polls and surveys with real-time results $199.50/yr
RafflePress Running contests with polls as an entry option $99.50/yr
Formidable Forms Complex polls and surveys with advanced features $199.50/yr
TotalPoll Polls with various choice formats (audio, video, text, etc.) $99/yr
WP-Polls A simple and free option Free
YOP Poll Poll scheduling and access permissions by user role $27
CrowdSignal Polls and Ratings Interactive quizzes, feedback forms, and ratings $180/yr
WP Poll Maker Displaying polls in modals and lightboxes €35
Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by Opinion Stage Creating engaging trivia, personality tests, and quizzes $300/yr
Democracy Poll A simple bare bones polling option Free

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Best WordPress Voting Plugins

1. WPForms

The WPForms homepage

There are lots of plugins that can let you create a simple poll. But only a few of these give you full control over how your poll looks and functions.

WPForms tops this list thanks to its highly configurable poll forms. With this plugin, you can create a fully customized form that includes polling options. You can include as many options as you want for your question and add multiple questions in a single poll form.

To make things super easy, you can start immediately with a ready-made poll form template or build your form from scratch. You get 1,800+ WordPress form templates that cover a huge range of categories outside of polls and surveys, including forms for customer service, nonprofits, and more.

WPForms poll form

You’re not limited to creating polls with only text elements. WPForms gives you the tools to add images to your poll to make it stand out better.

All you need to do is enable the Image Choices toggle in your Multiple Choices field and WPForms will turn your poll form into something more visual and interactive.

Image choices for poll

You can also change the layout of your poll options. Need to display all choices inline? That can be done with a single click under the Advanced settings of the Multiple Choices field. Or you can go for a column layout and arrange your choices in one, two, or three columns.

WPForms isn’t just good for voting – it also generates easy-to-understand reports to summarize the results of your polls and surveys.

As soon as your visitor votes, WPForms will show the poll results immediately on the frontend.

WPForms poll results

After all, a poll is no fun if people are unable to see the popular choices that others like them are also voting for!

Meanwhile, WPForms will produce charts on your WordPress backend as well that enable you to analyze poll or survey results with ease.

To display poll results on the frontend and generate survey reporting charts on your backend, you’ll need to have the WPForms Surveys and Polls addon enabled.

When reading survey results in your WordPress dashboard, you can switch between chart types with just a single click. This is super convenient for reading survey data in a format that makes the most sense to you.

WPForms form entries in a survey report

And if you want to run more advanced polls and survey forms, you can use star ratings, and matrix fields like Net Promoter Score and Likert Scales to create more engaging online poll forms.

WPForms’ no-code form styling features allow you to customize your poll’s appearance by changing the color of your voting fields, buttons, and more. You’ll have no trouble ensuring that your polls are consistent with your theme with all the right colors through the form.

Lastly, you can add your poll anywhere to any post, page, or sidebar on your WordPress site by leveraging the WPForms widget inside the WordPress block editor. You don’t need to work with any shortcodes at all to embed your poll using WPForms.

Overall, WPForms is one of the beginner-friendly plugins for creating online polls that offers a fantastic user experience both for poll creators and participants.


  • Real-time poll results that appear immediately after voting
  • Beautiful visual reports for analzsing survey results
  • Exporting functionality for survey reports in PDF or JPG
  • Scheduling options to automatically start and end your polls on set dates
  • Conditional logic to personalize survey questions based on the user’s previous answer
  • Add your online polls on multiple places, including any page, post, or even on the sidebar of your website.

Price: WPForms Pro starts at $199.50/year.

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2. RafflePress


RafflePress is mainly known as a contest and giveaway plugin. It allows you to create and manage successful giveaway campaigns directly in your WordPress dashboard.

But while RafflePress is mainly known for its giveaway functionality, it’s also one of the best WordPress poll plugins.

RafflePress comes with an awesome Polls and Surveys action that lets visitors vote or submit answers to a question in order to gain an entry in your giveaway contest.

This is a powerful way to incentivize participation in a poll, so you can easily get tons of people to vote on your poll using Rafflepress.

The user interface is one of the best we’ve seen in any voting plugin. We were able to set up a poll as one of the possible entry actions in a test giveaway in no time.

RafflePress poll actions

While RafflePress doesn’t boast advanced polling options that you can find in WPForms with all kinds of powerful fields, using polls in a giveaway is a unique feature that can hugely benefit your user engagement and drive up poll participation on your WordPress website.

Check out our detailed RafflePress review for more details.


Price: RafflePress is a free plugin for basic giveaways. You’ll need to upgrade to Pro to add polls on your contests, with paid plans starting from $99.50/year.

3. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms to create online votes and polls

Formidable Forms is also a powerful form builder plugin for WordPress. It has an easy drag and drop interface that lets you easily create beautiful polls for your website.

We like the range of customization options available in Formidable Forms. It has a powerful form styler and supports the poll functionality for various fields, including checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdowns along with advanced fields like Likert Scale and NPS.

Formidable Forms poll

One of the standout features that we came across in Formidable Forms is the Quiz Maker. This is perfect if you want to go one step further with your polls and turn them into scored quizzes for greater user engagement.

Like WPForms, Formidable Forms can generate beautiful graphs to display our voting, survey, or quiz results.

You can even customize images on your forms without adding any custom CSS.


Price: Formidable Forms’ Business Plan starts at $199.50/year.

4. TotalPoll


As the name suggests, TotalPoll is a plugin that’s entirely designed for just one purpose: creating polls in WordPress. And it does an admirable job at that.

I like that this plugin supports additional choice formats including text, images, videos, and even audio. And it gives you the freedom to control the visibility of your poll results and set voting restrictions for users.

It’s fantastic to have these extra options because you can run your poll with a lot more agency this way.

At the same time, TotalPoll has some flaws. I’m not a big fan of its user interface in general. I remember staring at the screen for a few seconds, trying to sink in all the options that were there for me to add questions and choices for the poll, and none of it was immediately obvious.

So it’s not the most intuitive plugin out there, especially when compared with form builders like WPForms and Formidable Forms.

Overall, TotalPoll is a great plugin if you just need to create a poll and don’t need a lot of extra options for creating full-fledged WordPress forms, but it’s not the most user-friendly voting plugin out there.


  • Supports multiple voting choice formats (images, text, videos, etc.)
  • Helpful options for setting voting restrictions and result visibility

Pricing: You can create basic polls with text choices for free. More advanced features are available in Pro starting at $99/year.

5. WP-Polls

free wordpress voting plugin: WP-Polls

If you’re looking for a simple and free plugin for creating WordPress polls, then WP-Polls might be a good option for you.

WP-Polls has a pretty straightforward and user-friendly interface. It comes with some basic features that you can use to create simple surveys and polls on your website.

You can play with the plugin’s theme and appearance if you’ve got hands-on experience with custom CSS.

WP-Polls also includes pre-made templates that can be customized.


  • User-friendly plugin
  • Allows adding online polls to WordPress pages, posts, and widget areas
  • Customize theme and appearance with custom CSS
  • Select multiple options in a poll
  • Displays results immediately after a user submits their answers.

Price: Free.

6. YOP Poll

YOP Poll

YOP Poll is another WordPress plugin to add online polls to your WordPress site. It comes with features that allow you to integrate a survey into your post/page easily.

With YOP Poll, you can add both single or multiple answers in your polls. You also get complete control over the display settings of the poll’s result. You can manage what to display and what to hide, set vote permissions and even block voters.


  • Create polls with single or multiple answers
  • Automated scheduling
  • Poll access permissions by user role
  • Flexible customization options

Price: YOP Poll has both free and Pro versions. The paid versions start at $27 (one-time payment).

7. CrowdSignal Polls and Ratings


CrowdSignal Polls and Ratings is a simple and easy plugin for WordPress. You can use it to create polls, surveys, quizzes, and forms on your website.

It comes with 14 built-in question and form types, including free type, multiple-choice, and Likert scales. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can use these questions and create surveys in minutes.


  • 14 question and form types
  • Choose a custom poll theme
  • Customize theme color and font with CSS
  • Display real-time result
  • Export results in Excel, PDF, CSV, Google Docs, or XML format.

CrowdSignal Polls and Ratings includes a free version with some limited features. However, you can go for paid plans for more advanced survey features.

Price: CrowdSignal Polls and Ratings Premium plan costs $180/year.

8. WP Poll Maker

WP Poll Maker page on the WordPress repo

WP Poll Maker is a free WordPress voting plugin. You can create online voting contests, polls, surveys and add them into your blog post or anywhere on your site using shortcode.

This plugin offers List and Grid styles for your polls, and if you like, you can also add images to your polls.

It also comes with features that you can use to display your polls in popup, modal, and lightbox.


  • List and Grid styles for polls
  • Create a poll with images
  • Display polls in popup, modal, and lightbox

Price: Offers both free and paid versions. The paid version starts at €35.

9. Poll, Survey & Quiz Maker Plugin

Poll, Survey, and Quiz Maker page on the WordPress repo

As the name suggests, Poll, Survey & Quiz Maker Plugin is an easy poll, survey, and quiz maker plugin for WordPress.

You can create online surveys, feedback, opinion polls, and contact forms with this plugin. It includes templates to help you get started.

If you want, you can also add images and videos to your polls and make them more interactive. It comes with customization options that let you change the poll’s theme, fonts, and size by adding custom CSS.

Its advanced analytics dashboard gives you complete result data of your polls and surveys, and you can export all the details to a CSV/ XLS file.


  • Pre-built templates
  • Supports videos and images
  • Add custom CSS to change the appearance of the poll
  • Export poll results

Price: There’s a free version that allows up to 25 responses per month. Paid plans start at $300/year.

10. Democracy Poll

democracy poll

Note: This plugin hasn’t been updated in a while and may have been discontinued. Using it may cause compatibility issues and lead to potential security vulnerabilites.

Democracy Poll is a simple WordPress voting plugin that helps you create online polls on your site.

It includes single and multiple voting options. You can add new visitors, sets the poll’s end date, and restrict unregistered users from voting.

You can customize the poll to let visitors add their answers to the poll if they don’t see their preferred answer for the poll.

Democracy Poll comes with options that allow you to change the styling property of the polls and match it with your website’s design and look.


  • Create polls with single and multiple voting options
  • Restrict unregistered users to vote
  • Set the end date for polls
  • Add a note under the survey for users

Price: Free

Best Voting Plugins FAQs

Got more questions about voting plugins? The frequently asked questions below may offer additional insights:

What Are the Benefits of Using a Voting Plugin for WordPress?

Voting plugins offer various benefits for any WordPress site:

  • Increased engagement: People love sharing opinions. By hosting a poll on your site with a voting plugin, your visitors will get an opportunity to participate leading to improved engagement rates, which translate to better SEO rankings and higher conversions.
  • Collect feedback: Voting is a fun way for your customers to give honest feedback, talk about what they love about your product, and indicate areas of improvement for your brand.
  • Improved decision-making: The results of a poll can highlight popular opinions held by your audience. You can use this information to create content tailored to your customers’ tastes and make changes to your product to suit popular preferences.

How Do You Create a Successful Poll?

You can get more engagement for your polls if you’re targeting a relevant audience. For example, if you’re website selling sports goods, it wouldn’t make sense to create a poll about music equipment. If you’re struggling to get engagement on your polls, you can consider incentivizing people by offering a giveaway, leveraging your social media audience, and making your poll look more appealing with images and advanced styles using a plugin like WPForms. Also, you can add these poll questions in your next online poll form and boost your website engagement.

How Do I Track and Analyze Voting Data With a Voting Plugin?

The easiest way to track and analyze voting is to use a polls and survey plugin that supports visual reporting. WPForms is one of the best voting plugins for WordPress that gives you various form fields for collecting votes and tracks every vote made on your form. With Survey Reporting enabled, you can even see charts representing voting preferences of your participants on your WordPress backend without requiring any extra configuration steps or HTML code.

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Voting works great as a strategy for boosting your engagement. But there are more ways to grow your site’s engagement levels you should consider trying.

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  1. I have a client that has a contest for tables at an event that people have to buy. In the past they sell fast at his events. He has abandoned his old webmaster and want me to re-make his site. The way it operated was, users would join the contest to buy seating at the event. As eac h one purchased he had a leaderboard showing live results. They would cheer on as the tickets were bought. So it was somehow interactive with the purchasing. What for should I use and , how to I display these live results?

    1. Hi Darren,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Currently we do not have a customized way to display the vote results in a live manner. However with our Surveys and Polls addon, you have the ability to view poll results on the front end after every form submission. In case it helps, please see this guide.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Hello,
    I want to build a WordPress site that enables members to vote or elect Executive officers to run the organisation. The voting exercise happens once every 2 years. The site should be to limit voting to one vote per person – no multiple voting.

    Can your solution help me achieve this; or is there any suggestion you can give me?
    Thank you.

    1. Hey Kwao – We currently don’t have the voting feature in the plugin. I do agree this would be helpful, and I’ll add this into our feature request tracker so that it’s on the radar of our developers.

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